Second Interim Report of the Joint Select Committee on Implementation of the National Redress Scheme, November 2021

November 2021

© Commonwealth of Australia 2021
ISBN: 978-1-76092-354-9

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  Committee Secretariat

Terms of Reference

Chair's Foreword

List of Recommendations


1. Introduction

  Background to the Second Interim Report
  Objective and Scope
  Report Outline

2. Survivor Experience

  First Nations Survivor Experience
  Effectiveness of Redress Support Services

3. Operation of the National Redress Scheme

  Impact of COVID-19
  Assessment Framework
  Independent Decision Makers
  Review of Decisions
  Direct Personal Responses
  Care Leavers
  Advance Payment Scheme Options
  Cost of Operating the National Redress Scheme
  Governance Arrangements
  Legislative Amendments

4. Legal advice and private law firms

  Availability and Suitability of Free Legal Advice Services
  Provision of Legal Services by Private Law Firms

5. Participation in the National Redress Scheme


6. Independent Second Year Review

  Key Findings
  Australian Government Interim Response
  First Interim Report commentary
  Committee Comment

A. Interim Australian Government Response to the Second Year Review

B. Witnesses

C. Submissions

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