Terms of Reference

The Committee will inquire into and report on the challenges, barriers and opportunities for economic, social and environmental sustainability in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT), with specific reference to:
Encouraging innovation and investment that addresses sustainability challenges and provides economic opportunities. This could include innovative approaches to waste management, and capitalising on the unique environmental qualities that represent the marketing and strategic advantage of the Islands in the long term.
Building on investments in education and research by encouraging partnerships across the IOT with local, mainland and international organisations with an education, research, biodiversity or sustainability focus to drive investment and innovative economic outcomes.
Identifying how the community can contribute to citizen science, and capitalise on jobs flowing from government investment, including in education and research.
Socially responsible development that addresses the social impact of cost of living and geographic isolation; and supports community needs and aspirations.
Strengthening and diversifying the IOT economies; and identifying future infrastructure needs to support sustainable economic growth.

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