Terms of Reference

Section 187N of the Telecommunication (Interception and Access) Act 1979 provides for the Committee to complete it’s review by 13 April 2020.
The Committee of the 45th Parliament formerly adopted the review and resolved to focus on the following matters:
the continued effectiveness of the scheme, taking into account changes in the use of technology since the passage of the Bill;
the appropriateness of the dataset and retention period;
costs, including ongoing costs borne by service providers for compliance with the regime;
any potential improvements to oversight, including in relation to journalist information warrants;
any regulations and determinations made under the regime;
the number of complaints about the scheme to relevant bodies, including the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security;
security requirements in relation to data stored under the regime, including in relation to data stored offshore;
any access by agencies to retained telecommunications data outside the TIA Act framework, such as under the Telecommunications Act 1997; and
developments in international jurisdictions since the passage of the Bill.

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