A Report by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority

November 1995

© Commonwealth of Australia 1995

ISBN 0 642 23532 5


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Membership of the Committee

Duties of the Committee  
Summary and List of Recommendations  
Chapter 1: Background to the Inquiry  

    Scope of the Committee's Inquiry
    The NCA and Organised Paedophile Networks
    Relationship to Other Inquiries
    Conduct of the Committee's Inquiry
    Structure of the Remainder of the Report

Chapter 2: Definitions and Background


    Definition of 'Paedophile'
    Profile of Paedophiles
    Number of Paedophile Offences and Paedophiles in Australia

Chapter 3: Paedophile Networks in Australia - Extent and Activities  

    Public Advocacy and Support Groups
    Covert Paedophile Groups and Networks in Australia
    Methods and Practices Used by Paedophile Groups and Networks
    Child Pornography
        Link with Organised Paedophile Activity
        Definitions and Categories of Child Pornography
        Child Pornography Since the 1960s
        Current Position in Australia
        Availability of Child Pornography through Computer Links
        Organised Crime and Child Pornography
    'Child Sex Tours' and Australian Paedophiles Overseas
    Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 4: Adequacy of Police Resources, Role of the NCA, and Other Matters


    Information Sharing among Law Enforcement Agencies
    More Effort into Following up Links and a More Pro-active Approach
    National Register of Paedophiles?
    Coping with Use of Computers by Paedophiles
    Adequacy of Resources to Enforce the Child Sex Tours Legislation
    Providing a Forum for the Exchange of Information
    Protection Given to Offenders by Police or Other Government Agencies
    Conclusions of the CLER Report - Justified?

Appendix 1: Individuals and Organisations who Made Submissions



Appendix 2: Witnesses at Public Hearings



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