Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings


Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings

Tuesday, 18 November 2003 - Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne

City of Yarra

Mayor Greg Barber
Mr Ken Wolfe, Team Leader, Community Amenity

Ms Margaret Farmer (Private capacity)

Soroptimist International, Victoria

Ms Jocelyn Hanby, President

Victoria Police

Mr Simon Overland, Acting Deputy Commissioner (Operations), Legal Policy Unit
Mr Conor Flanagan, Legal Policy Adviser, Legal Policy Unit
Inspector Stephen Leane, Manager, Legal Policy Unit
Detective Senior Sergeant Chris O'Connor, Legal Policy Unit

Project Respect Inc.

Ms Kathleen Maltzahn, Director
Ms Georgina Costello, Project Officer

Maribyrnong Detention Centre

Ms Stancea Vichie, Chaplain

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia

Associate Professor Sheila Jeffreys

Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Coaltion

Ms Melba Marginson, Chairwoman

Centre Against Sexual Assault

Ms Marg Darcy, Manager
Ms Maria Chalke, Coordinator, Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line

Scarlet Alliance and Inner South Community Health Service,

Resourcing Health and Education Program

Ms Julie Futol, International sex worker liaison spokesperson for Scarlet Alliance and community health worker for the Inner South Community Health Service


Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - Commonwealth Parliament Offices, Sydney

City of Sydney

Mr Andrew Miles, Sex Industry Liaison Officer

Public Health Association of Australia

Ms Mary Osborn, Policy Officer, New South Wales Branch

Scarlet Alliance

Ms Janelle Fawkes, President
Ms Maria McMahon, Manager, Sex Workers Outreach Project

Immigrant Women's Speakout Association

Ms Monica Mazzone, Domestic Violence Policy Officer

Victoria Police

Detective Senior Sergeant Ivan McKinney, Asian Squad

Western Australia Police Service

Detective Superintendent James Migro, Organised Crime Division

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Dr Sally Moyle, Sex Discrimination Unit


Thursday, 26 February 2004 - Parliament House, Canberra

Australian Federal Police

Ms Audrey Fagan, Chief of Staff
Mr John Lawler, Acting Deputy Commissioner
Mr Mike Phelan, National Manager, Border and International Network

Attorney-General's Department

Ms Joanne Blackburn, First Assistant Secretary, Criminal Justice Division
Mr Richard Fairbrother, Principal Legal Officer, Transnational Crime Unit
Ms Margaret Joseph, Senior Legal Officer, Criminal Law Reform Unit
Ms Kerin Leonard, Senior Legal Officer, Transnational Crime Unit

Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs

Ms Yole Daniels, Assistant Secretary, Compliance and Analysis Branch, Border Control and Compliance Division
Mr Stephen Davis, First Assistant Secretary, Unauthorised Arrivals and Detention Division
Mr Vincent McMahon, Executive Coordinator, Border Control and Compliance Division
Mrs Sharon Watts, Acting Director, Migration Fraud and Investigations Branch, Border Control and Compliance Division

Australian Crime Commission

Mr Alastair Milroy, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Kevin Kitson, Director, Intelligence
Mr Lionel Newman, Director, Executive Services
Mr Chris Clark, Head of Operations - People Trafficking, and General Manager, Intelligence Services


Tuesday, 30 March 2004 - Parliament House, Canberra

Office of the Status of Women

Ms Jenny Bourne, Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy and Development Branch
Ms Kerry Flanagan, First Assistant Secretary