The Law Enforcement Implications of New Technology

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The Law Enforcement Implications of New Technology

August 2001

© Commonwealth of Australia 2006
ISBN 0 642 71150 X

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 49KB)
Duties of the Committee (PDF 65KB)


Recommendations (PDF 59KB)
Acronyms (PDF 67KB)
Preface (PDF 116KB)
    Terms of reference
    Conduct of inquiry
    The report
Chapter 1: The Adequacy of the Australian Legislative Structure (PDF 285KB)

        Australia's legislative structure

    Telecommunications interception
        Extending the range of offences and assisting foreign investigations
        Extension of purposes for which TI information may be used
        The Commonwealth giving devolved responsibility over TI to the States
        Better regulating the activities of Internet Service Providers
        Ensuring the currency of the Act's provisions

    Visual and other forms of aural electronic surveillance
        Commonwealth legislation
        State and Territory legislation

    Information and intelligence systems

    Laws of evidence



Chapter 2: Money Laundering and Electronic Commerce (PDF 309KB)


    Money laundering
        The extent of money laundering

    Domestic anti-money laundering initiatives

    International anti-money laundering action

    Electronic commerce
        Level of e-commerce
        Features of e-commerce
        E-commerce challenges and responses
            Geographic spread
            Identity fraud
            Security of payment systems
            Computer system attacks
        Regulation of e-commerce

    The money laundering potential of e-commerce

    Next steps
        Public-private sector partnerships
        A national cyber-forensics unit?
        Electronic authentication
        Regulation of high-tech tools?


Chapter 3: The Adequacy of International Law Enforcement Cooperation (PDF 161KB)

    The international forums - a brief outline
        United Nations
        Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
        Council of Europe
        Group of 8
        Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
        Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering
        Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
        Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific
        World Customs Organization
        International Organization on Computer Evidence

    Australia's participation in international forums

    Australia's transnational law enforcement relationships

Appendix 1: Submissions (PDF 52KB)
Appendix 2: Witnessess at Public Hearings (PDF 61KB)