Scaling Up

Inquiry into Opportunities for Expanding Aquaculture in Northern Australia

Tabled: 22 February 2016

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Preliminary Pages
(PDF 168KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 109KB)
Chapter 2 - The Aquaculture Industry in Northern Australia (PDF 432KB)
Chapter 3 - Regulatory Issues (PDF 627KB)
Chapter 4 - Developing the Aquaculture Industry in Northern Australia (PDF 726KB)
Appendix A - Submissions and Exhibits (PDF 73KB)
Appendix B - Hearings and Witnesses (PDF 86KB)

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About this inquiry

The Inquiry into Opportunities for Expanding the Aquaculture Industry in Northern Australia will build on issues previously raised with the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia and allow for a more in-depth approach to examining an industry which has the potential to significantly contribute to growing the economy of Northern Australia.

Past Public Hearings

10 Nov 2015: Canberra
13 Oct 2015: Canberra
15 Sep 2015: Canberra