B. Hearings and witnesses

Thursday, 6 September 2018
Parliament of Victoria Annex, Melbourne
Private capacity
Associate Professor Luke Beck
Australian Youth Action
MsKatie Acheson
Mr Leo Fieldgrass
Children and Young People with Disability Australia
Ms Stephanie Gotlib
Ms Samantha Newton
Mr Danny Dickson
Ms Jocelyn Neumuller (via Teleonference)
Applecross Senior High School (via Skype)
Mr Ryan Ewington
Ms Sienna Johnston
Ms Aisha Burns
Law Society of NSW (via Teleconference)
Mr Andrew Chalk
Dr Gabrielle Appleby
Private capacity
Dr Lesley Pruitt
Private capacity
Dr Mark Chou
Victorian Student Representative Council
Ms Wren Gillett
Mr Spencer Davis
Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)
Ms Soo-Lin Quek
Youth Parliament of Victoria
Ms Rebecca Brooker
Ms Jade Caine
Ms Olivia Beasley
Australian Human Rights Commission
Ms Megan Mitchell
Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Glenala State High School, Library, Brisbane
Glenala State High School
Mr Charlie Dawson
Ms Jocelyn Corae
Ms Jasen Cubilla
Ms Zsaskia Nanai
Runcorn State High School
Michael Buckley
Jameson McQuaid
Jemma Lickorish
Hayley Redman
Sara-Jo Scott
Private capacity
Dr Helen Berents
Dr Caitlin Mollica
St Thomas More College
Inala Youth Services
Ms Lisa Evans
Ms Tracey Woodward
Ms Stacey Noy
Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Parliament House, Canberra
Young Women Speak Out
Zahra Moinkhah
Ms Kate Connolly
Private capacity
Professor George Williams AO (via teleconference)
Young Liberals
Mr Josh Manuatu
Private capacity
Dr Philippa Collin (via Skype)
Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Paul Kindermann
YMCA Australia
Ms Melinda Crole
Ms Sophie Macdonald
Australian Christian Lobby
Dr Elisabeth Taylor
Ms Clara Geoghegan
Tuesday, 5 March 2019
Committee Room 2, Level 1, 11 Harvest Terrace, West Perth
Dr Martin Drum
Associate Professor Sarah Murray
Private capacity
Professor Howard Sercombe (via Skype)
Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia
Mr Mason Rothwell, Senior Policy Officer
Mr Stefaan Bruce-Truglio, Policy and Advocacy Officer
Mr Justin Alford
Ms Hannah Snelson
Ms Chiola Mukomberanwa
Ms Michaela Chinkure
Ms Elecia Shaw
Ms Veronica Cheng
Private capacity
Mr Dylan Storer (via Skype)
Private capacity
Ms Tahlia Satti
Private capacity
Ms Bella Burgemeister
Private capacity
Mr Amos Washington (via Skype)

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