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Inquiry into variable speed limits - A case study of intelligent transport systems


The committee tabled its report Moving on intelligent transport systems - inquiry into variable speed limits - A case study of intelligent transport systems on 9 December 2002. A copy of the full report (PDF 561KB) or individual chapters and other sections of the report are available in pdf and word format or from Government Info Shops (Cat. no. 02 2771 1).

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List of recommendations (PDF 20KB) or (word format 35KB)

List of submissions (PDF 10KB)  

Transcripts of public hearings

Media releases

Government Response Tabled on 9 February 2005 (PDF 660KB)

Table of contents of report: Moving on intelligent transport systems

Membership of the Committee
List of abbreviations
List of recommendations
(PDF 51KB)

1    Overview ..............1      (PDF 19KB) or (Word format 51KB)

Inquiry background
Conduct of inquiry
Structure of report

2    ITS in Australia: An overview ..............5      (PDF 103KB) or (Word format 111KB)

What are intelligent transport systems (ITS)?
ITS in Australia
ITS Research and Development
ITS Business
New South Wales
Western Australia
Other ITS innovations
Not all good news
Benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems
Is ITS needed?

3    The application of variable speed limits to the F3 and the Hume Highway between Sydney and Canberra ..............23      (PDF 60KB) or (Word format 92KB)

The F3
The Hume Highway
Variable speed limits (VSL)

4    Issues and Opportunities for ITS in Australia ..............33      (PDF 173KB) or (Word format 178KB)

ITS policy in Australia
Auslink and ITS
Recent developments
International developments
Issues, opportunities and remedies
A national ITS policy framework
A national ITS coordination administration
Technical standards, national reference architecture and inter-operability
Transport information and tourism
ITS Market and export potential
ITS research and development


Appendix A - Evidence ..............65      (PDF 17KB) or (Word format 62KB)

Appendix B - Status report of ITS Projects under e-transport: the national strategy for intelligent transport systems ..............69      (PDF 23KB) or (Word format 68KB)

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