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Inquiry into Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012

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Submissions are being progressively added to the website. The list below includes only those submissions published to date. Please check these pages again for further updates.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 39 submissions in the following list.

  1. Ms Julie Edwards (PDF 627KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 635KB)

  2. Consumer Action Law Centre (PDF 109KB)

  3. Mr Kevin Cox (PDF 97KB)

  4. Law Council of Australia (PDF 208KB)

  5. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (PDF 1339KB)

  6. Insurance Council of Australia (PDF 145KB)

  7. GE Capital (PDF 98KB)

  8. Optus (PDF 371KB)

  9. Communications Alliance Ltd (PDF 273KB)

  10. Macquarie Telecom (PDF 76KB)

  11. Google Australia & New Zealand, Facebook Australia & New Zealand, IAB Australia and Yahoo!7
    (PDF 276KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 314KB)

  12. Australasian Retail Credit Association (PDF 534KB)

  13. Microsoft Australia (PDF 164KB)

  14. Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (PDF 614KB)
    14a Supplementary Submission (PDF 813KB)

  15. Telstra (PDF 443KB)

  16. Salmat (PDF 191KB)

  17. Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 417KB)

  18. National Relay Service (PDF 201KB)

  19. Australian Bankers’ Association (PDF 289KB)               
    Supplementary Submission

  20. Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF 434KB)

  21. Financial Services Council (PDF 372KB)

  22. ANZ (PDF 543KB)

  23. Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc. (PDF 635KB)

  24. Foxtel (PDF 486KB)
  25. VEDA (PDF 3,902KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 696KB)
    Attachment B (PDF 3,783KB)

  26. Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (PDF 583KB)

  27. Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd (PDF 1,502KB)

  28. Liberty Victoria (PDF 725KB)

  29. Australian Direct Marketing Association (PDF 585KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 489KB)
    29a Supplementary Submission (PDF 540KB)

  30. Australian Privacy Foundation and Privacy International (PDF 809KB)
    30a Supplementary Submission (PDF 580KB)

  31. Yahoo!7 (PDF 3,139KB)

  32. Australian Finance Conference (PDF 527KB)
    32a Supplementary Submission (PDF 453KB)

  33. Australian Law Reform Commission (PDF 678KB)  
    Attachment A (PDF 737KB)
    Attachment B (PDF 671KB)
    Attachment C (PDF 623KB)
    33a Supplementary Submission (PDF 703KB)

  34. Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner (PDF 1,992KB)

  35. Information and Privacy Commission NSW (PDF 5,489KB)

  36. Abacus - Australian Mutuals (PDF 642KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 538KB)

  37. Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (PDF 955KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 624KB)

  38. New South Wales Department of Attorney General and Justice (PDF 571KB)

  39. Attorney-General's Department (PDF 751KB)


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