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Inquiry into the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers and Offences) Bill 2011

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There is currently a total of 8 submissions in the following list.

1              Law Council of Australia (PDF 156KB)

                Supplementary submission:

                Law Council of Australia (PDF 85KB)

2              Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 167KB)

                Supplementary submission:

                Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 89KB)

                Supplementary submission:

                Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 610KB)

3              Australian Crime Commission (PDF 2,981KB)

                Supplementary submission:

                Australian Crimes Commission (PDF 82KB)

4              Rule of Law (PDF 137KB)

                Supplementary submission:

                Rule of Law (PDF 375KB)

          Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (PDF 240KB)

6              Human Rights Law Centre Ltd (PDF 67KB)

7              Dr Lorana Bartels (PDF 142KB)

8              Mr Yau Hang Chan (PDF 165KB)

9              Dr Bronwyn Naylor (PDF 305KB)

10            Australian Federal Police (PDF 202KB)

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