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Appendix B—List of witnesses

Friday, 30 November 2012—Canberra

Attorney-General’s Department

Mr Kym Duggan, First Assistant Secretary, Social Inclusion Division

Ms Susan Prunster, Acting Assistant Secretary, Federal Courts Branch

Mr Imran Church, Senior Legal Officer, Federal Courts Branch

Ms Margaret Meibusch, Principal Legal Officer, Federal Courts Branch

Mr Alan Wu, Legal Officer, Native Title Unit

Australian National University

Dr Mary Edmunds, Anthropological Consultant, Visiting Fellow, Research School of Humanities and the Arts

Federal Court of Australia

Mr Warwick Soden, Principal Registrar

Ms Louise Anderson, Deputy Registrar, Native Title Services

Family Court of Australia

Mr Richard Foster, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Kristen Murray, Senior Legal Research Adviser to the Hon. Chief Justice Bryant

National Native Title Tribunal

Mr Graham Neate, President

Ms Stephanie Fryer-Smith, Native Title Registrar

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