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Review of certain recommendations of the banking inquiry report


On 5 November 1992, the House Standing Committee on Banking, Finance and Public Administration tabled its report on the review of certain recommendations of the banking inquiry report entitled Checking the changes.

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 7 chapters and 8 appendices.

Checking the changes

Part A: Preliminary pages to Chapter 4 (PDF 3821KB)
Foreword, Contents, Membership of the Committee, Terms of Reference, Abbreviations, List of Recommendations

Ch1: The impact of the banking inquiry report

Ch2: Small business
Ch3: Rural sector
Ch4: Dispute resolution and mediation

Part B: Chapter 5 to Appendix 8 (PDF 5278KB)

Ch5: Competition in the market place
Ch6: Other issues
Ch7: Conclusion
Appendix 1: Recommendations from Banking Report directed to Banks

Appendix 2: List of submissions
Appendix 3: List of exhibits
Appendix 4: Program of activities undertaken by the Committee
Appendix 5: List of witnesses appearing at public hearings
Appendix 6: Westpac/Foreign Currency Borrowers' Association Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix 7: ABA Brochure - 'Your Savings Account - the Best Deal for You'
Appendix 8: Westpac Formula for early repayment of fixed interest rate lending and brochure on fixed interest rate lending

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