House of Representatives Committees

Joint Select Committee on Parliamentary Privilege

Final report


On 3 October 1984, the Select Committee on Parliamentary Privilege tabled its Final report.

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 10 chapters, 1 dissent and 6 appendices.

Final report

Part A: Preliminary pages up to Chapter 5 (PDF 4256KB)
Committee Membership, Contents,

Ch1: The Committee's recommendations

Ch2: The Committee
Ch3: The inquiry - the subject
Ch4: The Australian experience
Ch5: Rights and immunities

Part B: Chapter 6 to Appendix 6 (end) (PDF 5343KB)
Ch6: Parliament's self-protective powers - comtempt of Parliament
Ch7: The penal jurisdiction
Ch8: Offences against Parliament
Ch9: The conduct of Parliamentary investigations
Ch10: Implementation of the Committee's recommendations
Dissenting report by Senators Jessop and Rae

Appendix 1: Terms of reference - original committee
Appendix 2: Terms of reference - successor committee
Appendix 3: List of witnesses who appeared before the committee
Appendix 4: List of submissions
Appendix 5: List of overseas Parliaments from which information was obtained
Appendix 6: Commonwealth Acts which have particular significance to the operation of Parliament

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