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Inquiry into lightstations


On 8 December 1983, the House Standing Committee on Expenditure tabled its report on the inquiry into lightstations entitled Lighthouses: Do we keep the keepers?

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages, 11 chapters and 5 appendices.

Lighthouses: Do we keep the keepers?

Part A: Preliminary pages up to Appendix 5 (end of report) (PDF 8483KB)
Committee Membership, Contents, Foreword, Findings and List of Recommendations

Ch1: Introduction

Ch2: Background

Ch3: Development of unmanning
Ch4: Approach to issues
Ch5: Automation and unmanning
Ch6: The need for continued manning
Ch7: Levels for continued manning
Ch8: Payment for continued manning
Ch9: Policy and the decision-making mechanism
Ch10: Other issues
Ch11: Conclusions
Appendix 1: Lightstations used by Bureau of Meteorology for making meteorological observations
Appendix 2: Details of lightstations on the register of the national estate
Appendix 3: Lightstations where manned presence required to protect cultural environment
Appendix 4: Categorisation of the lightstations in terms of need for continued manning
Appendix 5: Witnesses, exhibits, evidence and submissions

Part B: Profiles of Manned Lightstations and Attachments (PDF 9822KB)

New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

Attachment 1 (a) Indicative costs associated with manned lightstations
  (b) Indicative listing of lightstation unmanning ranked according to financial savings
Attachment 2   Map: location of manned lightstations as at July 1983

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