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Appendix C – List of witnesses, hearings and inspections

This Appendix lists witnesses at public hearings and inspections that the Committee undertook between December 2010 and March 2011.

The Committee met with many more individuals and groups in its visits throughout the Basin than it is able to name. Sincere thanks is offered to all those who met with and hosted it throughout the inquiry.

Thursday, 16 December 2010 – Menindee Lakes


  • Lake Menindee
  • Lake Pamamaroo
  • Lake Cawndilla
  • Tandou Ltd
  • Packer’s Crossing

With thanks to:

Staff of the Lower Darling Catchment Management Authority

Stan Dineen

Staff of Tandou Ltd

Friday, 17 December 2010 – Broken Hill


  • Mulga Creek Catchment Wetlands Project
  • Stephen’s Reservoir

Community meeting hosted by Broken Hill City Council

With representatives from:

Broken Hill City Council

Darling River Action Group

Far West Regional Development Australia

Country Energy

Monday, 17 January 2011 – Lower Lakes and the Coorong


  • Langhorne Ck
  • Clayton
  • Murray Mouth
  • Hindmarsh Island
  • Narrung, Lake Alexandrina and Albert
  • The Coorong
  • Camp Coorong
  • Meningie

With thanks to:

Andrew Beal (SA Water)

Michael Cutting (SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board),

Cameron Welsh (SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board)

Bill Patterson

John Pargetter (Chair, Langhorne Creek Wine and Grapegrowers Association)

Henry Jones

Brenton Erdmann (SA Water Corporation)

Associate Professor David Paton (Adelaide University)

Tom Trevorrow, Ngarrindjeri elder

Meningie community

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 – Murray Bridge

Public hearing


Hon Dean Brown AO

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd

Mr Geoffrey Davis, Director/Company Secretary

Mr Paul Shanks, General Manager

Murray Darling Association Inc

Mr Ray Najar, General Manager

River Lakes and Coorong Action Group

Ms Elizabeth Tregenza, Secretary

Ms Ruth Trigg, Public Officer

Ms Corrie Vanderhoek, Member

Professor Diane Bell, Chair

South Australia River Communities

Mr Ben Haslett, Spokesman

Mr Gavin McMahon, Chairman

South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS)

Mr Ross Womersley

Dr Fiona Verity, Board of Management Member

The Environment Institute

Professor Mike Young, Executive Director

Wentworth Group

Professor Chris Miller

Community Statement Session

Anne Dunne, Every Voice

Allan Arbon, Mayor Murray Bridge City Council

Peter Smith

Bill Henshall, Chair, Meningie-Narrung Lakes Irrigators Association

Lesley Fisher, Meningie-Narrung Lakes Irrigators Association

Richard Reedy, Lower Murray Irrigators Association

Pamela Gillen

Des Wyatt

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 – Mildura


  • Confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers
  • Pumping station

With thanks to:

Cr Margaret Thompson, Mayor, Wentworth Shire Council

Cheryl Rix, Western Murray Irrigation

Lower Darling irrigators

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 – Mildura

Public hearing

Citrus Australia Ltd

Mrs Tania Chapman, Chair

Ms Judith Damiani, Chief Executive Officer

Lower Murray Water Murray Urban and Rural Water Corporation

Mrs Kay Martin, Deputy Chair

Mr Kevin Murphy, General Manager, Technical Services

Mr Michael Tilley, Chairman

Mildura Development Corporation

Mrs Anne Mansell, Chief Executive Officer

Mildura Future Water Group

Mr Mark McKenzie, Member

Mr Richard Mills, Chairperson

Mildura Rural City Council

Mayor John Arnold, Mayor

Mr Mark Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Toni Mottram, Project Officer

South Australian Murray Irrigators Inc

Mr David Ludas, Member

Mrs Caren Martin, Chairman

Sunraysia Citrus Growers Inc

Mr Matthew Cottrell, Director

Mr Vince DeMaria, Chairman

Mr David Stevens, Director

Sunraysia Rural Counselling  Service Inc

Mr Andrew Forbes, Chairperson

Mr Graeme Loison, Executive Officer

Wentworth Shire Council

Mr Peter Kozlowski, General Manager

Cr Margaret Thomson, Mayor

Community Statement Session

Mary Chandler

Maria Reidel

Dudley Marrows

Danny Lee, Sunraysia Irrigators Council

Fiona Devalee, Chair, Chances for Children Program

Mark Mackenzie

Bill McClumpa

Jim Belbin

Ian Keens

Ron Mengler

Darren Calleson

Mike Early

Roger Drewitt


  • Sunbeam Dried Fruit Factory, Mildura
  • Dried fruit property, Ilrymple

With thanks to:

Lower Murray Water

Mike Maynard, Manager and Chris Ellis, General Manager and staff, Sunbeam Dried Fruit Factory

Ashley Johnson

Thursday, 20 January 2011 – Bendigo

Public hearings and inspections planned for this day in Swan Hill were cancelled due to floods in Northern Victoria. The Committee instead travelled to Bendigo and received briefings from:

John Wenske, Goulburn-Murray Water

Murray Smith, Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project

Damien Wells, North-Central Catchment Management Authority

Melanie Tranter, North-Central Catchment Management Authority

Tim Shanahan, North-Central Catchment Management Authority

Matt Barden, Goulburn-Murray Water

From Coliban Water:

John Brooke, Chairman

Gavin Hamlin, Managing Director

Andrew Carns, Board Member

Andrew Skam, Board Member

Friday, 21 January 2011 – Bendigo

Public hearing

Australian Conservation Foundation

Dr Arlene Harriss-Buchan

Mr Simon O'Connor, Economic Adviser

Australian Network of Environmental Defenders Office

Mr Brendan Sydes, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Nicola Rivers

Environment Victoria

Ms Juliet Le Feuvre, Co-Manager, Healthy Rivers Campaign

Ms Kelly-Ann O'Shanassy, Chief Executive Officer

Environmental Farmers Network

Mr Ian Christoe

Mr John Pettigrew

Goulburn Valley Environment Group

Mr Terry Court, Vice President

Dr Peter Jerie, Committee Member

Victorian Farmers Federation

Mr Richard Anderson, Chair

Mr Andrew Broad, President

Ms Melanie Brown

Mr Graeme Ford, Executive Manager

Community Statement Session

Gordon Weller

Ken Pattison

Don Lawson

Jenny Dawson, Chair, Loddon-Mallee RDA

Peter Morrison

Friday, 21 January 2011 – Shepparton

Public hearing

D&M Stockfeeds

Mr Robert Danieli, Director

Mrs Marilyn Danieli

Mr Wade Northausen, Employee

Mr Ken Pattison, Consultant

Greater Shepparton City Council

Mayor Geoff Dobson, Mayor

Mr Phil Pearce, Chief Executive Officer

Murray Irrigators Support Group

Mrs Wendy Buck, Facilitator

Mrs Susan Crowther, Guest Speaker

Mr Peter Mogg, Member

Mr John Padman, Member

Mr Kenneth Wood, Member

North East Victorian Catchments

Mayor Anthony Griffiths

Northern Victoria Irrigators Inc

Mr Barry Croke, Chairman

Rubicon Water

Mr David Aughton, Director

Mr Bruce Rodgerson, Chief Executive Officer

The Rural City of Wangaratta

Mr Doug Sharp, Chief Executive Officer

United Dairy Famers of Victoria

Mrs Natalie Akers, Secretary

Mr Daryl Hoey

Mr James McKeown, Committee Member

Mr Iwan Van Den Berg, Committee Member

Community statement session

Jan Beer

Sam Birrell

Paul Blackshaw

David Rush

Jeff Davy

Matthew Pryor

Ian Loddon

Frank Malcolm

Saturday, 22 January 2011 – Shepparton district


  • the Reynolds property
  • the Bunbartha property
  • the Craig property
  • Barmah-Millewa Forest

With thanks to:

John Wenske, Manager Government Relations, Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW)

Carl Walters, Goulburn-Broken CMA

Matt Barden, Modernisation Manager GMW

Natalie Akers, United Dairyfarmers of Victoria

Peter Walsh, Futureflow

Craig and Helen Reynolds

Max Moore

Shepparton City Council

Sunday, 23 January 2011 – Deniliquin district


  • Murray Irrigation Ltd area of operations
  • the Blenkiron property wetlands project
  • Barham, briefing on the Koondrook-Perricoota forest
  • Colligen Creek Station

With thanks to:

Murray Irrigation Ltd:

Stewart Ellis, Chair

Anthony Couroupis, General Manager

Jennifer McLeod, Executive Manager, Policy and stakeholders

Perin Davey, Government Relations

Neil Blenkiron

Murray Wetlands Working Group

Dennis Gleeson

Monday, 24 January 2011 – Deniliquin

Public hearing

Berrigan Shire Council

Ms Jo Ruffin, Community Planning Officer

Finley Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture Inc

Mr Rand Wilson, President

Mainland Finance

Mr Harold Clapham, Partner

Murray Group of Concerned Communities

Cr Norm Brennan

Cr John Bruce

Mr Bruce Simpson, Director, Agribusiness

Mr Lester Wheatley

Murray Irrigation Ltd

Mr Anthony Couroupis, General Manager

Mrs Jennifer McLeod

National Irrigators' Council

Mr Stewart Ellis, Chairman

Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils (RAMROC)

Cr Terry Hogan, Chairman

Mr Ray Stubbs, Executive Officer

Southern Riverina Irrigators

Ms Louise Burge, Member

Mr Ted Hatty, Chairman

Ms Monica Morona, Policy Officer

West Corurgan Private Irrigation District

Mr Mike Duncan, General Manager

Community statement session

Brian Mitsch, Mayor, Deniliquin Shire

Peter Dwyer, Mayor, Hay Shire

Neil Pankhurst, Mayor, Campaspe Shire

Neil Eagle, Chair, Murray Valley Water Diverters

Allan Jones

Bill Hetherington

Chris Sobey

Ken Crossely

Malcolm Holm

Craig Ash

Gordon Ball

Peter Martin

Dennis Tinkler

Ian Boyle

Keith Rose, Moira Private Irrigation District

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 – Griffith

Public hearing


Mr Jack Bennett

Colleambally Irrigation Co-operative Ltd

Mr John Culleton, Chief Executive

Mr Austin Evans, Senior Operations Engineer

Mr Henry Gardiner, Chair

Griffith Business Chamber

Mr Paul Pierotti

Mr Patrick Pittavino, Chairman

Griffith City Council

Mr Stephen Joyce, Economic Development Manager

Mr Michael Neville, Mayor

High Security Irrigators Murrumbidgee

Mr Brian Halse, Chief Executive Officer

Murrumbidge Valley Food & Fibre Association

Mrs Debbie Buller, President

Mr Thomas Marriott, Member

Mr Patrick Sergi, Member

Mrs Virginia Tropeano, Member

Murrumbidgee Groundwater Inc

Mr Richard Stott, Chairperson

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd

Mrs Gillian Kirkup, Chairman

Mr Brett Tucker, Managing Director

Murrumbidgee Private Irrigators Inc

Mr Rel Heckendorf, Executive Member

Ms Jennifer Hehir, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Murray Shaw, Chairman

National Farmers' Federation

Mr Matt Linnegar, Chief Executive Officer

NSW Irrigators Council

Mr Andrew Gregson, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Mark Moore, Policy Analyst

Mr Colin Thomson, Chairman

NSW Regional Communities Consultative Council

Ms Lynda Summers, Chair

Riverina Citrus

Mr Frank Battister, Chairman

Mr Dominic Testoni, Chief Executive Officer

The Risorsa Group

Mrs Kaye Dalton, Managing Director

Wine Grapes Marketing Board

Mr Bruno Brombal, Chairman

Mr Brian Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

Community statement session

Brian Mills

Glen Isherwood, Citizens Electoral Council

Ron Pattison

Peter Ryrie

Tom Condon

Megan Martin,President, Leeton Chamber of Commerce

Teneeka Andreazza

Peter Knox

Ernest Kitta

Dr Stephen Tynan

Warren Muirhead

Kirsty Bartrap, Chair, Young Irrigation Network

Jim McGann

Jeanine McCrea

Wednesday, 9 February 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Dr Paul Grimes, Acting Secretary

Ms Mary Harwood, First Assistant Secretary, Water Efficiency Division

Mr Russell James, Assistant Secretary, Water Resources Branch

Mr Ian Robinson, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder

Mr Tony Slatyer, Acting Deputy Secretary, Water Reform Division

NSW Government

Hon Phillip Costa, Minister for Water

Mr David Harriss, Deputy Director-General

Monday, 14 February 2011 – Gunnedah


  • ‘Killarney’ (cotton property)

With thanks to:

Ian Coxhead, Namoi Water

Daniel Knapman, Killarney

Errol Darley, Namoi Water

Mark Hamlin, irrigator, Boggabri

Andrew Watson, irrigator and member of Cotton Australia

Gail Watson, retired irrigator

Public hearing

Auscott Limited

Mr Bernard George, General Manager

Caroona Coal Action Group

Mr Timothy Duddy

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association

Ms Zara Farrell, Executive Officer

Mr Harvey Gaynor, Vice-Chairman

Mr John Robinson, Chairman

Namoi Councils

Mr Bruce Brown, Chair, Namoi Councils Water Working Group

Namoi Water

Mrs Jon-Maree Baker, Executive Officer

Mr Errol Darley, Chairman

Mr James Kahl, Member

Mr Matt Norrie, Director

Mr Jonathon Phelps, Director

National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

Dr Guy Roth

Peel Valley Water Users Association

Mr Ian Coxhead, Member

Mr Allan 'Barry' John, Vice President

Mr Ildu Monticone, President

Mr Laurie Pengelly, Member

Split Rock Water Users Association

Mr Trevor Coombes, Member

Mr David Gee, President

Mr Bill Russell, Member

Community statement session

Bill Weakley

Richard Whitten, Citizens Electoral Council

Richard Stringer, Citizens Electoral Council

Don Woods

John Clements, Narrabri Shire Council

Rosemary Nankivell, Caroona Coal Action Council

David Walker, Liverpool Plains Land Management Committee, National Landcare Network

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 – Bourke

Site inspection

  • Darling Farms district property holdings

With thanks to:

Mr Geoff Wise, Western Catchment Management Authority (WCMA)

Mr Darryl Green, WCMA

Ian Cole, Managing Director, Darling Farms

Public hearing

Bourke Shire Council

Cr John Holmes

Cr Andrew Lewis, Mayor

Cr Walter Mitchell AM

Dr Geoff Wise, General Manager

Mungindi - Menindee Advisory Council Inc

Mr David Abbo, Secretary

Mr Stephen Buster

Mr Ian Cole

Mr Mervyn Gordon, Member

Mr Tony Thompson, Member

The Towers Drug Co Pharmacy

Mr Peter Crothers

Western Catchment Management Authority

Mr Daryl Green, General Manager

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 – Dubbo

Public hearing


Dr Judith Stubbs

Australian Floodplain Association

Mr Mark Etheridge, President

Mr Terry Korn, Treasurer

Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, University of Newcastle

Mr Craig Hart, Coordinator

Cotton Australia

Mr Adam Kay, Chief Executive Officer

Cudgegong Valley Water Users Group

Mr Trevor Crosby, Chair

Gilgandra Shire Council/Orana Regional Organisation of Councils

Cr Doug Batten, Mayor/Chair

Macquarie Marshes Environmental Landholders Association

Mr Garry Hall, Chair

Mr Peter McLellan, Member

Ms Shannon McLellan, Secretary

Mr Robert McLellan, Member

Macquarie River Food and Fibre

Mr Chris Hogendyk

Miss Susan Madden, Executive Officer

Mr Tony Wass, Executive Committee Member

Mid-Western Regional Council and the Cudgegong Valley Water Users Group

Mr Russell Holden, Councillor

Mrs Linda Shreeve, Senior Environment Officer

NSW Farmers' Association

Mr Charles Armstrong, President

Mr John Ward

Mr Richard Widows, Senior Policy Advisor

Warren Shire Council/Orana Regional Organisation of Councils

Mr Ashley Wielinga, General Manager/Board Member

Cr Norman Wilson, Mayor/Deputy Chair

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing

ACT Government

Mr Stewart Chapman, Water Policy Manager, Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water

Hon Simon Corbell, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water

Mr David Papps, Chief Executive, Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water

Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government

Mr Simon Atkinson, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Policy Coordination Branch

Ms Elizabeth Bennett, A/g Assistant Secretary, Local Engagement and Strategy Branch

Mr Ross Dalton, Director, Policy Coordination Branch

Mr Bruce Taloni, A/g Assistant Secretary, Policy Management Branch

Water for Rivers

Mr Richard Bull, Chairman

Mr Ross Davies, Business Manager

Mr Neville Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Friday, 25 February 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing

AgriFood Skills Australia

Mr Arthur Blewitt, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Di Dibley, Senior Polocy Adviser


Dr Brian Keating, Director, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship

Dr Bill Young, Director, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship

SA Government

Hon Paul Caica MP, Minister for the River Murray

Ms Mandy Rossetto, Director, Murray-Darling Basin Policy and Reform, Department for Water

Wednesday 2 March 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing

Australian Dairy Industry Council Inc

Mr Adrian Drury, Vice President

Dairy Australia

Ms Claire Miller, Water Policy Analyst

Monash Sustainability Institute - National Water Governance Research Initiative

Professor Raymond Ison,

Professor, Systems for Sustainability Dr Philip Wallis

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Ltd

Mr Robert Poole, General Manager

National Water Commission

Mr James Cameron, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Ms Kerry Olsson, A/g Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Wentworth Group

Mr Peter Cosier, Member

Professor Quentin Grafton, Member

Professor Chris Miller

Mr Tim Stubbs, Policy Analyst

Dr John Williams

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 – St George


  • the Rogan property
  • the Moon property

With thanks to:

Glenn Rogan

staff of Moon Rocks

Gordon Delaney, SunWater

Ian Brimblecombe

Public hearing

Balonne Shire Council

Mr Scott Norman, Chief Executive Officer

Cr Andrew Sevil, Councillor

Cr Donna Stewart, Mayor

Condamine Alliance

Mr Dan Cloonan, Water Leader

Mr Phil McCullough, Chief Executive Officer

Eastern Australia Agriculture

Mr Hamish McIntyre, Manager

Mr Tony Reid, Chief Operating Officer

Northern Basin Aboriginal Nationas

Mr Michael Eckford, Executive Director

Mr Frederick Hooper, Chairperson

Mr Robert Lacey, Executive Member

Queensland Farmers' Federation

Mr Ian Johnson, Water Policy Adviser

Smart Rivers

Mr Frank Deshon, Co Chair

Mr Ian Todd, Member

Community statement session

Rob Moore

Ed Willis, St George Cotton Growers Association

David Blacket, Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

Dick Thies, Citizen’s Electoral Council

Glen Rogan

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 – Dirranbandi


  • Cubbie Station

With thanks to:

McGrath Nicols, Deed Administrators for Cubbie Group

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 – Goondiwindi

Public hearing

AgForce Queensland

Mr Kim Bremner, Water Spokesman

Ms Genevieve Johnston, Policy Officer

Border Rivers Food and Fibre

Mr David Coulton, Chairman

Mr Tim Napier, Executive Officer

Queensland Conservation Council

Mr Nigel Parratt, Rivers Project Officer

Toowoomba & Region Environment Council

Mr John Armbruster, Member

Community statement session

Doug Scott

Ms Jan Pakullus

Mr Peter Corish

Thursday, 17 March 2011 – Brisbane

Public hearing

Queensland Government

Mrs Debra-Lee Best, Deputy Director General, Department of Environment & Resource Management

Mr John Bradley, Director General, Department of Environment & Resource Management

Mr Gregory Claydon, Executive Director, Department of Environment & Resource Management

Hon Kate Jones, Minister for Environment and Resource Management

Mr Tim Watts, Policy Advisor, Office of the Minister for Environment and Resource Management

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)

Mr Peter Gooday, General Manager, Productivity, Water and Social Sciences Branch

Mr Paul Morris, Deputy Executive Director

Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry

Mr Allen Grant, Executive Manager, Agricultural Productivity Division

Lachlan Valley Water

Ms Mary Ewing, Executive Officer

Mr Dennis Moxey, Chairman

Mr Timothy Watson, Board Member

National Association of Forest Industries

Mr Grant Johnson, Senior Policy Analyst

Mr Michael Stephens, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Uniting Church of Australia, NSW and ACT Synod

Ms Julie Greig, Rural Chaplain

Reverend Kelvin Hodge, Rural Chaplain

Mr Ross Neville, Rural Consultanta

University of New South Wales

Mr Paul Kildea, Director

Professor George Williams

Friday, 25 March 2011 – Canberra

Public hearing


Mr Ian Mott

Australia Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology

Mr Geoff Thomas, National President

Australian Rain Technologies

Dr Stephen Beare

Mr Matt Handbury, CEO

Mr Scott Peak, Chief Scientific Officer

Irrigation Australia Limited

Mr Trevor Le Breton, A/g Chief Executive Officer

Mr Peter Toome, Chair

Judith Stubbs & Associates

Mr John Storer, Senior Research Associate

Dr Judith Stubbs, Principal

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Mr Rob Freeman, Chief Executive

Mr Craig Knowles, Chair

Mr Fraser MacLeod, Executive Director

Mr Tony Webster, General Manager

National Farmers' Federation

Ms Deborah Kerr, NRM Manager

Mr Matt Linnegar, Chief Executive Officer

National Irrigators' Council

Mr Stewart Ellis, Chairman

Mr Danny O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia Inc.

Mr Les Gordon, President

Mrs Ruth Wade, Executive Director

The Fifth Estate

Mr Ian Wiskin, Principal

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 – Swan Hill

Private meeting

The Hon. Peter Walsh, Minister for Water, Victorian Government

Public hearing

Gannawarra Shire Council

Ms Hodi Beauliv, Grants and Environment Manager

Cr Max Fehring, Mayor

Ms Rosanne Kava, Chief Executive Officer

Mallee Family Care

Ms Fiona Harley, Deputy Executive Director

Adj Prof Vernon Knight, Executive Director

Moira Shire Council - Murray River Group of Councils

Mr Gary Arnold, Chief Executive Officer

Cr Ed Cox, Mayor

NSW Farmers' Association - Balranald Branch

Mr James Harris, Chairman

Shire of Campaspe - Murray River Group of Councils

Mr Keith Baillie, Chief Executive Officer

Cr Neil Pankhurst, Mayor

Sunraysia Water Exchange (SWEX)

Mr Phillip Grahame, Manager

Swan Hill Rural City Council

Cr Greg Cruickshank, Mayor

Mr Dennis Hovenden, Chief Executive Officer

Wakool Landholders Association

Mr Mark Martin, Secretary

Mr David May, Chairperson

Wimmera Irrigators Association Inc.

Mr Robert Atkin, Treasurer

Mr James Delahunty, Secretary

Mr Dale Frankel, Chairman

Community statement session

David Hackett

Geoff Scougall

Jeremy Morton

Glenn Stewart, Murray Mallee Local Learning and Employment Network

Rodger Schifferle

Doug Harris

Peta Thornton

Neil Macfarlane

Peter McCluskey, National Aglime Association and Victorian Limestone Producer’s Association

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