House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs

Adjusting to agricultural trade reform: Australia no longer down under

List of Submissions

The following submissions have been authorised for publication.

No. 1 Australian Chicken Growers' Council

No. 2 National Farmers' Federation

No. 3 Queensland Sugar Corporation

No. 4 Marrows Estates Pty Ltd

No. 5 Pork Council of Australia

No. 6 Australian Macadamia Society Ltd

No. 7 Grains Council of Australia

No. 8 Deer Industry Association of Australia

No. 9 Australian Wheat Board

No. 10 Queensland Government

No. 11 ACT Government

No. 12 Australian Trout & Salmon Farmers' Association Inc.

No. 13 Commonwealth Department of Environment Sport and Territories

No. 14 (Confidential Submission)

No. 15 Australian Apple & Pear Growers Association Inc.

No. 16 Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation

No. 17 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

No. 18 Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation

No. 19 Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy

No. 20 Goddard Wool Marketing Pty. Ltd.

No. 21 Nell Tractor Equipment Pty Ltd

No. 22 Queensland Pork Producers' Organisation

No 23 Australian Citrus Growers Incorporated

No. 24 The Citrus Board of South Australia

No. 25 Mr Steve T Lang

No. 26 Macquarie River Food & Fibre

No. 27 Grazing Management Systems Pty Ltd

No. 28 Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service


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