House of Representatives Committees

Schedule of public hearings (and transcripts)

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Date Location Transcript
Monday 18 June 2001 Canberra PDF 205KB
Friday 27 April 2001 (PDF 22KB) Melbourne PDF 557KB
Thursday 26 April 2001
(PDF 22KB)
Melbourne PDF 203KB
Friday 20 April 2001
(PDF 19KB)
Perth PDF 19KB
Monday 2 April 2001 (PDF 17KB) Canberra PDF 185KB
Friday 9 March 2001 (PDF 19KB) Canberra PDF 521KB
Monday 12 February 2001
(PDF 17KB)
Sydney PDF 451KB
Monday 29 January 2001
(PDF 16KB)
Sydney PDF 408KB
Monday 27 November 2000
(PDF 16KB)
Canberra PDF 196KB
Thursday 19 October 2000
(PDF 19KB)
Brisbane PDF 286KB

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