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Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement

On Wednesday 23 June 2004, the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties tabled its report on the inquiry into the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States.

A copy of the entire report and the individual chapters are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Report 61
Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement

Preliminary pages Contents, Foreword, Committee Membership, Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations and List of Recommendations (PDF 67KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 41KB)
Chapter 2 Background - How did we get here? (PDF 73KB)
Chapter 3 Overview of the Treaty (PDF 112KB)
Chapter 4 Administrative Framework and Dispute Resolution (PDF 60KB)
Chapter 5 National Treatment and Market Access for Goods, Textiles and Apparel and Rules of Origin (PDF 136KB)
Chapter 6 Annex on Pharmaceuticals (PDF 75KB)
Chapter 7 Agriculture (PDF 92KB)
Chapter 8 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (PDF 78KB)
Chapter 9 Technical Barriers to Trade (PDF 76B)
Chapter 10 Safeguards (PDF 25KB)
Chapter 11 Cross Border Trade in Services (PDF 247KB)
Chapter 12 Investment and Financial Services (PDF 66KB)
Chapter 13 Telecommunications (PDF 30KB)
Chapter 14 Competition-Related Matters (PDF 35KB)
Chapter 15 Government Procurement (PDF 30KB)
Chapter 16 Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Commerce (PDF 166KB)
Chapter 17 Labour and Environment (PDF 75KB)
Chapter 18 Conclusions (PDF 16KB)
Dissenting Report Mr Wilkie MP, Senator Kirk, Senator Marshall, Senator Stephens, Hon Adams MP and Mr Evans MP (PDF 16KB)
Appendix A List of submissions (PDF 28KB)
Appendix B List of witnesses (PDF 35KB)
Appendix C List of exhibits (PDF 20KB)

Click here for a consolidated copy of the report (PDF 1474KB).

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