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Treaties referred on 15 January 2014

The treaties listed in this reference were tabled in parliament on 12 March and 18 June 2013 during the 43rd Parliament. The Committee had not reported on these treaties when the 43rd Parliament was prorogued and the Committee ceased to exist. As a consequence, the inquiries lapsed. Traditionally, new treaties committees have sought to complete inquiries that lapsed as a result of the prorogation of Parliament. To do so, the Committee must receive a reference in accordance with the resolution of appointment.

The Committee received such a reference on 15 January 2014.

The Committee invites interested persons and organisations to make submissions by Monday, 3 February 2014.

Please note that the authorised submissions presented in the 43rd parliament can be accessed here and do not need to be re-submitted.

Please refer to our brochure called preparing a submission for more information.

In order to facilitate electronic publishing of submissions, the Committee would prefer them to be emailed to or sent on disk or CD-ROM to the Committee Secretariat in Microsoft Word® or Portable Document Format (PDF).

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