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Completed Inquiry: Australia's Trade and Investment Relationship with South America


The Committee presented its report Building Australia's Trade and Investment Relationship with South America to both Houses of Parliament on 4 September 2000. Copies of the individual chapters are available in both PDF and HTML formats. The report is now out of print and no longer available from the Committee Secretariat.

(To view or print the PDF document, you will require the Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe® .)

List of Recommendations


Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF Format 23KB)

    Chapter 1: HTML version

Chapter 2: South America: Why Not? (PDF Format 59KB)

    Chapter 2: HTML version

Chapter 3: Coalition Building, Economic and Regional Considerations (PDF Format 70KB)

    Chapter 3: HTML version

Chapter 4: Building a Sound Trade and Investment Relationship (PDF Format 81KB)

    Chapter 4: HTML version

Chapter 5: Government Support for Australian Companies (PDF Format 93KB)

    Chapter 5: HTML version

Chapter 6: Argentina (PDF Format 59KB)

    Chapter 6: HTML version

Chapter 7: Brazil (PDF Format 59KB)

    Chapter 7: HTML version

Chapter 8: Uruguay (PDF Format 55KB)

    Chapter 8: HTML version

Chapter 9: Chile (PDF Format 60KB)

    Chapter 9: HTML version

Chapter 10: Venezuela (PDF Format 50KB)

    Chapter 10: HTML version

Chapter 11: Colombia (PDF Format 43KB )

    Chapter 11: HTML version

Chapter 12: Ecuador (PDF Format 37KB)

    Chapter 12: HTML version

Chapter 13: Peru (PDF Format 51KB)

    Chapter 13: HTML version

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