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Appendix B – List of Exhibits

1.                  Falun Dafa Association NSW

Newsletter from the World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong

2.                  Falun Dafa Association NSW

Remarks delivered to an International Conference on Religious Freedom in China by David Matas, European Parliament, Brussels, 15 April 2009

3.                  Falun Dafa Association NSW

Canadian Press article, ‘Canadian Exports to China rise strongly, unaffected by human rights emphasis’, 8 Janruary 2008

4.                  Falun Dafa Association NSW

FalunInfo.Net  article, ‘Nine new Falun Gong deaths recorded in June’, 10 July 2011

5.                  Falun Dafa Association NSW

FalunInfo.Net  article, ‘After 12 years, Falun Gong’s peaceful resistance brings hope amidst repression’, 19 July 2011

6.                  Civil Liberties Australia

Attachment - Review of the Foreign Affairs and Trade Annual Report 2009 - 2010

7.                  Mr Scott Johnson

Human Rights Watch case study, Montagnard Christians in Vietnam

8.                  Mr Scott Johnson

Speech, Mr Luke Simpkins MP, House of Representatives, 6 July 2011

9.                  Vietnam Committee on Human Rights

A Report for the Conference on the Rule of Law for Human Rights in ASEAN Countries

10.              Australian Uyghur Association

Uyghur American Association: Two more Uyghurs get life sentences

11.              Australian Uyghur Association

World Uyghur Congress: Egregious Human Rights Violations Against the Uyghur People during and in the Aftermath of the July 2009 Protest and Unrest in Urumqi, East Turkestan/China

12.              Ms Quynh Dao

EU-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue Human Rights Watch Recommendations

13.              Ms Quynh Dao

Human Rights Watch – Testimony of John Sifton, Asia Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch “Examining ongoing human rights abuses in Vietnam”

14.              Ms Quynh Dao

Statement of Ms Vu Phuong-Anh, a victim of the human trafficking condoned by the Vietnamese government

15.              Ms Quynh Dao

Statement of Nguyen Dinh Thang, PhD at the hearing on “examining ongoing human rights abuses in Vietnam”

16.              Civil Liberties Australia

Australia Day Letter for 2012

17.              Mr Luke Donnellan MP

Report on Visit to Vietnam

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