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Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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There are 91 submissions in the following list.

No Received from
1 AACE Worldwide Pty Ltd (pdf 2,864KB)
2 Bankstown Airport Limited (pdf 21KB)
3 Board of Airline Representatives of Australia (pdf 94KB) 4 Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia (pdf 2,379KB) 5 Australian Aiports Association (pdf 2,854KB) 6 Foreign Affairs and Trade (pdf 26KB) 7 Mr John G Hinde (pdf 3,852KB) 8 Hervey Bay City Council (pdf 8KB) 9 CSIRO (pdf 33KB) 10 Australian Airports Association, South Australia (pdf 26KB) 11 S3 Strategic Security Solutions (pdf 302KB) 12 Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union (pdf 26KB) 13 ToLife Technologies Pty Ltd (pdf 69KB) 14 Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd (pdf 31KB) 15 Sydney Airports Corporation Limited (pdf 22KB) 16 Newcastle Airport Limited (pdf 18KB) 17 Qantas Airways Limited (pdf 85KB) 18 Adelaide Airport (pdf 31KB) 19 Melbourne and Launceston Airports (pdf 19,046KB) 20 Premier of New South Wales Australia (pdf 3,750KB) 21 Department of Defence (pdf 9KB) 22 Australian National Audit Office (pdf 39KB) 23 Executive Summary (pdf 4KB)
Authorisation to Release Submission No.23 (pdf 847KB)
Cairns Port Authority (pdf 122KB)
24 Mackay Port Authority (pdf 22KB) 25 Albury City (pdf 29KB) 26 Australian Security Identity Alliance (pdf 1,032KB) 27 Minister for Planning & Infrastructure (pdf 6,152KB) 28 Perth Airport (pdf 17KB) 29 Department of Transport & Regional Services (pdf 185KB) 30 Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (pdf 48KB) 31 Australian Federal Police (pdf 23KB) 32 Premier of Tasmania (pdf 10,166KB) 33 Australian Customs Service (pdf 37KB) 34 Flight Attendants Association of Australia (pdf 168KB) 35 Australian National University (pdf 10KB) 36 Dr Barry Dowty (pdf 2,450KB) 37 Australian Local Government Association (pdf 7KB) 38 Dr Heather Parker (pdf 19KB) 39 Mr Gregory Foulds (pdf 5KB) 40 Mr Sam Richards (pdf 8KB) 41 Mr Denis Vanzella (pdf 12KB) 42 Mr Stephen Melis (pdf 9KB) 43 Tweed Rivera Seaplane Services (pdf 48KB) 44 Mr John Funnell (pdf 8KB) 45 Mr Wayne Harder (pdf 4KB) 46 Dr David Baker (pdf 4KB) 47 Mr David Toohey (pdf 8KB) 48 Mr James Davey (pdf 8KB) 49 Mr Stephen Robinson (pdf 11KB) 50 Mr Stan Wright (pdf 4KB) 51 Aerotec Queensland (pdf 4KB) 52 Dr Michael Keating (pdf 10KB) 53 Mr Henri Richard (pdf 11,625KB) 54 Mr James Auld (pdf 8KB) 55 Mr Sid Sidebottom, MP (pdf 44KB) 56 The Hon Michael Wright, MP (pdf 3,737KB) 57 The Queensland Government Aviation Steering Committee (pdf 56KB) 58 Australian Federal Police (pdf 8,437KB) 59 Curtin University of Technology (pdf 41KB) 60 Australian Customs Service (pdf 3,946KB) 61 Australian National Audit Office (pdf 14,769KB) 62 Australian Services Union (pdf 10,216KB)
Attachment A (pdf 445KB)
Attachment B (pdf 710KB)
63 Qantas (pdf 1,298KB) 64 Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner (pdf 30KB) 65 Brisbane Airport Corporation (pdf 25KB) 66 Chubb Security Personnel (pdf 34KB) 67 Group 4 Securitas Pty Ltd (pdf 69KB) 68 Australian Airports Association (pdf 70KB) 69 SNP Security (pdf 157KB) 70 Department of Transport and Regional Services (pdf 194KB) 71 Hon Steve Bracks MP, Premier of Victoria (pdf 641KB) 72 Group 4 Securitas Pty Ltd (pdf 58KB) 73 Australian Security International Systems Training (pdf 71 KB) 74 Qantas (pdf 106KB) 75 Melbourne Airport (pdf 7KB) 76 Australian Federal Police (pdf 1,976KB) 77 Qantas (pdf 10,403KB) 78 Virgin Blue Airlines P/L (pdf 18KB) 79 Department of Transport & Regional Services (pdf 130KB)
Attachment (pdf 1,324KB)
80 The Cabinet Office (pdf 3,761KB) 81 Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (pdf 12KB) 82 Department of Transport and Regional Services (pdf 34KB) 83 Brisbane Airport Corporation (pdf 2,454KB) 84 Sydney Airports Corporation (pdf 2,413KB) 85 Queensland Government (pdf 2,625KB) 86 Department of Premier and Cabinet (pdf 13KB) 87 Department of Transport & Regional Services (pdf 21KB) 88 S3 Strategic Security Solutions (pdf 4KB) 89 Department of Transport and Regional Services (pdf 11KB) 90 Australian Federal Police (pdf 15KB) 91 Board of Airline Representatives of Australia Inc (pdf 2,544KB)

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