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At what cost? IT pricing and the Australia Tax

29 July 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013
ISBN 978-1-74366-079-9 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-1-74366-080-5 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages (PDF 112KB)

Membership of the Committee
Committee Secretariat
Terms of reference
List of recommendations

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 103KB)

Context of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry
Engagement with industry
 Structure of the report

Chapter 2 Price discrimination and consumer impacts (PDF 311KB)

What is International Price Discrimination?
Greater consumer awareness
Changing technologies
Cloud computing and subscription models
Evidence about price differences
Availability of data
Evidence by product category
Software and digital downloads
Ongoing subscription costs
Impacts on consumers
Consumers with low incomes
Higher education sector
Impacts on students
People living with disability
Legal considerations and international obligations
Public Procurement Policy
Library users
Small business owners
Impacts for Government procurement
Committee comment

Chapter 3 Explanations for IT price differences (PDF 239KB)

Responsibility for international price discrimination
Addressing perceptions of price discrimination
Advertised prices
Market size
Wages and occupancy costs
‘Green’ schemes
Exchange rates
Channel partners
Localisation costs
Responses by product category
Software and digital downloads
Policies and approaches to pricing
Approaches to regional pricing
Managing markets
Consumer views on cost claims
Committee comment

Chapter 4 Copyright, circumvention, competition, and remedies (PDF 614KB)

Balancing copyright interests
Development of current legislative framework
Copyright and competition in physical media
Copyright and competition impacts of the shift to digital content
Access to digital works
Choice and immediacy of access
IT pricing and copyright infringement
Measures to limit access to content
Technological protection measures
Methods of accessing cheaper goods
Legality of circumvention methods
Possible remedies to address IT price discrimination
Parallel importation restrictions
Clarification of legality of measures
Increasing competition and protecting consumer rights
Options for removing geoblocking restrictions
Options for voiding contractual arrangements
Banning price discrimination
Prospects for international cooperation
The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Appendix A – Submissions and exhibits (PDF 66KB)
Appendix B – Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 41KB)

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