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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 184 submissions and 28 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Name withheld (PDF 305KB)
  2. Dr Elwin Upton (PDF 162KB)
  3. Dr Emil Penev (PDF 150KB)
  4. Overseas Doctors Forum Australasia (PDF 234KB)
  5. Dr Ilian Kamenoff (PDF 410KB)
  6. Mr Michael Damp FRACS (PDF 426KB)
  7. Mr Vick Kandiah (PDF 67KB)
  8. Dr Oliver Van Hecke (PDF 114KB)
  9. Takalvan Medical Centre (PDF 355KB)
  10. Dr Nasir Mehmood Baig (PDF 142KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.10 - Sub 10.1 (PDF 465KB)
  11. Supplementary to Submission No.10 - Sub 10.2 (PDF 707KB)

  12. Name witheld (PDF 162KB)

  13. Dr Sudheer Babu Duggirala (PDF 159KB)
  14. Associate Professor John Stokes (PDF 372KB)

  15. Supplementary to Submission No.13 - Sub 13.1 (PDF 96KB)

  16. Dr Frank Quigley (PDF 117KB)
  17. Name withheld (PDF 146KB)
  18. South Eastern Sydney Local Health Network (PDF 119KB)
  19. Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health Network (PDF 117KB)
  20. Dr Mohammed Anarwala (PDF 175KB)
  21. Professor Ratilal Lalloo BChD, BSc Med Hons, MChD, PhD (PDF 78KB)
  22. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - WA Office (PDF 273KB)
  23. Dr Chaitanya Kotapati (PDF 302KB)

  24. Supplementary to Submission No.21 - Sub 21.1 (PDF 2980KB)

  25. Dr Richard Lunz (PDF 61KB)
  26. North Metropolitan Area Health Service (PDF 82KB)
  27. Dr P Rateesh (PDF 78KB)
  29. Dr Bo Jin MD, PhD (PDF 447KB)
  30. Peninsula Health (PDF 583KB)
  31. Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges (PDF 290KB)
  32. Name withheld (PDF 19KB)
  33. Dr Prashanta Mitra (PDF 136KB)
  34. Dr Michael Galak (PDF 174KB)

  35. Supplementary to Submission No.31 - Sub 31.1 (PDF 108KB)

  36. Health Recruitment Plus Tasmania (PDF 313KB)
  37. Hollywood Private Hospital (PDF 338KB)
  38. Dr Jonathan Levy (PDF 828KB)
  39. Dr Dennis Gonzaga (PDF 496KB)
  40. headspace (PDF 378KB)
  41. NSW Rural Doctors Network (PDF 1121KB)
  42. Overseas Trained Specialist Anaesthetists Network Inc (PDF 236KB)
  43. Name withheld (PDF 235KB)
  45. Royal Perth Hospital (PDF 124KB)
  46. Australian Medical Council Ltd (PDF 5639KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.42 - Sub 42.1 (PDF 1,127KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.42 - Sub 42.2 (PDF 156KB)
  47. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (PDF 1474KB)
  48. Health Workforce Queensland (PDF 394KB)
  49. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (PDF 981KB)
  50. Name withheld (PDF 455KB)
  51. Dr Anatole Kotlovsky (PDF 525KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.47 - Sub 47.1 CONFIDENTIAL
    Supplementary to Submission No.47 - Sub 47.2 CONFIDENTIAL
  53. Western New South Wales Local Health Network (PDF 732KB)
  54. Dr Christopher Butt (PDF 214KB)
  55. Medical Board of Australia (PDF 4615KB)
  56. Dr Leong-Fook Ng (PDF 196KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.52 - Sub 52.1 (PDF 108KB)
  57. Australian Government - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 138KB)
  58. Dr M Steyn & Dr K Taraporewalla (PDF 2298KB)
  59. Australian Medical Association (PDF 849KB)

  60. Mr Ian Shaw (PDF 437KB)



  63. Numurkah District Health Service (PDF 936KB)

  64. Dr Navin Naidoo (PDF 59KB)

  65. Australian General Practice Network (PDF 608KB)

  66. Dr John Emery (PDF 95KB)

  67. Mrs Doone Lamb (PDF 229KB)

  68. Mr David Lamb (PDF 755KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.64 - Sub 64.1 (PDF 134KB)
  69. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (PDF 1478KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.65 - Sub 65.1 (PDF 120KB)
  70. Supplementary to Submission No.65 - Sub 65.2 (PDF 232KB)

  71. Dr Christoph Ahrens (PDF 259KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.66 - Sub 66.1 (PDF 812KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.66 - Sub 66.2 (PDF 129KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.66 - Sub 66.3 (PDF 76KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.66 - Sub 66.4 (PDF 208KB)

  72. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (PDF 787KB)

  73. Dr Johannes Wenzel MD, FACEM (PDF 707KB)

  74. Australian Orthopaedic Association Limited (PDF 223KB)

  75. Dr Ghaleb Jaber (PDF 79KB)


  77. The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (PDF 470KB)

  78. Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (PDF 253KB)

  79. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (PDF 360KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.74 - Sub 74.1 (PDF 678KB)
  80. Rural Health West (PDF 556KB)

  81. Name withheld (PDF 86KB)

  82. Dr Michiel Mel (PDF 230KB)

  83. Dr D Wood & Dr D Levitt (PDF 118KB)

  84. Dr Diane Mohen (PDF 417KB)

  85. Rural Doctors Association of Australia (PDF 607KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.80 - Sub 80.1 (PDF 96KB)
  86. General Practice Network Northern Territory (PDF 138KB)

  87. Government of Western Australia - Department of Health (PDF 752KB)

  88. Rural Doctors Workforce Agency South Australia (PDF 278KB)

  89. Australian Government - Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 1216KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No. 84 - Sub 84.1 (PDF 276KB)
  90. Alecto Australia (PDF 1235KB)


  92. Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (PDF 1017KB)

  93. Challis Recruitment Pty Ltd (PDF 783KB)

  94. Name withheld (PDF 199KB)

  95. Private Hospitals Association of Queensland (PDF 112KB)

  96. Rural Workforce Agency, Victoria (PDF 1111KB)

  97. Mater Hospital Rockhampton (PDF 373KB)

  98. Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (PDF 174KB)

  99. Dr Nalakath Shamimudeen (PDF 83KB)

  100. Ms Jean Gavanon (PDF 87KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.95 - Sub 95.1 (PDF 188KB)

  101. Government of South Australia (PDF 279KB)

  102. Dr Linh Trinh (PDF 49KB)


  104. Dr Sunayana Das (PDF 535KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.99 - Sub 99.1 (PDF 343KB)
  105. Dr Drajendra Moodley (PDF 98KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.100 - Sub 100.1 (PDF 88KB)

  106. Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association Inc (PDF 5402KB)

  107. Dr Ponraja Thuryrajah (PDF 199KB)

  108. Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (PDF 1094KB)

  109. Dr Sayed Hashemi (PDF 85KB)

  110. Victorian Medical Postgraduate Foundation Inc (PDF 424KB)

  111. Mayo Private Hospital (PDF 286KB)

  112. Rural Health Workforce Australia (PDF 305KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.107 - Sub 107.1 (PDF 1041KB)

  113. Mr Craig Wilmot (PDF 163KB)

  114. The Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 127KB)

  115. Mr Michael Suss (PDF 7,914KB)

  116. Dr Sue Douglas (PDF 949KB)

  117. The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (PDF 5035KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.112 - Sub 112.1 (PDF 673KB)

  118. National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 3055KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.113 - Sub 113.1 (PDF 802KB)

  119. Tropical Medical Training (PDF 753KB)

  120. Friendly Society Private Hospital (PDF 411KB)

  121. Mr Hugh Ford (PDF 127KB)


  123. Dr Piotr Lemieszek (PDF 434KB)

  124. General Practice Education and Training Limited (PDF 587KB)

  125. Sarina Clinic (PDF 86KB)

  126. Melbourne Medical Deputising Service (PDF 801KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.121 - Sub 121.1 (PDF 414KB)

  127. Dr Chellam Kirubakaran (PDF 36KB)

  128. Dr Michael Jacob (PDF 33KB)

  129. NSW Department of Health (PDF 803KB)
    Supplementary to Submission No.124 - Sub 124.1 (PDF 274KB)
  130. Dr Luma Al-bayati (PDF 76KB)

  131. Queensland Health (PDF 804KB)

  132. Name withheld  (PDF 1,184KB)


  134. Dr John Meaney (PDF 79KB) 

  135. Dr Donald Pitchford (PDF 533KB) 

  136. Name withheld (PDF 327KB) 

  137. Dr Ayman Shenouda (PDF 1345KB)

  138. Name withheld (PDF 1068KB)

  139. Dr Robyn Iredale (PDF 753KB)

  140. Group of Concerned Burra & District Residents (PDF 27KB)

  141. Eyre Peninsula Division of General Practice (PDF 372KB)

  143. Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 791KB)

  144. Association of Medical Recruiters Australia & New Zealand (PDF 372KB)

  145. Dr Azhar Ahmad (PDF 424KB)

  147. Mr Geoff Copland (PDF 149KB)

  148. Mr Brian Hoffman (PDF 732KB)

  149. Dr Christoph Frahm (PDF 732KB)

  150. Dr Tony Marshal (PDF 706KB)



  153. University of Wollongong (PDF 251KB)

  155. Dr Helmut Schoengen (PDF 251KB)

  156. Ms Kathryn O'Neill (PDF 70KB)

  157. OET Workshop Pty Ltd (PDF 2317KB)

  158. Dr Pramudi Neelapriyantha (PDF 641KB)

  159. The Occupational English Test Centre (PDF 834KB)

  160. IDP Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 2035KB)

  161. Pearson Australia Group (PDF 3053KB)

  162. Mr Kevin Gillespie (PDF 297KB)

  163. Name withheld (PDF 368KB)


  165. Ms Kathy Ingham (PDF 119KB)

  166. Dr Mulavana Parvathy (PDF 113KB)

  167. Professor Kichu R Nair (PDF 446KB)

  168. Centre for Medical Professional Development, Hunter New England Health (PDF 88KB)


  170. Associate Professor John Svigos (PDF 436KB)

  171. Dr Joseph Thomas (PDF 295KB)


  173. IMG Inquiry Recommendation Working Group (PDF 2028KB)

  174. Name witheld (PDF 112KB)

  175. Mr Chris Johnson (PDF 412KB)

  176. Hunter Urban Division of General Practice (PDF 849KB)

  177. NSW Rural Doctors Network (PDF 866KB)

  178. Reliance Medical Practice (PDF 495KB)

  179. Northwest Victoria GP Educators Group (PDF 235KB)

  180. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (PDF 180KB)

  181. Central Coast Local Health District (PDF 130KB)


  183. Dr Salahuddin Chowdhury (PDF 130KB)

  184. Name witheld (PDF 243KB)

  185. Educational Testing Service - TOEFL (PDF 668KB)

  186. Australian Government Department of Human Services (PDF 67KB)

  187. Dr Naftaly Zuker (PDF 370KB)


  189. Western District Health Services (PDF 291KB)

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