House of Representatives Committees


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of some of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat. Further submissions will be made available on this site as original paper copies are converted to electronic documents.

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No Received from
1 Mr Harold L Craig (PDF 53KB)
2 Mr John Sibilant (PDF 34KB)
3 Mr John Ventnor (PDF 65KB)
4 Ms Elvira Martin (PDF 18KB)
5Ms Ruth Fisher (PDF 33KB)
6 Name withheld (PDF 233KB)
7 Ms Deanne Walters (PDF 107KB)
8 Mr Errol Hunt (PDF 42KB)
9 Mr Henry Gordon-Clark (PDF 189KB)
10 Mr Les Blackstock (PDF 61KB)
11 Ms Jane Kugelman (PDF 63KB)
12 Mr Timothy Harrison (PDF 63KB)
13 Mr M Giles (PDF 249KB)
14 Dr Brian Ronthal (PDF 196KB)
15 Dr Brian Ronthal (PDF 44KB)
16 Mr Dennis Brown JP (PDF 87KB)
17 Mr Shane Walsh (PDF 88KB)
18 Ms Carmel Penglis (PDF 112KB)
19 Women's Legal Service Victoria Inc (PDF 296KB)
20 Name withheld (PDF 748KB)
21 Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 140KB)
22 Ms Jane Sutton (PDF 108KB)
23 Name withheld (PDF 229KB)
24 Mrs Joan Armstrong (PDF 25KB)
25 Confidential
26 Mr Ross Leach (PDF 70KB)
27 Mr Michael Sobb (PDF 94KB)
28 Centre Against Sexual Assault (PDF 215KB)
29 Womens Information and Referral Exchange Inc (WIRE) (PDF 247KB)
30 Mr W G Shailer (PDF 49KB)
31 Mr Norman C Ingersole (PDF 59KB)
32 Women's Legal Centre (ACT & Region) Incorporated (PDF 67KB)
33 Name withheld (PDF 64KB)
34 Ms Kay McNair (PDF 43KB)
35 Mr Glen Gordon (PDF 27KB)
36 Mazengarb Barralet Family Lawyers (PDF 95KB)
37 Professor Alexander L A Reid (PDF 48KB)
38 Mr Michael Green QC (PDF 181KB)
39 Mrs Helen Hannah (PDF 50KB)
40 Mr Matthew Meurer (PDF 44KB)
41 Mr Eric Somerfield (PDF 51KB)
42 Confidential
43 Ms Beverley Sutherland (PDF 39KB)
44 Confidential
45 Name withheld (PDF 191KB)
46 Mrs Lois Best (PDF 18KB)
47 Name withheld (PDF 275KB)
48 Mr Ray and Mrs Deidre Phelps (PDF 33KB)
49 Ms Helga Green (PDF 30KB)
50 Name withheld (PDF 298KB)
51 Mr Valdamar McEwan (PDF 260KB)
52 Name withheld (PDF 190KB)
53 Mr Ian Best (PDF 50KB)
54 Mr Robert Danes (PDF 36KB)
55 Mr Philip Craig (PDF 140KB)
56 Mr Malcolm McCulloch (PDF 29KB)
57 Name withheld (PDF 69KB)
58 Confidential
59 Mr Jason Prismall (PDF 50KB)
60 Ms Diane Parker (PDF 273KB)
61 Name withheld (PDF 388KB)
62 Name withheld (PDF 500KB)
63 Name withheld (PDF 279KB)
64 Name withheld (PDF 130KB)
65 Mr Stan and Mrs Joan Leske (PDF 62KB)
66 Name withheld (PDF 592KB)
67 Confidential
68 Confidential
69 Mr Ron Bryant (PDF 59KB)
70 Name withheld (PDF 59KB)
71 Name withheld (PDF 120KB)
72 Name withheld (PDF 153KB)
73 Name withheld (PDF 29KB)
74 Name withheld (PDF 192KB)
75 Name withheld (PDF 129KB)
76 Name withheld (PDF 214KB)
77 Name withheld (PDF 131KB)
78 Name withheld (PDF 321KB)
79 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
80 Name withheld (PDF 51KB)
81 Name withheld (PDF 178KB)
82 Confidential
83 Confidential
84 Name withheld (PDF 139KB)
85 Name withheld (PDF 105KB)
86 Confidential
87 Name withheld (PDF 64KB)
88 Name withheld (PDF 88KB)
89 Mr Richard Somers JP (PDF 139KB)
90 Name withheld (PDF 115KB)
91 Name withheld (PDF 267KB)
92 Confidential
93 Name withheld (PDF 46KB)
94 Confidential
95 Confidential
96 Mr R E Scoffell (PDF 70KB)
97 Name withheld (PDF 102KB)
98 Name withheld (PDF 144KB)
99 Name withheld (PDF 107KB)
100 Name withheld (PDF 144KB)
101 Mr Peter Daniel (PDF 20KB)
102 Name withheld (PDF 92KB)
103 Name withheld (PDF 58KB)
104 Name withheld (PDF 47KB)
105 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
106 Confidential
107 Name withheld (PDF 71KB)
108 Name withheld (PDF 32KB)
109 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
110 Mr L Potent (PDF 106KB)
111 Ms Susan Taylor (PDF 90KB)
112 Mr John Armstrong (PDF 81KB)
113 Name withheld (PDF 177KB)
114 Confidential
115 Ms Ljiljana Mitru (PDF 164KB)
116 Name withheld (PDF 217KB)
117 Name withheld (PDF 296KB)
118 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
119 Mr Ron Harvey (PDF 55KB)
120 Name withheld (PDF 220KB)
121 Name withheld (PDF 391KB)
122 Name withheld (PDF 294KB)
123 Name withheld (PDF 137KB)
124 Mr David Hunt (PDF 200KB)
125 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
126 Confidential
127 Name withheld (PDF 311KB)
128 Name withheld (PDF 85KB)
129 Confidential
130 Name withheld (PDF 38KB)
131 Name withheld (PDF 48KB)
132 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
133 Name withheld (PDF 18KB)
134 Name withheld (PDF 67KB)
135 Name withheld (PDF 37KB)
136 Name withheld (PDF 392KB)
137 Name withheld (PDF 46KB)
138 Mr Adrian Rumsey (PDF 713KB)
139 Name withheld (PDF 161KB)
140 Mr and Mrs J Leys (PDF 44KB)
141 Name withheld (PDF 89KB)
142 Name withheld (PDF 46KB)
143 Confidential
144 Name withheld (PDF 64KB)
145 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
146 Name withheld (PDF 258KB)
147 Name withheld (PDF 115KB)
148 Name withheld (PDF 61KB)
149 Name withheld (PDF 33KB)
150 Name withheld (PDF 62KB)
151 Ms Bev Golding (PDF 52KB)
152 Name withheld (PDF 191KB)
153 Name withheld (PDF 93KB)
154 Name withheld (PDF 218KB)
155 Confidential
156 Confidential
157 Mr Carlos Garcia (PDF 86KB)
158 Mr Matthew Brouwer (PDF 78KB)
159 Women's Services Network Inc (WESNET) (PDF 211KB)
160 Mr Tony Donadini (PDF 66KB)
161 Confidential
162 Mr David Harvey (PDF 180KB)
163 Name withheld (PDF 47KB)
164 Confidential
165 Name withheld (PDF 186KB)
166 Name withheld (PDF 28KB)
167 Name withheld (PDF 203KB)
168 Name withheld (PDF 24KB)
169 Name withheld (PDF 270KB)
170 Confidential
171 Mr Nikolaus Okle (PDF 150KB)
172 Confidential
173 Name withheld (PDF 69KB)
174 Name withheld (PDF 291KB)
175 Name withheld (PDF 98KB)
176 Mr Brian R Lumsden (PDF 241KB)
177 Confidential
178 Name withheld (PDF 222KB)
179 Name withheld (PDF 149KB)
180 Name withheld (PDF 153KB)
181 Name withheld (PDF 735KB)
182 Ms Teresa Webb (PDF 43KB)
183 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
184 Name withheld (PDF 113KB)
185 Name withheld (PDF 80KB)
186 Mr Andre van der Zwan (PDF 39KB)
187 Name withheld (PDF 612KB)
188 Mr Robert Garrett (PDF 96KB)
189 Mr Marcelo Villafane (PDF 91KB)
190 Name withheld (PDF 63KB)
191 Australian Family Support Services Association Inc (PDF 180KB)
192 Mr Mik Whitcross (PDF 201KB)
193 Mr Julian Crooke (PDF 53KB)
194 Name withheld (PDF 486KB)
195 Mr and Mrs P & I Sophocleous (PDF 54KB)
196 Name withheld (PDF 32KB)
197 Name withheld (PDF 75KB)
198 Mr Ian Aulsebrook (PDF 190KB)
199 Mr and Mrs RN & BA Pierson (PDF 59KB)
200 Ms Maureene Makings (PDF 73KB)
201 Muswellbrook Women's and Children's Refuge Ltd (PDF 65KB)
202 Mr Altricio Tan (PDF 39KB)
203 Mr Richard Nancarrow (PDF 194KB)
204 Mr Mark R Dunnett (PDF 76KB)
205 Ms Helena Gale (PDF 29KB)
206 Mr Stephen MacKenzie (PDF 97KB)
207 Illawarra Legal Centre on behalf of the National Welfare Rights Network (PDF 246KB)
208 Mr Tony Dix (PDF 78KB)
209 Mr Bruce Murray (PDF 53KB)
210 "F.N.F." - Relationship & Family Law Consultants (PDF 107KB)
211 Dr Danny Shub (PDF 36KB)
212 Mr G Hale (PDF 20KB)
213 Mr Tony Iannello (PDF 22KB)
214 Mr Ian Cramer (PDF 27KB)
215 Ms Ann Zwarts (PDF 55KB)
216 Cr Shirley Willcocks (PDF 36KB)
217 Hornsby Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program (PDF 68KB)
218 MacGillivrays Solicitors (PDF 56KB)
219 Mr Mark Williams (PDF 20KB)
220 Confidential
221 Name withheld (PDF 143KB)
222 Mr Bryan Rodgers, Australian National University (PDF 257KB)
223 Name withheld (PDF 77KB)
224 Mr Patrick Edgerton (PDF 35KB)
225 Mr Craig Job (PDF 165KB)
226 Mr David Dehlsen (PDF 83KB)
227 Mr Maurice Mok (PDF 48KB)
228 Mr Chris Webb (PDF 125KB)
229 Name withheld (PDF 32KB)
230 Confidential
231 Mr A T Kenos (PDF 53KB)
232 Ms Elena Nesci (PDF 50KB)
233 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
234 Manning District Emergency Accommodation Committee Inc (PDF 51KB)
235 Family Pathways/Family Mediation Services (PDF 274KB)
236 Name withheld (PDF 84KB)
237 Ms Paula Rowlands (PDF 23KB)
238 Illawarra Legal Centre Inc (PDF 270KB)
239 Centre for Child & Family Development (PDF 45KB)
240 Mrs Lorraine Somerfield (PDF 64KB)
241 Mr Valdamar McEwan (supplementary) (PDF 82KB)
242 Name withheld (PDF 117KB)
243 Name withheld (PDF 160KB)
244 Mr Graham Anderson (PDF 21KB)
245 PIR Independent Research Group (PDF 89KB)
246 Mr Graham Bell (PDF 46KB)
247 Confidential
248 Murray Lyons Solicitors (PDF 44KB)
249 Mr Rob Thomas (PDF 86KB)
250 Mr & Mrs A De Vries (PDF 51KB)
251 Mr David McCreath (PDF 133KB)
252 Ms Lesley Gurney (PDF 71KB)
253 Mr Terry Bogie (PDF 38KB)
254 Mr John L Cardno (PDF 192KB)
255 Mrs Irene Stevenson (PDF 39KB)
256 Confidential
257 Women's Electoral Lobby, Cairns (PDF 55KB)
258 Mr Steve Brabeck (PDF 162KB)
259 Mrs Sharon Tinacci (PDF 31KB)
260 Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre Inc (PDF 384KB)
261 Mr Kevin B Butler (PDF 46KB)
262 Name withheld (PDF 82KB)
263 Mrs Angela Dreibergs (PDF 169KB)
264 Mr J and Mrs P Brabeck (PDF 67KB)
265 Ms Judith Anne Wielandt (PDF 40KB)
266 Mr Tempe Macgowan (PDF 67KB)
267 Footscray Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 354KB)
268 Katherine Women's Information & Legal Services Inc (PDF 119KB)
269 Name withheld (PDF 105KB)
270 Confidential
271 Confidential
272 Confidential
273 Confidential
274 Confidential
275 Confidential
276 Confidential
277 Confidential
278 Confidential
279 Confidential
280 Confidential
281 Confidential
282 Confidential
283 Confidential
284 Confidential
285 Confidential
286 Name withheld (PDF 169KB)
287 Name withheld (PDF 98KB)
288 Confidential
289 Name withheld (PDF 1134KB)
290 Name withheld (PDF 38KB)
291 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
292 Name withheld (PDF 53KB)
293 Name withheld (PDF 108KB)
294 Name withheld (PDF 232KB)
295 Name withheld (PDF 57KB)
296 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
297 Confidential
298 Confidential
299 Confidential
300 Ms Judy Birt (PDF 59KB)
301 Confidential
302 National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (PDF 211KB)
303 Mr Paul Johnston (PDF 399KB)
304 Mr Ian R Danes (PDF 133KB)
305 Mr John Oats (PDF 154KB)
306 Ms Linne Pattenden (PDF 75KB)
307 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
308 Name withheld (PDF 91KB)
309 Mrs Eileen Clark (PDF 52KB)
310 Fishburn Watson O'Brien Solicitors (PDF 40KB)
311 Mrs Angie-Lee Carey (PDF 67KB)
312 Mr Noel Jensen (PDF 51KB)
313 Mr Robert Logue (PDF 48KB)
314 Mr Boy Hilton (PDF 48KB)
315 Ms Julianne Ivins (PDF 61KB)
316 Confidential
317 Ms Desleigh T Murray (PDF 103KB)
318 Lone Fathers' Association of Australia, NSW (PDF 458KB)
319 Ms Alice Bailey (PDF 62KB)
320 Grandparents in Distress (PDF 232KB)
321 Mr Brian Saunders (PDF 18KB)
322 Mr Peter Harrison (PDF 87KB)
323 Mr Ian Whittaker (PDF 34KB)
324 Ms Leonie Parsons (PDF 29KB)
325 Ms Carolynn Newport (PDF 90KB)
326 Mr Michael Wenzel (PDF 20KB)
327 Mr Eric Sanders (PDF 72KB)
328 Mr Chris Andersen (PDF 13KB)
329 Mr David J Hyde (PDF 70KB)
330 Name withheld (PDF 199KB)
331 Mr Stephen Gray (PDF 236KB)
332 Name withheld (PDF 105KB)
333 Name withheld (PDF 246KB)
334 Mr Lester and Mrs Claudette Smith (PDF 49KB)
335 Mr Michael Keayes (PDF 295KB)
336 Mr Wayne Butler (PDF 656KB)
337 Name withheld (PDF 116KB)
338 Confidential
339 Name withheld (PDF 130KB)
340 Name withheld (PDF 137KB)
341 Ms Brooke Clayton (PDF 85KB)
342 Name withheld (PDF 156KB)
343 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
344 Confidential
345 Name withheld (PDF 109KB)
346 Name withheld (PDF 519KB)
347 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
348 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
349 Name withheld (PDF 71KB)
350 Name withheld (PDF 229KB)
351 Mr Anton Heyneke (PDF 218KB)
352 Mr John Snedden (PDF 207KB)
353 Name withheld (PDF 138KB)
354 Mr William Owers (PDF 409KB)
355 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
356 Mr and Mrs Frank Butler (PDF 90KB)
357 Name withheld (PDF 73KB)
358 Mr Russell Minett (PDF 116KB)
359 Confidential
360 Mr Donald Bruce Edwin JP (PDF 53KB)
361 Ms Eunice Curron (PDF 100KB)
362 Name withheld (PDF 53KB)
363 Name withheld (PDF 32KB)
364 Name withheld (PDF 128KB)
365 Mr Michael Gall (PDF 121KB)
366 Mr Kornel de Toerkenczy (PDF 67KB)
367 Ms Desley Spies (PDF 147KB)
368 Name withheld (PDF 75KB)
369 Name withheld (PDF 30KB)
370 Name withheld (PDF 59KB)
371 Confidential
372 Name withheld (PDF 164KB)
373 Name withheld (PDF 52KB)
374 Name withheld (PDF 70KB)
375 Name withheld (PDF 70KB)
376 Ms Emina Torrisi (PDF 92KB)
377 Ms Julie Sangster (PDF 29KB)
378 Name withheld (PDF 98KB)
379 Mr Russell Minett (supplementary) (PDF 60KB)
380 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
381 Ms C Byrne (PDF 57KB)
382 Name withheld (PDF 49KB)
383 Ms Tobina Sharp (PDF 161KB)
384 Mr Matthew Shields (PDF 128KB)
385 Name withheld (PDF 367KB)
386 Name withheld (PDF 79KB)
387 Name withheld (PDF 205KB)
388 Name withheld (PDF 241KB)
389 Name withheld (PDF 580KB)
390 Mr Rom Springall (PDF 254KB)
391 Mr Geoff Lewis (PDF 50KB)
392 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
393 Name withheld (PDF 486KB)
394 Ms Nola Roberts (PDF 133KB)
395 Mr Stephen West (PDF 52KB)
396 Name withheld (PDF 272KB)
397 Mr Andrew Porter (PDF 53KB)
398 Mrs Palita Van Bennekom (PDF 78KB)
399 Name withheld (PDF 43KB)
400 Armidale Domestic Violence Steering Committee (PDF 78KB)
401 Mr and Mrs Ian Clark and Ms J Dench (PDF 73KB)
402 Mr Jim Corran (PDF 34KB)
403 Lone Fathers Association of Australia, VIC (PDF 102KB)
404 Ms Pauline Davis (PDF 76KB)
405 Confidential
406 Name withheld (PDF 131KB)
407 Mr Rajiv Samson Solomon (PDF 71KB)
408 Goldfields Community Legal Centre (PDF 238KB)
409 Law Society of the Australian Capital Territory (PDF 177KB)
410 Mr Volker Hartmann (PDF 110KB)
411 Australian Coalition of Women Against Violence (ACWAV) (PDF 329KB)
412 South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 262KB)
413 Confidential
414 Kempsey Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (PDF 196KB)
415 Redfern Legal Centre (PDF 44KB)
416 Ms Shirley Prout (PDF 280KB)
417 Mr Michael Carmody (PDF 296KB)
418 Mrs S Westerling (PDF 112KB)
419 Taree Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (PDF 296KB)
420 Confidential
421 Dr Gwyneth Findlow (PDF 189KB)
422 New South Wales Bar Association (PDF 217KB)
423 Albury Wodonga Women's Refuge (PDF 76KB)
424 Mr Allan Roberts (PDF 85KB)
425 Child Abuse Support Victims Group (PDF 199KB)
426 Mrs Judi Adams (PDF 301KB)
427 Name withheld (PDF 111KB)
428 Peninsula Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 213KB)
429 Mr David Butler (PDF 272KB)
430 Name withheld (PDF 111KB)
431 Dr Jennifer McIntosh (Family Transitions Pty Ltd) (PDF 1702KB)
432 Mr Gordon Macmillan (PDF 94KB)
433 Ms June Page (PDF 97KB)
434 Mr Lindsay Gordon (PDF 209KB)
435 Relationships Australia Tasmania (PDF 105KB)
436 Confidential
437 Tweed Shire Women's Service Inc (PDF 141KB)
438 Manning District Emergency Accommodation Committee Inc (PDF 122KB)
439 Confidential
440 Confidential
441 Confidential
442 Mr Dominic Gomez (PDF 123KB)
443 Confidential
444 Name withheld (PDF 49KB)
445 Name withheld (PDF 28KB)
446 Name withheld (PDF 151KB)
447 Ms Dianne Ley (PDF 107KB)
448 Name withheld (PDF 130KB)
449 Mr Grant J Roberts (PDF 128KB)
450 Confidential
451 Confidential
452 Mr Andrew Thompson (PDF 182KB)
453 Name withheld (PDF 182KB)
454 Mr Alexander Peniazev (PDF 186KB)
455 Mr Robert Connor (PDF 34KB)
456 Ms Clare Taylor (PDF 85KB)
457 Mr Bruce and Mrs Helen McDonald (PDF 113KB)
458 Name withheld (PDF 60KB)
459 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
460 Confidential
461 Confidential
462 Confidential
463 Confidential
464 Confidential
466 Confidential
467 Confidential
468 Confidential
469 Confidential
470 Confidential
471 Confidential
472 Confidential
473 Confidential
474 Confidential
475 Confidential
476 Confidential
477 Confidential
478 Confidential
479 Hume Domestic Violence Network (PDF 112KB)
480 Warrina Women and Children's Refuge Co-operative Society Ltd (PDF 130KB)
481 Murray Mallee Community Legal Service (PDF 277KB)
482 Macquarie Legal Centre Inc. (PDF 111KB)
483 Mrs Win Leslie (PDF 116KB)
484 Dr Renata Alexander (PDF 535KB)
485 Marrickville Legal Centre (PDF 273KB)
486 Mr John William Westendorp (PDF 58KB)
487 Grafton Concerned Parents Group (GCPG) (PDF 2341KB)
488 Mr Warwick Ingold (PDF 44KB)
489 Ms Anoinette E Ryan (PDF 164KB)
490 Mr Lloyd Symonds (PDF 162KB)
491 Name withheld (PDF 108KB)
492 Women's Legal Resources Centre (PDF 226KB)
493 Mr Richard Torning (PDF 2120KB)
494 DAD's AUSTRALIA Inc. (PDF 1670KB)
495 Sutherland Shire Family Support Service Inc. (SSFSS) (PDF 179KB)
496 Logan Women's Health Centre (PDF 125KB)
497 Mrs Debbie McAdam (PDF 80KB)
498 Mr Roy Arneman (PDF 34KB)
499 Mr Roland Foster (PDF 236KB)
500 Mr Robin Verity (PDF 107KB)
501 Mr John A Grice (PDF 119KB)
502 Mr Larry P Cairns (PDF 67KB)
503 Mr Frank Giraldi (PDF 93KB)
504 Mr Wayne Nicholson (PDF 61KB)
505 UnitingCare Unifam Counselling and Mediation (PDF 340KB)
506 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
507 Mr Stephen Graham (PDF 402KB)
508 Ms Jennifer Huxley (PDF 346KB)
509 NSW Women's Refuge Resource Centre (PDF 190KB)
510 University of Sydney, Faculty of Law (PDF 77KB)
511 Manly Warringah Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (PDF 295KB)
512 Botany Migrant Resource Centre (BMRC) (PDF 65KB)
513 Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (PDF 267KB)
514 Sydney Lone Fathers Association (PDF 65KB)
515 Mr Jonathan Field (PDF 72KB)
516 Mr Michael Hardy (PDF 28KB)
517 Mr Colin Defries (PDF 60KB)
518 Peninsula Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 49KB)
519 Ms Delicia Griffin (PDF 39KB)
520 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
521 UnitingCare Burnside (PDF 1771KB)
522 North West Community Care Inc. (NWCC) (PDF 52KB)
523 Central Coast Community Legal Centre (CCCLC) (PDF 245KB)
524 Ms Judith Law (PDF 111KB)
525 Grandparents Rights Need Support (GRaNS) (PDF 23KB)
526 Mr M K Solanki (PDF 129KB)
527 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
528 Mr Dennis Brown JP (supplementary) (PDF 41KB)
529 Mr and Mrs N W Hambly (PDF 55KB)
530 Mr Walter Munro (PDF 57KB)
531 Confidential
532 Name withheld (PDF 76KB)
533 Ms Jo Smith (PDF 25KB)
534 Mr/s B Rapley (PDF 35KB)
535 Ms Cheryl Nutt (PDF 67KB)
536 Mr Keith MacKenzie (PDF 28KB)
537 Mr William Karney (PDF 126KB)
538 Mrs Rosemary Foot AO (PDF 112KB)
539 Mr W R Pryor (PDF 43KB)
540 Penrith Women's Refuge Inc (PDF 42KB)
541 Confidential
542 Ms Karla Lee Moors (PDF 167KB)
543 Mrs Una Zwarteveen (PDF 23KB)
544 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
545 Mr and Mrs W B Greenland (PDF 61KB)
546 NSW Women's Refuge Resource Centre (PDF 180KB)
547 Mr John Gabriele (PDF 101KB)
548 Fairness in Child Support (FICS) (PDF 3031KB)
549 Anglican Diocese of Sydney (PDF 53KB)
550 Name withheld (PDF 118KB)
551 Family Law Reform Association NSW Inc (PDF 1654KB)
552 Mr Greg Bennett (PDF 237KB)
553 Youth Advocacy Centre Inc (PDF 98KB)
554 Mr Don and Mrs Joan Kelly (PDF 52KB)
555 Manly-Warringah Women's Resource Centre Ltd (PDF 145KB)
556 Marian Villa-Society of St Vincent De Paul (PDF 70KB)
557 Mr Jim and Mrs Jenny Nesbit (PDF 47KB)
558 Ms Gail Geoghegan (PDF 61KB)
559 Confidential
560 Mrs Virginia Epthorp (PDF 53KB)
561 Dr Beata Rumianek (PDF 23KB)
562 Mr Paul McConnell (PDF 115KB)
563 North and North West Community Legal Service Inc (PDF 383KB)
564 Mr Roger Truscott (PDF 33KB)
565 Ms Narelle Handcock (PDF 58KB)
566 Mr Michael Hobbs (PDF 34KB)
567 Ms Teresa Moore (PDF 53KB)
568 SCALES Community Legal Centre (PDF 160KB)
569 Family Law Reform Association, QLD (PDF 37KB)
570 Mr Laurie Bagnall (PDF 34KB)
571 Mr Malcolm Olden (PDF 209KB)
572 Mr N Chadwick (PDF 16KB)
573 Mr Rick Harris (PDF 739KB)
574 Mr Robert Stephens (PDF 188KB)
575 Northern Family and Domestic Violence Services (PDF 67KB)
576 Talera Centre: Child & Family Therapy (PDF 108KB)
577 Rockhampton Women's Shelter Inc (PDF 197KB)
578 Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 194KB)
579 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
580 Name withheld (PDF 63KB)
581 National Children's and Youth Law Centre (PDF 330KB)
582 Ms Lyn Wakeling (PDF 51KB)
583 Mr Ray Steele (PDF 129KB)
584 Ms Roslyn Flanagan (PDF 74KB)
585 Sonshine Sanctuary Association Inc (PDF 93KB)
586 Citizens Concerned for Kids (Goondiwindi) (PDF 202KB)
587 Confidential
588 Women's Health in the South East (PDF 39KB)
589 Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University (PDF 805KB)
590 Mr Warren Krause (PDF 71KB)
591 Law Institute Victoria (PDF 247KB)
592 Nuance Exchange Network (PDF 504KB)
593 Confidential
594 Mr John Van Klaveren (PDF 45KB)
595 Joan's Place Women's Refuge (PDF 109KB)
596 Northern Centre Against Sexual Assualt (CASA) (PDF 39KB)
597 St Kilda Legal Service Co-op Ltd (PDF 270KB)
598 Grans Vic (PDF 26KB)
599 Mr Brendan Griffin (PDF 55KB)
600 Confidential
601 Confidential
602 Confidential
603 Confidential
604 Confidential
605 Confidential
606 Confidential
607 Confidential
608 Name withheld (PDF 61KB)
609 Confidential
610 Confidential
611 Confidential
612 Confidential
613 Confidential
614 Confidential
615 Confidential
616 Confidential
617 Confidential
618 Confidential
619 Confidential
620 Confidential
621 Confidential
622 Confidential
623 Confidential
624 Confidential
625 Confidential
626 Confidential
627 Confidential
628 Confidential
629 Confidential
630 Confidential
631 Confidential
632 Confidential
633 Confidential
634 Confidential
635 Confidential
636 Confidential
637 Confidential
638 Confidential
639 Confidential
640 Name withheld (PDF 122KB)
641 Name withheld (PDF 223KB)
642 Confidential
643 Confidential
644 Confidential
645 Confidential
646 Confidential
647 Confidential
648 Confidential
649 Confidential
650 Name withheld (PDF 77KB)
651 Confidential
652 Confidential
653 Confidential
654 Confidential
655 Confidential
656 Confidential
657 Confidential
658 Confidential
659 Confidential
660 Confidential
661 Confidential
662 Confidential
663 Confidential
664 Confidential
665 Confidential
666 Confidential
667 Confidential
668 Confidential
669 Name withheld (PDF 375KB)
670 Name withheld (PDF 120KB)
671 Name withheld (PDF 265KB)
672 Name withheld (PDF 23KB)
673 Name withheld (PDF 359KB)
674 Confidential
675 Confidential
676 Name withheld (PDF 34KB)
677 Confidential
678 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
679 Name withheld (PDF 109KB)
680 Name withheld (PDF 133KB)
681 Mr Greg Roberts (PDF 64KB)
682 Ms Anika Leib (PDF 51KB)
683 Mrs G J Scholes (PDF 32KB)
684 Ms Katrina Haller (PDF 42KB)
685 Name withheld (PDF 56KB)
686 Mrs Leila Boreham (PDF 225KB)
687 Name withheld (PDF 97KB)
688 Name withheld (PDF 79KB)
689 Name withheld (PDF 215KB)
690 Mr V F Bond (PDF 53KB)
691 Confidential
692 Name withheld (PDF 78KB)
693 Confidential
694 Confidential
695 Name withheld (PDF 32KB)
696 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
697 Name withheld (PDF 66KB)
698 Mr Andrew Fleisher (PDF 69KB)
699 Name withheld (PDF 169KB)
700 Confidential
701 Name withheld (PDF 169KB)
702 The Salvation Army (PDF 247KB)
703 Australians Against Child Abuse Ltd (PDF 291KB)
704 Mr Justin Digney (PDF 31KB)
705 Mr Tony Gee (PDF 132KB)
706 Confidential
707 Name withheld (PDF 51KB)
708 Name withheld (PDF 92KB)
709 Coburg-Brunswick Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 374KB)
710 Mr Simon Baker (PDF 74KB)
711 Mr Garry Maiden (PDF 43KB)
712 Associate Professor Wendy Weeks (Convenor, Women's Studies Research Unit, School of Social Work, University of Melbourne) (PDF 175KB)
713 Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc. (PDF 123KB)
714 Confidential
715 Fatherhood Foundation (PDF 458KB)
716 Men Again Inc. (PDF 58KB)
717 Australian Psychological Society Ltd (PDF 761KB)
718 Ms Elsie Stokie (PDF 253KB)
719 Mr Richard Morris (PDF 34KB)
720 Name withheld (PDF 71KB)
721 Confidential
722 Mr Alan McGettigan (PDF 42KB)
723 Name withheld (PDF 168KB)
724 Mr Greg Cairns (PDF 67KB)
725 Mr Wayne Perry (PDF 36KB)
726 Mr Robert Zink (PDF 104KB)
727 West Pennant Hills Community Church (PDF 81KB)
728 Confidential
729 Mr Kelvin Warburton (PDF 114KB)
730 Name withheld (PDF 377KB)
731 Name withheld (PDF 214KB)
732 Name withheld (PDF 176KB)
733 Name withheld (PDF 48KB)
734 Name withheld (PDF 28KB)
735 Mr Ian England (PDF 422KB)
736 Name withheld (PDF 991KB)
737 Mr Mohammed Ali Sahib (PDF 131KB)
738 Mr Robert Weekes (PDF 96KB)
739 Name withheld (PDF 367KB)
740 Mr Tony Watkins (PDF 181KB)
741 Federal Magistrates Court of Australia (PDF 428KB)
742 WETTANK, WEL Australia, YWCA, and Children by Choice (PDF 2265KB)
743 Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law, and Judy Cashmore, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney (PDF 3601KB)
744 Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (PDF 2143KB)
745 Legal Aid Commission of NSW (PDF 1683KB)
746 Macarthur Legal Centre Inc (PDF 158KB)
747 NSW Young Lawyers Family Law Committee (PDF 1583KB)
748 Professor Lawrie Moloney (La Trobe University) (PDF 1412KB)
749 Victorian Bar and Victorian Family Law Bar Association (PDF 117KB)
750 Mrs Chanta Bock (PDF 33KB)
751 Family Court of Australia (PDF 8822KB)
752 Murray Mallee Child Contact Service (PDF 83KB)
753 Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic) Inc (PDF 612KB)
754 Ms Sandra de Geest (PDF 33KB)
755 Family Mediation Centre, Vic (PDF 202KB)
756 Victorian Women's Refuges & Association Domestic Violence Services Inc (VWRADVS)
(PDF 239KB)
757 Mr John Bader (PDF 14KB)
758 West Heidelberg Community Legal Service (PDF 152KB)
759 Citylife Women (PDF 131KB)
760 Ms Anne Hoolahan (PDF 24KB)
761 Mr Akiva Quinn (PDF 81KB)
762 Mr Barry Staggard (PDF 76KB)
763 Mr Richard Truter (PDF 31KB)
764 Name withheld (PDF 191KB)
765 Name withheld (PDF 87KB)
766 Name withheld (PDF 30KB)
767 Name withheld (PDF 670KB)
768 Ms Jan Roberts (PDF 47KB)
769 Mr Drue Bissaker (PDF 29KB)
770 Name withheld (PDF 71KB)
771 Confidential
772 Confidential
773 Name withheld (PDF 26KB)
774 Name withheld (PDF 108KB)
775 Name withheld (PDF 79KB)
776 Name withheld (PDF 192KB)
777 Name withheld (PDF 155KB)
778 Dr Janet Drewitt-Smith (PDF 107KB)
779 Mr James O'Dea (PDF 1517KB)
780 Confidential
781 Confidential
782 Confidential
783 Confidential
784 Confidential
785 Dr Lesley Laing, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney (PDF 769KB)
786 Ms Susan Kerridge (PDF 193KB)
787 Confidential
788 Confidential
789 Confidential
790 Confidential
791 WRISC Domestic Violence Support Service (PDF 46KB)
792 Immigrant Women's Speakout Association NSW Inc. (PDF 1009KB)
793 Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) (PDF 147KB)
794 Dr Beata Rumianek (supplementary) (PDF 20KB)
795 Mr Ron Curran (PDF 97KB)
796 Mr Gary Clark (PDF 42KB)
797 Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre (PDF 76KB)
798 Confidential
799 Mr Micheal Woods (PDF 738KB)
800 Ms Nelke Willow (PDF 694KB)
801 Regional Violence Prevention, Orange (NSW Attorney-General's Department) (PDF 72KB)
802 Mr Dwayne Woods (PDF 122KB)
803 Name withheld (PDF 64KB)
804 Mr Neil Johns (PDF 163KB)
805 Mrs Marie Rees (PDF 35KB)
806 Sole Parents Union (PDF 2063KB)
807 Ms Maggie Walter, Lecturer, University of Tasmania (PDF 208KB)
808 Mr Robert Schlesinger (PDF 92KB)
809 Mr Leigh Wallis (PDF 208KB)
810 Mr Grahame Marks (PDF 145KB)
811 Lismore Women's and Children's Refuge Inc (PDF 223KB)
812 Mr Michael McKee (PDF 83KB)
813 Mr Rod Steet (PDF 85KB)
814 Country Women's Association of NSW (PDF 163KB)
815 Mr David Olsson (PDF 279KB)
816 Dr Aman Khan (PDF 61KB)
817 Mr Terry Agar (PDF 248KB)
818 Mr Derek Stack (PDF 27KB)
819 Law Society of New South Wales (PDF 1719KB)
820 Central Coast Community Women's Health Centre Ltd (PDF 32KB)
821 Ms Heather Godden (PDF 52KB)
822 Hon Jackie Kelly MP (PDF 224KB)
823 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Legal and Advocacy Service (ATSIWLAS) (PDF 104KB)
824 Central Coast Domestic Violence Committee Inc. (PDF 185KB)
825 Community Legal Service, Albury-Wodonga (PDF 114KB)
826 Mr Ken Phelps (PDF 53KB)
827 Ms Bridget Tehan (PDF 104KB)
828 Mr Paul Lee (PDF 188KB)
829 Mrs Louise Brosnan (PDF 74KB)
830 Ms Margaret Small (PDF 169KB)
831 The Gunedoo Centre (PDF 64KB)
832 Name withheld (PDF 62KB)
833 Mr Peter Vogel (PDF 575KB)
834 Newcastle Domestic Violence Committee (NDVC) (PDF 54KB)
835 Mr Greg Firns (PDF 157KB)
836 National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) (PDF 298KB)
837 Mr Alan Tomlinson (PDF 140KB)
838 Ms Genevieve Affleck (PDF 127KB)
839 Confidential
840 Marian Centre, NSW (PDF 99KB)
841 Mr Bill Healey (PDF 422KB)
842 Ms Christine Levy (PDF 76KB)
843 No To Violence (NTV) (PDF 197KB)
844 Ms Laura De Bernardi and Mr Ross Smith (PDF 82KB)
845 Ms Dawn Staggard (PDF 34KB)
846 Mr Kenneth Matthews (PDF 37KB)
847 Western NSW Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 163KB)
848 Mr David Wright (PDF 66KB)
849 Ms Bernadette O'Connor (PDF 169KB)
850 Mr David Gray (PDF 127KB)
851 Southern Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (PDF 109KB)
852 Mr John Treloar (PDF 42KB)
853 Mr David Bowtell (PDF 23KB)
854 Southern Cross University (PDF 344KB)
855 Confidential
856 Mr Brian Meilak (PDF 36KB)
857 South Sydney Domestic Violence Liaison Committee (SSDVLC) (PDF 122KB)
858 Forbes Women's Refuge (PDF 71KB)
859 Tanderra Women and Children's Refuge Ltd (PDF 75KB)
860 Tasmanian Mens Health & Wellbeing Association Inc. (TMHWA) (PDF 282KB)
861 Youth Affairs Council of Victoria Inc. (PDF 750KB)
862 Elandra Women and Children's Service (PDF 80KB)
863 Mr Robert Hetherton (PDF 106KB)
864 Ms June Claney (PDF 35KB)
865 Women Helping Women Inc. (PDF 35KB)
866 Mr Steve Ulrich (PDF 50KB)
867 Mr Greg Devine (PDF 150KB)
868 Mr and Mrs F McClintock (PDF 31KB)
869 Mr Terry Newman, Farrellys (PDF 62KB)
870 Name withheld (PDF 175KB)
871 Name withheld (PDF 112KB)
872 Name withheld (PDF 59KB)
873 Confidential
874 Name withheld (PDF 50KB)
875 Name withheld (PDF 80KB)
876 Name withheld (PDF 310KB)
877 Mr Ted Foster (PDF 432KB)
878 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
879 Name withheld (PDF 25KB)
880 Name withheld (PDF 104KB)
881 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
882 Name withheld (PDF 160KB)
883 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
884 Name withheld (PDF 23KB)
885 Name withheld (PDF 30KB)
886 Name withheld (PDF 98KB)
887 Name withheld (PDF 114KB)
888 Ms Sue Hennessy (PDF 87KB)
889 Name withheld (PDF 72KB)
890 Women for Action (PDF 29KB)
891 Name withheld (PDF 92KB)
892 Citylife Women, Connections Coordinator (PDF 90KB)
893 Name withheld (PDF 92KB)
894 Family Law Reform and Assistance Association Inc. (PDF 92KB)
895 Mr Ron Bercene (PDF 30KB)
896 Mr R G Tyrrell (PDF 14KB)
897 Mr Paul Fitzgerald (PDF 124KB)
898 Confidential
899 Springfield Legal Service (PDF 178KB)
900 Ms Shoko Takahashi, Social Work Student, University of Queensland (PDF 184KB)
901 Families, Law and Social Policy Research Unit, Socio-Legal Research Centre, Griffith University (PDF 811KB)
902 Caxton Legal Centre Inc. (PDF 268KB)
903 Dr Travis Gee (PDF 1318KB)
904 Women's Legal Service, Brisbane (PDF 3940KB)
905 Queensland Law Society (PDF 549KB)
906 Family Law Foundation, WA (PDF 857KB)
908 Sandgate & Bracken Ridge Action Group Inc. (PDF 65KB)
909 Men's Rights Agency (516KB) Appendix A (62KB); Appendix B (46KB); Appendix C (61KB); Appendix D (116KB); Appendix E (131KB); Appendix F (116KB); MRA Canberra speech (150KB)
910 Mr David Eyles (PDF 125KB)
911 Mr Wayne Caldwell (PDF 221KB)
912 Project Family Welfare (PDF 103KB)
913 Mr Clive Astle (PDF 175KB)
914 Ms Lynette Lablack (PDF 103KB)
915 Building Bridges Together (PDF 301KB)
916 Name withheld (PDF 126KB)
917 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
918 Confidential
919 Mr Wayne Scott (PDF 110KB)
920 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
921 Name withheld (PDF 106KB)
922 Rona Joyner Life and Liberty Literature Centre (PDF 775KB)
923 Ms Bernardine Symss (PDF 47KB)
924 Confidential
925 Mr Ken and Mrs Yvonne Rebetzke (PDF 127KB)
926 Confidential
927 Name withheld (PDF 127KB)
928 Mrs Meryll Wilkinson (PDF 18KB)
929 Mr Doug Minnis (PDF 103KB)
930 Ms Michele Thomas (PDF 50KB)
931 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
932 Mr Stephen Medcalf (PDF 73KB)
933 Dr Robert Kelso (PDF 218KB)
934 Confidential
935 Confidential
936 Mr Peter Hunter (PDF 43KB)
937 Name withheld (PDF 50KB)
938 Mr Ralph Lake (PDF 56KB)
939 Mr Jason Falcongreen (PDF 46KB)
940 Confidential
941 Confidential
942 Ms Danielle Norris (PDF 41KB)
943 Mr and Mrs D Webb (PDF 30KB)
944 Mr Jeffrey Gurney (PDF 91KB)
945 Mr Neil Storey (PDF 40KB)
946 Mr Greg McPherson (PDF 51KB)
947 Name withheld (PDF 52KB)
948 Welcome Australia Ltd (PDF 404KB)
949 KinKare, auspiced by Connect the Coast Association Inc. (PDF 434KB)
950 Confidential
951 Confidential
952 Confidential
953 Confidential
954 Confidential
955 Mr Ross and Mrs Kelly Hurford (PDF 302KB)
956 Confidential
957 Confidential
958 Confidential
959 Confidential
960 Confidential
961 Confidential
962 Ms Jacqueline Walker (PDF 132KB)
963 Mr Stephen Robinson (PDF 31KB)
964 Women's Action Alliance (Australia) Inc (WAA) (PDF 70KB)
965 Mr Howard Learmouth (PDF 76KB)
966 Ms Judith Newbery (PDF 76KB)
967 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
968 Name withheld (PDF 61KB)
969 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
970 Confidential
971 Confidential
972 Confidential
973 Confidential
974 Dads In Distress Inc (PDF 145KB)
975 Mr Paul Seager (PDF 54KB)
976 Confidential
977 Confidential
978 Confidential
979 Confidential
980 Mr Anthony Unger (PDF 114KB)
981 Ms Kate Miller (PDF 121KB)
982 Ms Gail Middleton (PDF 75KB)
983 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
984 Name withheld (PDF 160KB)
985 Ms Nicole Capper (PDF 108KB)
986 Mr Simon Challenor (PDF 51KB)
987 Name withheld (PDF 52KB)
988 Name withheld (PDF 23KB)
989 Confidential
990 Mr A A Hardy (PDF 127KB)
991 Name withheld (PDF 902KB)
992 Name withheld (PDF 111KB)
993 Name withheld (PDF 113KB)
994 Mr Allen Chang (PDF 27KB)
995 Mr Mark Mieth (PDF 174KB)
996 Name withheld (PDF 56KB)
997 Mr David Honeycombe (PDF 122KB)
998 Confidential
999 Mrs Gwendoline M Olsson (PDF 198KB)
1000 Name withheld (PDF 133KB)
1001 Name withheld (PDF 85KB)
1002 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
1003 Confidential
1004 Mr Michael Silverson (PDF 37KB)
1005 Name withheld (PDF 142KB)
1006 Name withheld (PDF 86KB)
1007 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
1008 Name withheld (PDF 23KB)
1009 Name withheld (PDF 77KB)
1010 Confidential
1011 Confidential
1012 Confidential
1013 Confidential
1014 Confidential
1015 Confidential
1016 Confidential
1017 Confidential
1018 Confidential
1019 Confidential
1020 National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (NADRAC) (PDF 382KB)
1021 Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia (PDF 1735KB)
1022 Catholic Welfare Australia (PDF 1424KB)
1023 Family Services Australia (PDF 3196KB)
1024 National Network of Women's Legal Services (NNWLS) (PDF 1112KB)
1025 Family Law Practitioners Association of Tasmania (PDF 217KB)
1026 Federation of Community Legal Centres (CLC), Violence Against Women and Children's Working Group (PDF 973KB)
1027 Victorian Women's Trust (PDF 670KB)
1028 Mr Mark Franzi (PDF 22KB)
1029 Mr Jerry Himelfarb (PDF 61KB)
1030 Confidential
1031 Confidential
1032 Confidential
1033 Confidential
1034 Confidential
1035 Confidential
1036 Confidential
1037 Confidential
1038 Confidential
1039 Confidential
1040 Confidential
1041 Confidential
1042 Confidential
1043 Confidential
1044 Confidential
1045 Confidential
1046 Confidential
1047 Confidential
1048 Confidential
1049 Confidential
1050 Shared Parenting Council of Australia (PDF 6077KB)
1051 Lone Fathers Association (Aust.) Inc. (PDF 3626KB)
1052 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) (PDF 4324KB)
1053 National Legal Aid (PDF 981KB)
1054 Relationships Australia (PDF 5187KB)
1055 Australian Institute of Family Studies (PDF 3839KB)
1056 Confidential
1057 Musswellbrook Women's and Children's Refuge Ltd (supplementary) (PDF 116KB)
1058 Ms Kaylene Dore (PDF 153KB)
1059 Refugee Council of Australia (PDF 615KB)
1060 Confidential
1061 Confidential
1062 Confidential
1063 Confidential
1064 Confidential
1065 Confidential
1066 Confidential
1067 Confidential
1068 Confidential
1069 Confidential
1070 Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre (PDF 237KB)
1071 Essie Women's Refuge Inc (PDF 205KB)
1072 Mr Allan V Green (PDF 43KB)
1073 Confidential
1074 Confidential
1075 Robina Family Lawyers (PDF 33KB)
1076 Confidential
1077 Mr Stephen Parengkuan (PDF 17KB)
1078 Fathering After Separation, facilitated by Relationships Australia, Queensland (PDF 44KB)
1079 Mr Tom Urban (PDF 204KB)
1080 Ms Joanne Carmody (PDF 91KB)
1081 Name withheld (PDF 130KB)
1082 Mr A Lewis (PDF 37KB)
1083 Mr John Forrester (PDF 96KB)
1084 Confidential
1085 Mr Wayne Doss (PDF 65KB)
1086 Confidential
1087 Name withheld (PDF 83KB)
1088 Name withheld (PDF 102KB)
1089 Name withheld (PDF 82KB)
1090 Confidential
1091 Confidential
1092 Confidential
1093 Confidential
1094 Name withheld (PDF 147KB)
1095 Confidential
1096 Confidential
1097 Confidential
1098 Shared Parenting Council of Australia Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 104KB)
1099 Confidential
1100 Confidential
1101 Name withheld (PDF 21KB)
1102 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
1103 Name withheld (PDF 84KB)
1104 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
1105 Name withheld (PDF 102KB)
1106 Confidential
1107 Confidential
1108 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
1109 Confidential
1110 Canberra Fathers and Children Service (CANFaCS) (PDF 555KB)
1111 Family Court of Western Australia (PDF 176KB)
1112 Men's Information and Support Association Inc. (PDF 353KB)
1113 Gosnells Community Legal Centre Inc. (GCLC) (PDF 769KB)
1114 Men's Confraternity WA Inc. (PDF 1162KB)
1115 Youth and Family Service (Logan City) Inc. (PDF 224KB)
1116 MacLeod Women's Refuge (PDF 197KB)
1117 Council for Single Mothers and their Children (Qld) Inc. (PDF 697KB)
1118 Mr Alan Sambell (PDF 22KB)
1119 Mr Wayne Larsen (PDF 34KB)
1120 Confidential
1121 Confidential
1122 Confidential
1123 Confidential
1124 Confidential
1125 Confidential
1126 Confidential
1127 Confidential
1128 Confidential
1129 Confidential
1130 Mr Paul Hewitt (supplementary) (PDF 61KB)
1131 Mr Paul Hewitt (supplementary) (PDF 236KB)
1132 Women's Law Centre of WA Inc. (PDF 1112KB)
1133 Women's Law Centre of WA Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 329KB)
1134 Mr Steve Gray (PDF 54KB)
1135 Mr and Mrs P Davies (PDF 36KB)
1136 Mr Kevin Morgan (PDF 33KB)
1137 Confidential
1138 Ms Kim Hamilton (PDF 205KB)
1139 Name withheld (PDF 170KB)
1140 Mr Glyn Taylor (PDF 42KB)
1141 Aboriginal Legal Services of Western Australia Inc. (ALSWA) (PDF 616KB)
1142 Mr Kym Wade (PDF 20KB)
1143 Reliable Parents Inc. (PDF 613KB)
1144 National Network of Indigenous Women's Legal Services Inc. (NNIWLS) (PDF 1370KB)
1145 Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Co-operative Ltd. (PDF 280KB)
1146 Broadmeadows Community Legal Service (BCLS) (PDF 263KB)
1147 Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc. (Victoria) (PDF 403KB)
1148 Focus on the Family Australia (PDF 229KB)
1149 Mr and Mrs P Robles (PDF 74KB)
1150 Australian Association for Infant Mental Health, South Australian Branch (PDF 135KB)
1151 Festival of Light Australia (PDF 593KB)
1152 Professor Freda Briggs, University of South Australia (PDF 343KB)
1153 Joint Parenting Association (PDF 1584KB)
1154 Southern Community Justice Centre (PDF 121KB)
1155 Mr Claude Memma (PDF 37KB)
1156 Ms Chris Davis (PDF 71KB)
1157 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
1158 Australian Federation of University Women (SA) Inc. (PDF 100KB)
1159 Womens Lawyers' Committee of the Law Society of SA (PDF 369KB)
1160 Dr Jeff Trahair (PDF 38KB)
1161 Women's Legal Service (SA) Inc. (PDF 559KB)
1162 Mr Philip Morton (PDF 87KB)
1163 Eyre Peninsula Women's and Children's Support Centre (PDF 171KB)
1164 SPARK Resource Centre Inc. (PDF 535KB)
1165 Mr Barry Wakelin MP, Federal Member for Grey (PDF 606KB)
1166 Thirty Something (PDF 144KB)
1167 Family First Party (PDF 333KB)
1168 Dr Colin James (PDF 108KB)
1169 Mr Mark Millard (PDF 27KB)
1170 Men's Advisory Network (PDF 915KB)
1171 Lifeline WA (PDF 348KB)
1172 Legal Aid Queensland (PDF 573KB)
1173 Ms Elizabeth Tobal (PDF 173KB)
1174 Lone Fathers Association, South Australian Branch (PDF 135KB)
1175 Name withheld (PDF 129KB)
1176 Richard Hillman Foundation Incorporated - John Abbott (PDF 195KB)
1177 Richard Hillman Foundation Incorporated - Pavel Muckarovski (PDF 709KB)
1178 Richard Hillman Foundation Incorporated - Mark Bourne (PDF 535KB)
1179 Richard Hillman Foundation Incorporated - Shane Kelly (PDF 323KB)
1180 Name withheld (PDF 110KB)
1181 Confidential
1182 Name withheld (PDF 43KB)
1183 Name withheld (PDF 19KB)
1184 Confidential
1185 Name withheld (PDF 44KB)
1186 Confidential
1187 Name withheld (PDF 57KB)
1188 Name withheld (PDF 226KB)
1189 Confidential
1190 Confidential
1191 Confidential
1192 Confidential
1193 Name withheld (PDF 157KB)
1194 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
1195 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
1196 Name withheld (PDF 194KB)
1197 Confidential
1198 Name withheld (PDF 153KB)
1199 Name withheld (PDF 112KB)
1200 Mr Robert and Mrs Glenys Cherry
1201 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
1202 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
1203 Mr Anthony Howden (PDF 1300KB)
1204 Confidential
1205 Name withheld (PDF 79KB)
1206 Name withheld (PDF 151KB)
1207 Mr Barry Haase MP (PDF 437KB)
1208 Name withheld (PDF 22KB)
1209 Name withheld (PDF 19KB)
1210 Law Society, Northern Territory (PDF 45KB)
1211 Mr Claude Chase (PDF 62KB)
1212 Mr Ray Jenner (PDF 21KB)
1213 Mrs Vivian Jenner (PDF 23KB)
1214 Ms Szabina Horvath (PDF 184KB)
1215 Top End Women's Legal Service, NT (PDF 375KB)
1216 Ms Tracey Masterton (PDF 77KB)
1217 Dawn House Inc, NT (PDF 321KB)
1218 Mr Richard Jacobson (PDF 37KB)
1219 Darwin Community Legal Service Inc. (PDF 87KB)
1220 Lone Fathers Association, NT Inc. (PDF 6136KB)
1221 Mr Glen Dooley (PDF 188KB)
1222 Mr Marcus Cherry (PDF 61KB)
1223 Mr Pavel Muckarovski (PDF 491KB)
1224 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, NSW Branch (PDF 379KB)
1225 Name withheld (PDF 113KB)
1226 Farrar Gesini & Dunn, Family Lawyers (PDF 200KB)
1227 Good Process ACT (PDF 677KB)
1228 Ms Josephine Thomis (PDF 119KB)
1229 Ms Rosemary Budavari (PDF 87KB)
1230 Confidential
1231 Confidential
1232 Confidential
1233 Confidential
1234 Confidential
1235 Confidential
1236 Confidential
1237 Name withheld (PDF 131KB)
1238 Name withheld (PDF 28KB)
1239 Confidential
1240 Confidential
1241 Confidential
1242 Confidential
1243 Confidential
1244 Confidential
1245 Confidential
1246 Confidential
1247 Confidential
1248 Confidential
1249 Kempsey Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (supplementary)
(PDF 111KB)
1250 Domestic Violence Crisis Service Inc. (PDF 285KB)
1251 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (PDF 223KB)
1252 Confidential
1253 Family Law Foundation, WA (supplementary) (PDF 271KB)
1254 Name withheld (PDF 113KB)
1255 Dr Michael Flood, The Australia Institute, Australian National University (PDF 609KB)
1256 Australian Association of Social Workers (PDF 546KB)
1257 Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department (PDF 527KB)
1258 Mr Jason Soderblom, Australian National University (PDF 330KB)
1259 Blue Mountains Community Legal Centre (PDF 410KB)
1260 Tasmanian Government (PDF 250KB)
1261 Mr L B Loveday (PDF 56KB)
1262 Name withheld (PDF 244KB)
1263 Mr L B Loveday (supplementary) (PDF 26KB)
1264 Mr L B Loveday (supplementary) (PDF 101KB)
1265 Name withheld (PDF 64KB)
1266 Government of South Australia (PDF 278KB)
1267 Ms Julia Pitts (PDF 53KB)
1268 Ms Kaylene Dore (supplementary) (PDF 276KB)
1269 Name withheld (PDF 16KB)
1270 Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW (PDF 93KB)
1271 Name withheld (PDF 68KB)
1272 Lone Fathers of Brisbane (PDF 30KB)
1273 Confidential
1274 Delvena Women and Children's Shelter (PDF 74KB)
1275 Bathurst Family Support Service Inc (PDF 54KB)
1276 Confidential
1277 Name withheld (PDF 622KB)
1278 Ms Anne Roser (PDF 33KB)
1279 Name withheld (PDF 108KB)
1280 Name withheld (PDF 19KB)
1281 Name withheld (PDF 30KB)
1282 Ms Angela I Tate (PDF 24KB)
1283 Macarthur Local Domestic Violence Committee (PDF 186KB)
1284 NSW Attorney General's Department (PDF 220KB)
1285 Manly Warringah Family Support Service (PDF 44KB)
1286 Name withheld (PDF 171KB)
1287 Name withheld (PDF 57KB)
1288 Name withheld (PDF 48KB)
1289 Name withheld (PDF 740KB)
1290 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
1291 Name withheld (PDF 46KB)
1292 Name withheld (PDF 78KB)
1293 Name withheld (PDF 34KB)
1294 Mr Michael Hendy (PDF 129KB)
1295 Name withheld (PDF 90KB)
1296 Name withheld (PDF 98KB)
1297 Confidential
1298 Confidential
1299 Mr Tomas Vrevc (PDF 60KB)
1300 Name withheld (PDF 88KB)
1301 Name withheld (PDF 58KB)
1302 Dr Richard Millicer (PDF 96KB)
1303 Name withheld (PDF 96KB)
1304 Name withheld (PDF 37KB)
1305 Mr Joe Wright (PDF 60KB)
1306 Name withheld (PDF 59KB)
1307 Dr Paul Henman (Department of Sociology, Macquarie University) (PDF 733KB)
1308 Name withheld (PDF 83KB)
1309 Confidential
1310 John Toohey Chambers (PDF 146KB)
1311 National Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc (PDF 2571KB)
1312 Name withheld (PDF 226KB)
1313 Ms Lynda Yelland (PDF 23KB)
1314 Ms Lynda Yelland (supplementary) (PDF 36KB)
1315 Ms Lynda Yelland (supplementary) (PDF 16KB)
1316 Ms Lynda Yelland (supplementary) (PDF 19KB)
1317 Ms Lynda Yelland (supplementary) (PDF 10KB)
1318 Dads on the Air Team (PDF 222KB)
1319 Dr Robert Kelso (supplementary) (PDF 23KB)
1320 Ms Ellen Mills (PDF 36KB)
1321 Mr Ken Morgan (PDF 140KB)
1322 Senator Brian Harradine (PDF 121KB)
1323 BPW Australia (PDF 85KB)
1324 Centaur Public School (PDF 103KB)
1325 Name withheld (PDF 50KB)
1326 Mr Stephen Hatch (PDF 92KB)
1327 Ms Anna Blackburn (PDF 96KB)
1328 Mr Nik Wyman (PDF 79KB)
1329 Mr David Hosking (PDF 30KB)
1330 Name withheld (PDF 105KB)
1331 Mr Shaun Christian (PDF 24KB)
1332 Grafton Women's Refuge Co-Operative Society Ltd (PDF 104KB)
1333 Mr Larry Cairns (PDF 68KB)
1334 Ms Felicia Fitzgerald (PDF 148KB)
1335 Mr Bruce Hawthorne (PDF 309KB)
1336 Mr Kerrin Brown (PDF 26KB)
1337 Ms Judy Atkinson (PDF 45KB)
1338 Mr Gerard Bawden (PDF 47KB)
1339 Mrs Cherie Puglisi (PDF 93KB)
1340 Hunter Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme (PDF 57KB)
1341 Eva's Project Inc (PDF 56KB)
1342 Mr James Sizer (PDF 252KB)
1343 Mr John Gray (PDF 141KB)
1344 Mr Anthony Farr (PDF 150KB)
1345 Ms Anne-Marie Elias (PDF 103KB)
1346 Mr Graham Dyer (PDF 70KB)
1347 Ms Trish Rowney (PDF 155KB)
1348 Mrs Melanie Clark (PDF 30KB)
1349 Confidential
1350 Mr Rene Wesolowski (PDF 47KB)
1351 Department for Women, NSW Government (PDF 301KB)
1352 Mr Brian Roberts (PDF 62KB)
1353 Mr/s Sigrun Baldvinsdottir (PDF 57KB)
1354 Name withheld (PDF 135KB)
1355 Mr Robert Patrech (PDF 113KB)
1356 Mr David McDonnell (PDF 41KB)
1357 Mr Paul Enders (PDF 83KB)
1358 Domestic Violence Service of Central Queensland (PDF 247KB)
1359 Name withheld (PDF 311KB)
1360 Mr John Medina JP (PDF 92KB)
1361 Mr Peter Parkinson (PDF 26KB)
1362 Professor Anne McMurray (PDF 27KB)
1363 Mr Tony Hardman JP (PDF 62KB)
1364 Mr Ken Ticehurst MP, Federal Member for Dobell (PDF 187KB)
1365 Mr Allen J Gilligan (PDF 37KB)
1366 Mr George T Lewis (PDF 17KB)
1367 Mr G K Baggs (PDF 41KB)
1368 Mr Martin Schoonder (PDF 24KB)
1369 Name withheld (PDF 56KB)
1370 Mr Mik Whitecross (supplementary) (PDF 232KB)
1371 Mr Paul Snowsill (PDF 29KB)
1372 Name withheld (PDF 282KB)
1373 Mr and Mrs D Dare (PDF 70KB)
1374 Ms Aileen Duke (PDF 36KB)
1375 Graeme Jackson Pty Ltd (PDF 52KB)
1376 Cr Gilbert Wilson (PDF 79KB)
1377 Mr/s Lee Nifin (PDF 125KB)
1378 Ms Ilsa Evans (PDF 95KB)
1379 Mr D H Melville (PDF 52KB)
1380 Women's Information, Support & Housing in the North (PDF 65KB)
1381 Mr/s J Stanley (PDF 99KB)
1382 Mr and Mrs M Treyvaud (PDF 34KB)
1383 Stepfamily Association of Victoria Inc (PDF 115KB)
1384 Blackshirts, The (PDF 96KB)
1385 Macarthur Legal Centre Inc (supplementary) (PDF 52KB)
1386 Mr Paul Hodgkinson (PDF 147KB)
1387 Mr Anthony Roberts (PDF 34KB)
1388 Mr Geoff Webster (PDF 52KB)
1389 Mr Neal Vickers (PDF 177KB)
1390 Mr Garry Hawthorne (supplementary) (PDF 27KB)
1391 Name withheld (PDF 17KB)
1392 Mr Luke Berry (PDF 140KB)
1393 Ms Julie Harrington (PDF 189KB)
1394 Ms Arna Lissette (PDF 72KB)
1395 Mr Andrew Koerber (PDF 20KB)
1396 Confidential
1397 Mr Steven Garland (PDF 34KB)
1398 National Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc (supplementary) (PDF 309KB)
1399 Mr and Mrs F Butler (PDF 32KB)
1400 Family Law Council (PDF 1435KB)
1401 Name withheld (PDF 49KB)
1402 Mental Health Legal Centre Inc (PDF 123KB)
1403 Men's Educational Support Association (PDF 604KB)
1404 Mr Mark Overington (PDF 32KB)
1405 Mr John Medina JP (supplementary) (PDF 106KB)
1406 Eastern Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF 91KB)
1407 Mr W G Lomas (PDF 62KB)
1408 Name withheld (PDF 86KB)
1409 Name withheld (PDF 42KB)
1410 Name withheld (PDF 124KB)
1411 Name withheld (PDF 283KB)
1412 Ms Jillian Sullivan (PDF 99KB)
1413 Name withheld (PDF 133KB)
1414 Name withheld (PDF 72KB)
1415 Name withheld (PDF 115KB)
1416 Name withheld (PDF 73KB)
1417 Name withheld (PDF 73KB)
1418 Name withheld (PDF 47KB)
1419 Name withheld (PDF 61KB)
1420 Name withheld (PDF 153KB)
1421 Name withheld (PDF 136KB)
1422 Name withheld (PDF 41KB)
1423 Confidential
1424 Name withheld (PDF 116KB)
1425 Name withheld (PDF 311KB)
1426 Name withheld (PDF 152KB)
1427 Name withheld (PDF 75KB)
1428 Mr Lars Elers (PDF 376KB)
1429 Name withheld (PDF 54KB)
1430 Confidential
1431 Name withheld (PDF 49KB)
1432 Ms Linda Gleeson (PDF 111KB)
1433 Name withheld (PDF 172KB)
1434 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
1435 Name withheld (PDF 105KB)
1436 Mr Leo Goggins (supplementary) (PDF 77KB)
1437 Name withheld (PDF 108KB)
1438 Mr David Lincoln (PDF 170KB)
1439 Name withheld (PDF 71KB)
1440 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
1441 Name withheld (PDF 148KB)
1442 Ms Leeanne Hilton-Butt (PDF 24KB)
1443 Name withheld (PDF 103KB)
1444 Name withheld (PDF 47KB)
1445 Name withheld (PDF 155KB)
1446 Confidential
1447 Name withheld (PDF 118KB)
1448 Name withheld (PDF 52KB)
1449 Confidential
1450 Confidential
1451 Confidential
1452 Confidential
1453 Name withheld (PDF 256KB)
1454 Confidential
1455 Confidential
1456 Confidential
1457 Confidential
1458 Confidential
1459 Confidential
1460 Confidential
1461 Confidential
1462 Confidential
1463 Confidential
1464 Confidential
1465 Confidential
1466 Confidential
1467 Confidential
1468 Confidential
1469 Confidential
1470 Name withheld (PDF 231KB)
1471 Mr Tony Windsor MP, Federal Member for New England (PDF 47KB)
1472 Name withheld (PDF 57KB)
1473 Name withheld (PDF 129KB)
1474 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
1475 Name withheld (PDF 37KB)
1476 Name withheld (PDF 82KB)
1477 Name withheld (PDF 43KB)
1478 Name withheld (PDF 94KB)
1479 Name withheld (PDF 95KB)
1480 Name withheld (PDF 164KB)
1481 Mr Michael D Murphy (PDF 259KB)
1482 Mr Peter Marsh (PDF 1607KB)
1483 Name withheld (PDF 479KB)
1484 Confidential
1485 Mrs Lurline Gray (PDF 111KB)
1486 Name withheld (PDF 216KB)
1487 Name withheld (PDF 78KB)
1488 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
1489 Confidential
1490 Mr Kev Johnstone (PDF 30KB)
1491 Ms Helen Hannan (PDF 279KB)
1492 Mrs Rachel Gillies (PDF 53KB)
1493 Mr Craig Grant (PDF 45KB)
1494 Ms Kay Boulden (PDF 53KB)
1495 Mr Colin Hayward (supplementary) (PDF 59KB)
1496 Mr Stephen Davie (PDF 78KB)
1497 Mr Brian Clarke (PDF 476KB)
1498 Confidential
1499 Centacare - Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton (PDF 347KB)
1500 Confidential
1501 Confidential
1502 Confidential
1503 Confidential
1504 Confidential
1505 Confidential
1506 Confidential
1507 Mr Greg Smith (PDF 51KB)
1508 Confidential
1509 Name withheld (PDF 70KB)
1510 Confidential
1511 Confidential
1512 Confidential
1513 Confidential
1514 Confidential
1515 Confidential
1516 Confidential
1517 Confidential
1518 Confidential
1519 Confidential
1520 Name withheld (PDF 52KB)
1521 Name withheld (PDF 216KB)
1522 Name withheld (PDF 1825KB)
1523 Name withheld (PDF 60KB)
1524 Name withheld (PDF 143KB)
1525 Name withheld (PDF 66KB)
1526 Name withheld (PDF 35KB)
1527 Name withheld (PDF 55KB)
1528 Name withheld (PDF 195KB)
1529 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
1530 Mr Jarrod Dawson (PDF 18KB)
1531 Mr Howard Kajewski
1532 Mr Darren Powierski (PDF 17KB)
1533 Lone Fathers Association NT Inc (supplementary) (PDF 201KB)
1534 Mr Tony Dyson (PDF 63KB)
1535 Mr Tony Howden (PDF 64KB)
1536 Mr Volker Hartmann (supplementary) (PDF 106KB)
1537 Mr David Markey (supplementary) (PDF 76KB)
1538 Mr Edward Dabrowski (PDF 144KB)
1539 Mr Geoff Lewis (supplementary) (PDF 29KB)
1540 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
1541 Name withheld (PDF 91KB)
1542 Name withheld (PDF 66KB)
1543 Name withheld (PDF 26KB)
1544 Confidential
1545 Confidential
1546 Name withheld (PDF 41KB)
1547 Name withheld (PDF 59KB)
1548 Confidential
1549 Confidential
1550 Family Court of Australia (supplementary) (PDF 2005KB)
1551 Mr Damian Speers (PDF 80KB)
1552 Name withheld (PDF 158KB)
1553 Confidential
1554 Mr D Ryan (PDF 17KB)
1555 Relationships Australia NT (PDF 95KB)
1556 Name withheld (PDF 74KB)
1557 Name withheld (PDF 41KB)
1558 Lone Fathers' Association, South Australia Branch (supplementary) (PDF 38KB)
1559 Lone Fathers' Association, South Australia Branch (supplementary) (PDF 55KB)
1560 Mr Michael Organ MP, Federal Member for Cunningham (PDF 37KB)
1561 Joint Parenting Australia (PDF 229KB)
1562 Name withheld (PDF 60KB)
1563 Mr David Hawker MP, Federal Member for Wannon (PDF 37KB)
1564 Confidential
1565 Ms Janenne Kornfeld (PDF 109KB)
1566 Name withheld (PDF 46KB)
1567 Mr Michael Niddrie (supplementary) (PDF 27KB)
1568 Mr Philip Manuel (PDF 1140KB)
1569 Name withheld (PDF 73KB)
1570 Name withheld (PDF 62KB)
1571 Confidential
1572 Name withheld (PDF 50KB)
1573 Name withheld (PDF 38KB)
1574 Name withheld (PDF 86KB)
1575 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
1576 Name withheld (PDF 26KB)
1577 Confidential
1578 Name withheld (PDF 177KB)
1579 Mr Jeff Threlfall (supplementary) (PDF 105KB)
1580 Mr Rob Salmon (PDF 34KB)
1581 Name withheld (PDF 129KB)
1582 Confidential
1583 Confidential
1584 Confidential
1585 Confidential
1586 Confidential
1587 Mr Paul Neville MP, Federal Member for Hinkler (PDF 1683KB)
1588 Mrs Joanna Gash MP, Federal Member for Gilmore (PDF 70KB)
1589 Confidential
1590 Mr David Smith (PDF 123KB)
1591 Mr Colin Andersen (supplementary) (PDF 42KB)
1592 Mr Andrew Mason (PDF 23KB)
1593 Western Women's Domestic Violence Support Network (PDF 57KB)
1594 Ms Jeannette Tsoulos (PDF 68KB)
1595 Mr Peter Carroll (PDF 54KB)
1596 Horizons Central Coast Family Service Inc. (PDF 112KB)
1597 Ms Narelle McDonald (PDF 118KB)
1598 Mr Denis Stewart (PDF 40KB)
1599 Name withheld (PDF 103KB)
1600 Name withheld (PDF 58KB)
1601 Name withheld (PDF 276KB)
1602 Name withheld (PDF 43KB)
1603 Name withheld (PDF 159KB)
1604 Name withheld (PDF 45KB)
1605 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (supplementary) (PDF 3917KB)
1606 Mensline Australia (PDF 133KB)
1607 Goodwood Community Services Inc. (PDF 116KB)
1608 Confidential
1609 Confidential
1610 Mr Julian Fitzgerald (PDF 444KB)
1611 Mr David Brown (supplementary) (PDF 101KB)
1612 Ms Sara (PDF 23KB)
1613 Confidential
1614 Mrs Coral Slattery (PDF 134KB)
1615 Confidential
1616 Confidential
1617 The Talera Centre: Child & Family Therapy (PDF 34KB)
1618 Confidential
1619 Confidential
1620 Family Court of Australia, Justice Richard Chisholm (PDF 394KB)
1621 Dr Brian Ronthal (supplementary) (PDF 55KB)
1622 Dr Brian Ronthal (supplementary) (PDF 31KB)
1623 Mr Michael Keayes (supplementary) (PDF 65KB)
1624 Mr Lachlan Clark (PDF 29KB)
1625 Name withheld (PDF 251KB)
1626 Confidential
1627 Mr R B Horsburgh (supplementary) (PDF 102KB)
1628 Ms Pamela Schooling (PDF 42KB)
1629 Ms Kathy Smith (PDF 138KB)
1630 Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse (PDF 651KB)
1631 Name withheld (PDF 27KB)
1632 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
1633 Name withheld (PDF 58KB)
1634 Mr and Mrs David Dare (PDF 46KB)
1635 Mr David Buck (PDF 68KB)
1636 Name withheld (PDF 165KB)
1637 Mr Jonathan Pearson (PDF 589KB)
1638 Name withheld (PDF 89KB)
1639 Name withheld (PDF 65KB)
1640 Ms Olga Fairfax (PDF 32KB)
1641 Name withheld (PDF 41KB)
1642 Mr A R Batten-Smith (PDF 34KB)
1643 Mr Timmothy Angus (PDF 29KB)
1644 Ms Barbara Roberts (PDF 99KB)
1645 Name withheld (PDF 309KB)
1646 Mr Giles Acford (PDF 63KB)
1647 Mr Giles Acford (supplementary) (PDF 116KB)
1648 Name withheld (PDF 44KB)
1649 Confidential
1650 Ms Heather Godden (PDF 127KB)
1651 Name withheld (PDF 36KB)
1652 Name withheld (PDF 116KB)
1653 Name withheld (PDF 124KB)
1654 Grafton Concerned Parents Group (GCPG) (supplementary) (PDF 209KB)
1655 Name withheld (PDF 69KB)
1656 Name withheld (PDF 175KB)
1657 Name withheld (PDF 211KB)
1658 Grandparents in Distress (PDF 60KB)
1659 Mr Murray Willis (PDF 276KB)
1660 Mr Pete Granger (PDF 131KB)
1661 Name withheld (PDF 34KB)
1662 Mr John Clarke (PDF 119KB)
1663 Mr Andrew Davis (PDF 59KB)
1664 Name withheld (PDF 66KB)
1665 Confidential
1666 Name withheld (PDF 28KB)
1667 Mrs Marion Bennet (PDF 87KB)
1668 Family Pathways & Family Mediation Services (supplementary) (PDF 258KB)
1669 Name withheld (PDF 15KB)
1670 Law Society of New South Wales (supplementary) (PDF 102KB)
1671 Mr Benjamin Williams (PDF 67KB)
1672 Confidential
1673 Name withheld (PDF 40KB)
1674 Name withheld (PDF 57KB)
1675 Ms Angela Dreibergs (PDF 128KB)
1676 Ms Leah Bray (PDF 25KB)
1677 Mr Peter Callen (PDF 24KB)
1678 Name withheld (PDF 107KB)
1679 Mr Matthew Campbell (supplementary) (PDF 33KB)
1680 Mr and Mrs Jeff Allen (PDF 18KB)
1681 Name withheld (PDF 39KB)
1682 Mr Eddie Rolet (supplementary) (PDF 35KB)
1683 Mr James Hickey (supplementary) (PDF 165KB)
1684 Women's Legal Service Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 345KB)
1685 Confidential
1686 Mr Christos Raskatos (PDF 304KB)
1687 Confidential
1688 Name withheld (PDF 82KB)
1689 Ms Kristine Clement (PDF 38KB)
1690 Ms Donna Walker (PDF 21KB)
1691 Name withheld (PDF 95KB)
1692 Confidential
1693 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (supplementary) (PDF 564KB)
1694 Dawn House Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 68KB)
1695 Ms Jennifer Neoh (PDF 36KB)
1696 Name withheld (PDF 217KB)
1697 Illawarra Legal Centre Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 110KB)
1698 Professor Patrick Parkinson, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney (supplementary)
(PDF 36KB)
1699 Family Law Council (supplementary) (PDF 927KB)
1700 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (supplementary) (PDF 2552KB)
1701 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (supplementary) (PDF 184KB)
1702 Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs (FACS), including the Child Support Scheme (CSS) (supplementary) (PDF 284KB)
1703 Name withheld (PDF 92KB)
1704 Illawarra Legal Centre Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 94KB)
1705 Name withheld (PDF 402KB)
1706 No To Violence (NTV) (supplementary) (PDF 680KB)
1707 Mr Geoff Webster (supplementary) (PDF 64KB)
1708 Name withheld (PDF 61KB)
1709 Ms Marilyn McHugh (supplementary) (PDF 110KB)
1710 Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department (supplementary) (PDF 547KB)
1711 Lone Fathers' Association Australia (Inc) W.A. Branch (PDF 552KB)
1712 Australian Association of Infant Mental Health (supplementary) (PDF 29KB)
1713 Professor Freda Briggs, University of South Australia (supplementary) (PDF 43KB)
1714 Mr Ian Monk (PDF 8593KB)
1715 Lone Fathers' Association NT Inc. (supplementary) (PDF 602KB)
1716 Confidential

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