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House of Representatives Committees

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

Committee activities (inquiries and reports)

Inquiry into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2013 Federal Election and matters related thereto.

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 130 submissions in the following list.

  1. Maureen Fay (PDF 3,433KB)

  2. Peter and Anne Bennie (PDF 84KB)

  3. Joyce Currie (PDF 222KB)

  4. Graham Hawkes (PDF 72KB)

  5. Margaret and Neville De Mestre (PDF 141KB)

  6. Frank Rayner (PDF 163KB)
    Supplementary Submission 6.1 (PDF 107KB)

  7. Malcolm Mackerras (PDF 948KB)
    Attachment A (PDF 5,840KB)

  8. Ian Richardson (PDF 70KB)

  9. Jim Callaghan (PDF 82KB)

  10. Peter McMahon (PDF 80KB)

  11. John Storey (PDF 145KB)

  12. George Simpson (PDF 467KB)

  13. Mr Ken O'Dowd (PDF 177KB)

  14. Tom Lillywhite (PDF 106KB)

  15. Richard and Helen Clarke (PDF 64KB)

  16. F Nathan (PDF 93KB)

  17. Rowan Jakeman (PDF 57KB)

  18. Adoption Jigsaw (PDF 238KB)

  19. Michael Maley (PDF134KB)

  20. Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 338KB)
    Supplementary Submission 20.1 (PDF 7,712KB)

  21. Family Voice (PDF 7,309KB)

  22. Teresa Liddle (PDF 47KB)

  23. UNSW George Williams AO (PDF 85KB)

  24. Arnold D Bates (PDF 45KB)

  25. Brett Bayly (PDF 88KB)

  26. Malcolm McKellar (PDF 73KB)

  27. Frank Brown (PDF 86KB)

  28. Jeff Waddle (PDF 229KB)

  29. Alison Lemaire (PDF 46KB)
    This is an example of a number of form submissions with similar content

  30. Confidential

  31. Barry McDonald (PDF 67KB)

  32. Mark Babidge (PDF 1,656KB)

  33. Peter Arkell (PDF 97KB)

  34. Don Randall MP (PDF 486KB)

  35. NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care Inc (PDF 330KB)

  36. Andrew Niklaus (PDF 117KB)

  37. Amanda Lloyd-Harris (PDF 80KB)

  38. Paul Cummins (PDF 2,628KB)

  39. Professor Benjamin Reilly (PDF 2,762)

  40. Homelessness NSW (PDF 543KB)

  41. The New Democracy Foundation (PDF 124KB)

  42. Ian Brightwell (PDF 236KB)

  43. Carol Blain (PDF 79KB)

  44. The Liberal National Party of Queensland - Warwick Branch (PDF 3,638)

  45. Lorraine Bates (PDF 705KB)

  46. Milton Caine (PDF 87KB)

  47. Malcolm Smith (PDF 40KB)

  48. Bob Day AO (PDF 113KB)

  49. International Social Services (PDF 220KB)

  50. Ross Fraser (PDF 81KB)

  51. Caroline Heckathorn (PDF 96KB)

  52. This is an example of a number of form submissions with similar content

  53. Victor Batten (PDF 54KB)

  54. Alex Jaeger (PDF 36KB)

  55. Peter Abetz (PDF 37KB)

  56. Peter Withers (PDF 37KB)

  57. Margaret Miller (PDF 224KB)

  58. Public Trustee ACT (PDF 466KB)

  59. Find & Connect (WA) (PDF 980KB)

  60. Gilbert Linden (PDF 37KB)

  61. Graham Askey (PDF 63KB)

  62. David Mills (PDF 42KB)

  63. Volker Hirsinger (PDF 36KB)

  64. Mette Berntzen (PDF 46KB)

  65. Matt Doherty (PDF 59KB)

  66. Graham Paterson (PDF 53KB)

  67. Dean Massam (PDF 115KB)

  68. This is an example of a number of form submissions with similar content

  69. Val Wigzell (PDF 65KB)

  70. Peter Newland (PDF 6,363KB)

  71. Brian Woods (PDF 81KB)

  72. Julia Jessop (PDF 65KB)

  73. Rhys Morgan (PDF 66KB)

  74. Ann Clark (PDF 351KB)

  75. Council of State Retirees’ Associations Victoria Inc (PDF 762KB)

  76. Jim Sternhill (PDF 97KB)

  77. Gareth Morgan (PDF 43KB)

  78. YWCA Australia (PDF 859KB)

  79. Dallas Clarnette (PDF 81KB)

  80. Phillip Murphy (PDF 1,208KB)

  81. Ray Harvey (PDF 97KB)

  82. Adam Browne (PDF 78KB)

  83. Richard Pascoe (PDF 56KB)

  84. Des Morris (PDF 64KB)

  85. Spero Katos (PDF 20KB)

  86. Sue Moisiadis (PDF 691KB)

  87. John Anderson (PDF 201KB)

  88. Paul Dawkins (PDF 117KB)

  89. Susan Gregory (PDF 187KB)

  90. John Doust (PDF 296KB)

  91. Concerned Australians (PDF 179KB)

  92. Barbara Dundas (PDF 38KB)

  93. John O’Reilly Ed JP (PDF 41KB)

  94. Clive Palmer MP (PDF 265KB)

  95. Lucy Clothier (PDF 1,415KB)

  96. A G Thornton (PDF 1,253KB)

  97. CGI (PDF 1,596KB)

  98. John Curran (PDF 431KB)

  99. Blind Citizens Australia (PDF 106KB)

  100. Migration Alliance (PDF 133KB)

  101. Bernard Gaynor (PDF 39KB)

  102. Anthony van der Craats (PDF 493KB)

  103. Rowan Ramsay MP (PDF 365KB)

  104. Matthew Robson (PDF 176KB)

  105. Women's Legal Service Victoria (PDF 404KB)

  106. The Hon Don Harwin MLC (PDF 1,491KB)

  107. David Chidgey (PDF 36KB)

  108. Adrian Jackson (PDF 43KB)

  109. Warren Grzic (PDF 70KB)

  110. ALP Abroad (PDF 189KB)

  111. Relationships Australia - NSW (PDF 3,362KB)

  112. Jenny Pickles (PDF 48KB)

  113. Eric Jones (PDF 66KB)

  114. The Forced Adoption Implementation Working Group (PDF 2,927KB)

  115. Nick Casmirri (PDF 96KB)

  116. Professor Rajeev Gore and Dr Vanessa Teague (PDF 755KB)

  117. Mathew Annear (PDF 278KB)

  118. Brian Costar (PDF 88KB)

  119. Jerry Bour (PDF 41KB)

  120. Department of the Communications (PDF 2,231KB)

  121. Vanish (PDF 2,139KB)

  122. Debra Meith (PDF 279KB)

  123. Frank Perrone (PDF 68KB)

  124. Don Morris (PDF 157KB)

  125. Colin Fairclough (PDF 42KB)

  126. Graham Oslington (PDF 40KB)

  127. Phillip Lillingston (PDF 678KB)

  128. Austcham Singapore (PDF 178KB)

  129. Col Burg (PDF 32KB)

  130. Valda Rose (PDF 35KB)

  131. Bryce Letcher (PDF 37KB)

  132. Anita Bird (PDF 54KB)

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