House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training

Inquiry into the Role of Institutes of TAFE


July 1998


 © This report remains the property of the Commonwealth of Australia 1998.

ISBN 0 642 37489 9.

The report of the inquiry into the role of TAFE and universities was presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on 28 July 1998. The government has not yet responded to the report.

You may access the separate parts of the report by clicking on the following documents, which are in pdf format. To view or print these pdf documents, you will require the Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

Covering documents (PDF format)

This includes the terms of reference of the inquiry, the membership of the Committee, the preface to the report by the Committee Chair, Brendan Nelson, MP, the table of contents of the report, and a list of abbreviations used in the report.

Executive summary (PDF format)

     Includes recommendations made in the report.

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF format)

     The terms of reference
     What is TAFE?
     TAFE and Higher Education
     The status of TAFE
     The structure of the report

Chapter 2 TAFE and the VET sector (PDF format)

     The VET sector
     TAFE's 'market' position
     Reform of the VET sector
     TAFE and competition

Chapter 3 TAFE's special roles (PDF format)

     TAFE in regional Australia
     TAFE's community service obligations
     Trade training
     Education and training for enrolled nurses

Chapter 4 TAFE's emerging roles (PDF format)

     A flexible VET provider
     Vocational education and training in schools
     General studies in TAFE
     Research in TAFE
     New TAFE enterprises
     Education exports
     Careers guidance and the promotion of VET

Chapter 5 TAFE and higher education (PDF format)

     Overlap between TAFE and higher education
     Multi-sector institutions

Chapter 6 Funding and administration (PDF format)


Appendices I-IV (PDF format)

     Conduct of the inquiry
     Submissions and exhibits received by the Committee
     Witnesses at public hearings.

Appendices V-VI (PDF format)

     Apprentices and trainees in training
     Higher education and VET enrolments

Appendices VII-VIII (PDF format)

     Skill shortages

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