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Appendix C – Exhibits


1.              Australian Automobile Association, Alternative Transport Fuels 2010, (provided by the Australian Automobile Association)

2.              Australian Automobile Association, AAA Submission in response to Implementation of alternative fuels taxation policy discussion paper, November 2010 (provided by the Australian Automobile Association)

3.              Australian Lot Feeders Association, Response to the discussion paper into the implementation of alternative fuels taxation policy, November 2010 (provided by the Australian Lot Feeders Association)

4.              Jamison Group, A Roadmap for Alternative Fuels in Australia: Ending our Dependence on Oil, July 2008 (provided by the NRMA)

5.              Jamison Group, Fuelling Future Passenger Vehicle Use in Australia: An Alternative Fuel and Technology Mix for Passenger Vehicles in Australia – The Electric Vehicles Revolution, February 2010 (provided by the NRMA)


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