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Appendix C – Exhibits


1.              S O Taylor, Earth’s Green Heart Trilogy: Asia’s Disappearing Green Heart, A personal journey through the forests of Asia, 2010, Green Heart Films (provided by the Humane Society International)

2.1            H Buckland, The oil for ape scandal – how palm oil is threatening orang-utan survival, September 2005, Friends of the Earth Trust (provided by the Australian Orangutan Project)

2.2            Eye on Aceh, The ‘Golden’ Crop? Palm Oil in Post-tsunami Aceh, September 2007 (provided by the Australian Orangutan Project)

2.3            M Hickman, ‘The guilty secrets of palm oil: Are you unwittingly contributing to the devastation of the rain forests?’ The Independent, 6 July 2009, (provided by the Australian Orangutan Project).

2.4            D Sheil et al, The impacts and opportunities of oil palm in Southeast Asia: What do we know and what do we need to know? 2009, Center for International Forestry Research (provided by the Australian Orangutan Project)

3.              T Wilson, Upward pressure: The cost of politically abusing food labelling, June 2011, Institute of Public Affairs (provided by Mr Tim Wilson)

4.              Correspondence from the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr Mari Elka Pangestu, to the Minister for Trade, the Hon Craig Emerson MP, dated 27 June 2011 (provided by the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre)

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