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Appendix B – Witnesses

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 – Canberra

Department of the Treasury

Mr Christian Mikula, Manager, Consumer Credit Unit, Retail Investor Division

Mr Geoff Miller, Principal Advisor, Retail Investor Division

Australian Bankers’ Association

Ms Jade Clarke, Senior Policy Analyst

Mr Steven Munchenberg, Chief Executive Officer

Wesley Mission

Mr Richard Brading, Principal Solicitor, Wesley Community Legal Service

Consumer Action Law Centre

Mrs Carolyn Bond

National Legal Aid

Mr David Coorey, Solicitor

Mr Andrew Crockett, Chair

Consumer Credit Legal Centre

Ms Karen Cox, Coordinator

Ms Catriona Lowe

Abacus Australian Mutuals

Mr Mark Degotardi, Head of Public Affairs

Mr Luke Lawler, Senior Manager, Public Affairs

Australian Finance Corporation

Ms Helen Mary Gordon, Regional Director and Corporate Lawyer

VISA AP (Australia) Pty Ltd

Mr Benjamin Read, Business Leader, Consumer Credit and Affluent Products, Australia and New Zealand

Mr Adam Wand, Head of Public Affairs, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

Finance Sector Union of Australia

Mr Mark Gepp, Senior Policy and Research Officer

Mr Rod Masson, National Director Policy and Communication


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