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Inquiry into the use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Australia

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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. While we prefer submissions lodged in an original, electronic format, we do not want to exclude contributors who do not have access to computing facilities. Therefore, we will accept submissions in a range of formats which may include typewritten and handwritten documents.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 232 submissions in the following list.

  1. Ms Suzan Chesson (PDF 79KB)

  2. Moranbah Medical (PDF 1402KB)

    2.1 Supplementary to Submission 2:
    Moranbah Medical (PDF 931KB)

    2.2 Supplementary to Submission 2:
    Moranbah Medical (PDF 990KB)

  3. Parliamentary-in-confidence

  4. Brian Gaull (PDF 982KB)

  5. Cobar Shire Council (PDF 1108KB)

  6. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (PDF 185KB)

  7. Hyden Progress Association (PDF 92KB)

  8. Ms Karen Adams (PDF 16KB)

  9. Ms Kate Johnston (PDF 33KB)

  10. Banana Shire Council (PDF 950KB)

  11. Mr Roni Talbot (PDF 79KB)

  12. Shire of Mount Magnet Council (PDF 376KB)

  13. Business SA (PDF 2,391KB)

  14. Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 1,443KB)

  15. CFMEU (Mining and Energy Divison, Queensland) (PDF 2,456KB)

  16. Name Withheld (PDF 2,108KB)

  17. City of Albany (PDF 1,700KB)

  18. Ms Felicity Brennan (PDF 17KB)

  19. Agrifood Skills Australia (PDF 187KB)

  20. Ms Diana Plowman (PDF 39KB)

  21. Ms Sara Andrews (PDF 17KB)

  22. Taroom District Development Association (PDF 94KB)

  23. City of Swan (PDF 1,351KB)

  24. Regional Development Australia – Darling Downs and SW (PDF 356KB)

  25. District Council of Grant (PDF 967KB)

  26. Ms Kylie Peterson (PDF 35KB)

  27. Shire of Westonia and Shire of Yilgarn (PDF 6,053KB)

  28. Mining Family Matters (PDF 1,336KB)

  29. Shire of York (PDF 952KB)

  30. Regional Aviation Association of Australia (PDF 2,653KB)

  31. Ms Sally McGushin (PDF 94KB)

    31.1 Supplementary to Submission 31:
    Ms Sally McGushin (PDF 950KB)

  32. Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (PDF 262KB)

  33. Parliamentary-in-confidence

  34. Daphne Morris (PDF 885KB)

  35. Roxby Council (PDF 1,114KB)

  36. Mr Phil Evans (PDF 948KB)

  37. Australian Pipeline Industry Association (PDF 40KB)

  38. Cobar Business Association (PDF 904KB)

  39. Mr Paul Browning (PDF 1,189KB)

  40. Ms Karen Andrews MP (PDF 945KB)

  41. Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 900KB)

  42. City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder (PDF 1,393KB)

  43. Pilbara Regional Council (PDF 1,270KB)

    43.1 Supplementary to Submission 43:
    Pilbara Regional Council (PDF 2,203KB)

  44. Mr Michael Makeham (PDF 9,162KB)

  45. City of Mandurah (PDF 884KB)

  46. Shire of Wiluna (PDF 832KB)

  47. Andrew Hobday (PDF 876KB)

  48. FIFO Families (PDF 1,118KB)

  49. SARRAH (PDF 967KB)

    49.1 Supplementary to Submission 49:
    SARRAH (PDF 1,583KB)

  50. NSW Association of Mining Related Councils (PDF 2,673KB)

  51. Narrabri Shire Council (PDF 1,024KB)

  52. TEKTUM (PDF 1,002KB)

  53. 52.1 Supplementary to Submission 52:
    TEKTUM (PDF 15,450KB)

  54. Devine Group (PDF 5,514KB)

  55. ICAA Regional Australia Advisory Committee (PDF 91KB)

  56. Point Samson Community Association (PDF 101KB)

  57. The Hon Bruce Scott MP (PDF 977KB)

  58. Shire of Roebourne (PDF 7,103KB)

  59. Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) (PDF 674KB)

  60. 58.1 Supplementary to Submission 58:
    Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) (PDF 890KB)

  61. Ms Kelly Howlett (PDF 22KB)

  62. Shire of Ashburton (PDF 6,224KB)

  63. Australian Workers’ Union (PDF 1,044KB)

  64. Parliamentary National Party of Western Australia (PDF 3,157KB)

  65. Professor John Rolfe, Central Queensland University (PDF 358KB)

  66. Townsville City Council (PDF 1,194KB)

  67. Urban Land Development Agency (PDF 1,660KB)

  68. Ensham Resources (PDF 1,242KB)

  69. Soroptimist International of Karratha and District (PDF 4,292KB)

  70. Mr Chandler Macleod (PDF 982KB)

  71. Ms Sonja Gobel (PDF 905KB)

  72. NSW Rural Doctors Network (PDF 1,387KB)

  73. Western Downs Regional Council (PDF 4,400KB)

  74. Whitsunday Industrial Workforce Development (PDF 1,469KB)

    Attachment A
    Whitsunday Industrial Workforce Development (PDF 192KB)

    Attachment B
    Whitsunday Industrial Workforce Development (PDF 1,311KB)

    Attachment C
    Whitsunday Industrial Workforce Development (PDF 967KB)

    Attachment D
    Whitsunday Industrial Workforce Development (PDF 934KB)

  75. Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (PDF 1,830KB)

  76. Regional Development Australia Midwest Gascoyne (PDF 3,635KB)

  77. Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (PDF 1,344KB)

  78. Advance Cairns (PDF 1,224KB)

  79. Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA) (PDF 1,423KB)

  80. Regional Social Development Centre (PDF 1,116KB)

  81. Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (PDF 4,356KB)

  82. Chevron Australia (PDF 2,314KB)

  83. Isaac Regional Council (PDF 980KB)

  84. 81.1 Supplementary to Submission 81:
    Isaac Regional Council (PDF 4,291KB)

  85. Regional Development Economic Corporation (PDF 1,576KB)

  86. Town of Port Headland (PDF 1,016KB)

  87. Prof. Fiona Haslam McKenzie (PDF 1,016KB)

  88. Mackay Regional Council (PDF 2,414KB)

  89. Fortesque Metals (PDF 1,861KB)

  90. Vale (PDF 964KB)

  91. Commissioner for Children and Young People WA(PDF 15,192KB)

    88.1 Supplementary to Submission 88:
    Commissioner for Children and Young People WA (PDF 1,265KB)

  92. WA Regional Cities Alliance (PDF 1,210KB)

  93. Ms Melinda Bastow (PDF 38KB)

  94. Shire of Manjimup (PDF 1,111KB)

  95. Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 1,219KB)

  96. Mr Bill McMahon (PDF 27KB)

  97. Ms Julie Matheson (PDF 1,043KB)

  98. ARC Research Team (PDF 2,106KB)

    95.1 Supplementary to Submission 95:
    ARC Research Team (PDF 1,103KB)

  99. Dr A. Barrie Pittock (PDF 26KB)

  100. Queensland Nurses Union (PDF 1,234KB)

  101. Regional Development Australia Pilbara (PDF 186KB)

  102. Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA (PDF 2,858KB)

  103. AngloGold Ashanti Australia (PDF 1,199KB)

  104. Regional Development Australia Far North (PDF 1,056KB)

  105. Skills Australia (PDF 1,299KB)

  106. Moranbah Traders Association (PDF 3,532KB)

  107. Mr Kevin Ryan (PDF 150KB)

  108. Shire of Gnowangerup (PDF 115KB)

  109. Shire of Wagin (PDF 134KB)

  110. Charters Towers Regional Council (PDF 171KB)

  111. Maurice Schinkel (PDF 318KB)

    Attachment A
    Maurice Schinkel (PDF 4,002KB)

    Attachment B
    Maurice Schinkel (PDF 961KB)

  112. Queensland Government (PDF 1,238KB)

    Attachment A
    Queensland Government (PDF 1,201KB)

    Attachment B
    Queensland Government (PDF 1,124KB)

  113. Parliamentary-in-confidence

  114. City of Greater Geraldton (PDF 2,516KB)

  115. Dr Peter Chilcott (PDF 34KB)

  116. National Council of Women Australia (PDF 151KB)

  117. Communications Electrical Plumbing Union (PDF 4,224KB)

  118. Royal Flying Doctor Service (PDF 2,592KB)

  119. Mr Anthony Cavanagh (PDF 895KB)

  120. Shire of Northampton (PDF 1,264KB)

  121. Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 619KB)

  122. National Rural Health Alliance (PDF 829KB)

  123. Ms Margaret Christie (PDF 897KB)

  124. General Practice Network NT (PDF 204KB)

  125. Dr Anne Sibbel (PDF 582KB)

  126. THIESS (PDF 1,716KB)

  127. Police Federation of Australia (PDF 557KB)

  128. Queensland Resources Council (PDF 1,035KB)

    125.1 Supplementary to Submission 125:
    Queensland Resources Council (PDF 1,477KB)

    125.2 Supplementary to Submission 125:
    Queensland Resources Council (PDF 7,244KB)

  129. South Australian Freight Council (PDF 583KB)

  130. Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 1,884KB)

  131. Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (PDF 1,176KB)

    128.1 Supplementary to Submissions 128:
    Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (PDF 951KB)

  132. National Tourism Alliance (PDF 809KB)

  133. South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (PDF 1,123KB)

  134. Northern Territory Government (PDF 568KB)

  135. Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (PDF 613KB)

  136. CFMEU Mining and Energy Division (PDF 2,726KB)

    133.1 Supplementary to Submission 133:
    CFMEU Mining and Energy Division (PDF 1,186KB)

  137. Tourism and Transport Forum (PDF 995KB)

  138. Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population  and Communities (PDF 795KB)

  139. West Coast Council Tasmania (PDF 880KB)

  140. 136.1 Supplementary to Submission 136:
    West Coast Council Tasmania (PDF 4,216KB)

  141. Ausco Modular (PDF 2,183KB)

  142. Department of Infrastructure and Transport (PDF 1,629KB)

  143. The MAC Services Group (PDF 936KB)

  144. Ms Joy Priest (PDF 875KB)

  145. Corportate Development Mentors (PDF 1,343KB)

  146. Connecting Southern Gold Coast (PDF 1,846KB)

  147. Gold Coast City Council (PDF 980KB)

  148. Regional Development Australia - Gold Coast (PDF 1,702KB)

  149. NSW Government (PDF 1,032KB)

  150. Australian Medical Association Western Australia (PDF 1,048KB)

    Attachment A
    Australian Medical Association Western Australia (PDF 2,426KB)

    Attachment B
    Australian Medical Association Western Australia (PDF 1,106KB)

    146.1 Supplementary to Submission 146:
    Australian Medical Association Western Australia (PDF 873KB)

  151. Steve Rose (PDF 945KB)

    147.1 Supplementary to Submission 147:
    Steve Rose (PDF 916KB)

  152. Andamooka Progress and Opal Miners Association (PDF 7,054KB)

  153. Rio Tinto (PDF 2,418KB)

  154. Frontier Services (PDF 1,402KB)

  155. Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills; Jobs and Workplace Relations (PDF 1,719KB)

  156. Barbara Cook (PDF 964KB)

  157. Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government (PDF 1,252KB)

  158. The Hon Bob Baldwin MP (PDF 923KB)

  159. Outback Communities Authority (PDF 1,534KB)

  160. Western Australian Local Government Association (PDF 1,067KB)

  161. Perth Sisters and Brothers of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (PDF 1,026KB)

  162. Ms Shirley Hogan (PDF 898KB)

  163. Cr John Maloney (PDF 5,755KB)

  164. Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ) (PDF 1,109KB)

  165. Dysart Community Action Association (PDF 1,015KB)

  166. Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce (PDF 987KB)

  167. Des and Cheryl Nugent (PDF 2,983KB)

  168. Matthew Graham (PDF 882KB)

  169. Mount Isa City Council (PDF 3,572KB)

    165.1 Supplementary to Submission 165:
    Mount Isa City Council (PDF 1,400KB)

  170. Whitsunday Regional Council (PDF 2,531KB)

  171. Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (PDF 1,048KB)

  172. The Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 2,420KB)

  173. remoteFOCUS (PDF 1,075KB)

  174. Cairns Regional Council (PDF 1,120KB)

  175. Mr George Christensen MP (PDF 1,115KB)

  176. Regional Communities Consultative Council SA (PDF 986KB)

  177. Name Withheld (PDF 1,088KB)

  178. Taryn Shears (PDF 894KB)

  179. Ron Mosby (PDF 408KB)

    175.1 Supplementary to Submission 175:
    Ron Mosby (PDF 1,261KB)

    175.2 Supplementary to Submission 175:
    Ron Mosby (PDF 958KB)

  180. Alison Southern (PDF 933KB)

  181. Wade Freeman (PDF 1,152KB)

  182. Fiona Dean (PDF 873KB)

  183. Martine Gijbrechts (PDF 876KB)

  184. Miriam Fessler (PDF 1,236KB)

  185. Susan Chalcroft (PDF 898KB)

  186. Camille Oddy (PDF 897KB)

  187. David Smith (PDF 898KB)

  188. Melinda Wilson (PDF 898KB)

  189. Mining Families Foundation of Australia (PDF 1,267KB)

  190. Australian Conservation Foundation, Kimberley (PDF 1,001KB)

    Attachment A
    Australian Conservation Foundation, Kimberley (PDF 1,572KB)

  191. Shely Ourana (PDF 521KB)

  192. Jamie Yallup Farrant (PDF 898KB)

  193. Monique Huyskens (PDF 1,109KB)

  194. Daron Keogh (PDF 1,036KB)

  195. Western Australian Network of Alcohol & other Durgs Agencies (PDF 1,074KB)

  196. Carmel Leahy (PDF 916KB)

  197. Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (PDF 1,353KB)

  198. Garry Griffin (PDF 900KB)

  199. Claire Bowman (PDF 1,394KB)

  200. Sharlene Tressider (PDF 948KB)

  201. Mike Young (PDF 1,324KB)

  202. Autism Queensland (PDF 1,072KB)

  203. Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association (PDF 1,707KB)

  204. Ian Perdrisat (PDF 997KB)

  205. Shire of Kalamunda (PDF 1,052KB)

  206. Peel Youth Services (PDF 1,171KB)

  207. Name Withheld (PDF 1,056KB)

  208. Pilbara Association of Non Government Organisations Inc. (PANGO) (PDF 964KB)

  209. Ms Mary Attwood (PDF 1,034KB)

  210. Narrabri & District Community Aid Service Inc (PDF 997KB)

  211. Centacare Narrabri (PDF 967KB)

  212. Narrabri Community Action Group (PDF 951KB)

  213. Broken Hill City Council (PDF 1,417KB)

  214. Ms Jan Lewis (PDF 996KB)

  215. Australian Services Union (PDF 1,234KB)

  216. ETS Global (PDF 609KB)

  217. Kinetic Group (PDF 1,075KB)

  218. Narrabri Family Crisis Centre (PDF 964KB)

  219. Committee of Geelong (PDF 988KB)

  220. Rural and Remote Medical Services (PDF 1,442KB)

  221. Jacqui McInerney (PDF 965KB)

  222. Boggabri Business Promotions Association (PDF 959KB)

  223. Patricia French (PDF 1,000KB)

  224. Public Health Association of Australia (PDF 1,024KB)

  225. Maranoa Regional Council (PDF 2,803KB)

  226. Singleton Council (PDF 1,172KB)

  227. Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 1,155KB)

    223.1 Supplementary to Submission 223:
    Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 766KB)

  228. National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (PDF 934KB)

  229. Les and Barb Millist (PDF 88KB)

  230. Matthew Ford (PDF 1,178KB)

    226.1 Supplementary to Submission 226:
    Matthew Ford (PDF 435KB)

  231. Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 996KB)

  232. Beyondblue (PDF 941KB)

  233. Australian Taxation Office and Treasury (PDF 514KB)

  234. The Social Welfare Advisory Group, Norfolk Island (PDF 1,496KB)

  235. Northern Grampians Shire Council (PDF 4,673KB)

  236. Hon Peter Lindsay (PDF 1,151KB)



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