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Inquiry into Rural Skills Training and Research

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The Committee has completed the evidence gathering phase of its inquiry and is now drafting a report.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 117 submissions in the following list.

  1. Confidential
  2. Torning, Mr Peter C (PDF 126KB)
  3. Countrywide Industries (PDF 2503KB)
  4. Confidential
  5. Hall, Mr Ray (PDF 20KB)
  6. CRC for Irrigation Futures (PDF 98KB)
  7. Cotching, Mr Bill (PDF 75KB)
  8. Name Withheld (PDF 28KB)
  9. Mcinerney, Mr Ray and Mutton, Mr Keith (PDF 476KB)
  10. Wynter, Mr Hugh (PDF 250KB)
  11. Whitten, Dr Max (PDF 58KB)
  12. Welsman, Dr Sandra (PDF 67KB)
  13. Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (PDF 86KB)
  14. The Irrigation Association of Australia Ltd (PDF 1317KB)
  15. Lawson, Mr Donald (PDF 1020KB)
  16. Wylie, Dr Peter (PDF 31KB)
  17. National Conservation and Land Management Training Providers Network (PDF 30KB)
  18. Isolated Children’s Parents Association of NSW (PDF 2171KB)
  19. Western Australian Government (PDF 294KB)
  20. Conservation Farmers Inc. (PDF 98KB)
  21. Avcare (PDF 48KB)
  22. Murrumbidgee College of Agriculture Advisory Council & the CB Alexander, Tocal Advisory Council (PDF 202KB)
  23. ChemCert Australia (PDF 65KB)
  24. Primary Industries Curriculum Maintenance Manager (Victoria) (PDF 1077KB)
  25. National Agriculture Training Provider Network (PDF 35KB)
  26. North Melbourne Institute of TAFE (PDF 1679KB)
  27. Vanclay, Prof Frank (PDF 47KB)
  28. Queensland Rural Industry Training Council (PDF 89KB)
  29. Rural Industries Skills Training (PDF 74KB)
  30. Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (PDF 540KB)
  31. Pollard, Val (PDF 255KB)
  32. Harris, Mr Graeme (PDF 36KB)
  33. Farmworks (PDF 29KB)
  34. Hodder, Michael (PDF 30KB)
  35. Applied Horticultural Research (PDF 161KB)
  36. Confidential
  37. Winemakers Federation of Australia (PDF 226KB)
  38. Country Women’s Association of New South Wales (PDF 52KB)
  39. White, Andrew (PDF 24KB)
  40. Brennan, Barrie (PDF 69KB)
  41. Primary Skills Victoria (PDF 38KB)
  42. Grains Industry Training Network (PDF 83KB)
  43. Australian Society of Horticultural Science (PDF 69KB)
  44. National Association of Agricultural Educators (PDF 43KB)
  45. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (PDF 248KB)
  46. Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE (PDF 60KB)
  47. University of New England (PDF 71KB)
  48. Australian Beef Industry Foundation (PDF 113KB)
  49. Australian Mushroom Growers Association Ltd (PDF 579KB)
  50. Indigenous Land Corporation (PDF 2797KB)
  51. Queensland Government (PDF 81KB)
  52. Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (PDF 154KB)
  53. Rimfire Resources Pty Ltd (PDF 29KB)
  54. Berrisford, Peter (PDF 145KB)
  55. Regional Skills Training Pty Ltd (PDF 43KB)
  56. Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Centre (PDF 725KB)
  57. Animal Health Australia (PDF 687KB)
  58. The Institute of Foresters Australia (PDF 65KB)
  59. Cotton Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 38KB)
  60. Department of Agricultural Sciences, La Trobe University (PDF 48KB)
  61. Supplementary to submission 42
    Grains Industry Training Network (PDF 34KB)
  62. Rural Training Council Australia (NSW) (PDF 118KB)
  63. Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 23KB)
  64. University of Ballarat (PDF 35KB)
  65. Cooperative Venture for Capacity Building (PDF 68KB)
  66. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 368KB)
  67. Growcom (PDF 50KB)
  68. University of Melbourne (PDF 1386KB)
  69. Training and Education Committee, Australian Seed Authority (PDF 30KB)
  70. Rangelands Australia (PDF 74KB)
  71. Rural Skills Australia (PDF 84KB)
  72. Australian Dairy Farmers (PDF 91KB)
  73. Australian Wool innovation Limited (PDF 93KB)
  74. Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (PDF 62KB)
  75. Cattle Council of Australia (PDF 157KB)
  76. Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd (PDF 184KB)
  77. Faculty of Natural resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science, University of Queensland (PDF 82KB)
  78. Woods, Mr Max (PDF 1305KB)
  79. Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (PDF 60KB)
  80. Riverina Regional Development Board (PDF 1094KB)
  81. Australian Queen Honey Bee Exporters Pty Ltd (PDF 788KB)
  82. Marcus Oldham College (PDF 36KB)
  83. Wheen, Ms Gretchen (PDF 128KB)
  84. Kirchner, Mr Jim, McLennan, Mr Darrell and Wood, Mr Michael (PDF 59KB)
  85. Nason, Mr Charles (PDF 446KB)
  86. CSIRO (PDF 87KB)
  87. South Australian Farmers Federation (PDF 83KB)
  88. Group of Staff and Students – RMIT, Hamilton Vic (PDF 28KB)
  89. Land and water Australia (PDF 128KB)
  90. McMillan Gippsland Advisory Committee (PDF 121KB)
  91. NSW Department of Primary Industries (PDF 2439KB)
  92. Western Australian Farmers Federation (PDF 58KB)
  93. NSW Farmers Association (PDF 123KB)
  94. Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 1934KB)
  95. Agricultural Research Western Australia (PDF 751KB)
  96. Tasmanian Government (PDF 1192KB)
  97. Supplementary to submission 19
    Western Australian Government (PDF 3089KB)
  98. Somerville, Dr Doug (PDF 27KB)
  99. Group of Australian Apiarists(PDF 79KB)
  100. Balanced State Development Working Group(PDF 1906KB)
  101. Supplementary to No. 41
    Primary Skills Victoria (PDF 3131KB)
  102. Supplementary to No. 14
    The Irrigation Association of Australia Ltd (PDF 665KB)
  103. National Association of Forest Industries and Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council (PDF 1426KB)
  104. Supplementary to No. 26
    North Melbourne Institute of TAFE (PDF 632KB)
  105. Agri-Food Industry Skills Council (PDF 332KB)
  106. Earth Surgeons And Consultants (PDF 174KB)
  107. Motor Traders' Association of NSW (PDF 260KB)
  108. Mr Warwick Felton (PDF 664KB)
  109. Brack, Professor Cris (PDF 187KB)
  110. Supplementary to No. 20
    Conservation Farmers Inc (PDF 227KB)
  111. South Australian Division of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (PDF 246KB)
  112. Supplementary to No. 47
    University of New England (PDF 2774KB)
  113. Supplementary to No. 74
    Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (PDF 382KB)
  114. Kidman, Mr Peter (PDF 2611KB)
  115. Supplementary to No. 60
    Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 519KB)
  116. Supplementary to No. 94
    Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 1918KB)
  117. Supplementary to No. 94
    Department of Education, Science and Training (PDF 420KB)

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