House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Primary Industries and Regional Services

Inquiry into development of high technology industries in regional Australia based on bioprospecting and bioprocessing


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions are available on this site or from the Committee Secretariat.

(To view or print the pdf documents, you will require the Acrobat Reader®, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe®.)

No. Received from
1 Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (PDF Format 15KB)
2 Dimitriadis, Dr Eugene (PDF Format 29KB)
3 Queensland Nursery Industry Association (PDF Format 65KB)
4 Northern Territory Government (PDF Format 23KB)
5 Beattie, Professor Andrew J, (PDF Format 17KB) Macquarie University
6 Capon, Associate Professor Robert (PDF Format 31KB) University of Melbourne
7 Western Plains Regional Development(PDF Format 18KB)
8 Royal Society of Western Australia Inc.(PDF Format 10KB)
9 Murdoch, F C (PDF Format 85KB)
10 The Australian Society for Microbiology (PDF Format 48KB)
11 Bawden, Shane (PDF Format 15KB)
12 BioProspect Limited (PDF Format 15KB)
13 ExGenix Operations Pty Ltd (Cerylid Biosciences Ltd (PDF Format 39KB)
14 CSIRO (PDF Format 134KB)
15 Betteridge, Eleanor (PDF Format 32KB)
16 Global Recycling Pty Ltd for Kangaroo Island Nature Lab
17 Southern Cross University (PDF Format 5KB)
18 EcoBiotics Pty Ltd (PDF Format 28KB)
19 Australian Academy of Science
20 Australian Property Institute (PDF Format 33KB)
21 IP Australia (PDF Format 23KB)
22 James Cook University (PDF Format 8KB)
23 Tasmanian Government (PDF Format 15KB)
24 Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia
25 Biotechnology Australia (PDF Format 117KB)
26 The University of Queensland, Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences (PDF Format 221KB)
27 Australian Institute of Marine Science (PDF Format 181KB)
28 South Australian Government (PDF Format 42KB)
29 Environment Australia (PDF Format 153KB)
30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (PDF Format 146KB)
31 University of Queensland, Faculty of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science (PDF Format 187KB)
32 Western Australian Government (PDF Format 270KB)
33 AstraZeneca R&D Griffith University (PDF Format 14KB)
34 Victorian Government (PDF Format 113KB)
35 Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia (supplementary submission to 24) (PDF Format 59KB)
36 Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia (Supplementary Submission to 24 and 35) (PDF Format 32KB)
37 Sly, Associate Professor Lindsay I, The University of Queensland (PDF Format 6KB)
38 Benkendorff, Dr Kirsten, University of Wollongong (PDF Format 18KB)
39 IP Australia (Supplementary Submission to 21)(PDF Format 181KB)

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