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Appendix C—Witnesses appearing at Public Hearings

Canberra, 20 April 2010


Mr James Hall, Director, North, East and West Africa, Africa Humanitarian Branch, Africa, West Asia, Middle East and Humanitarian Division

Ms Catherine Walker, Deputy Director General, Africa, West Asia, Middle East and Humanitarian Division


Mr Gregory Hull, Senior Trade Commissioner, Sub-Saharan Africa

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Dr John Dixon, Senior Advisor, Cropping Systems and Economics

Dr Simon Hearn, Principal Advisor

Ms Lisa Wright, Director, Corporate

Commonwealth Round Table in Australia

Mr Hugh Craft, Co-Convenor

Mr Tony Eggleton, Member, Steering Committee

Emeritus Professor Anthony Low, Convenor

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mr Justin Hayhurst, Assistant Secretary, Africa Branch

Mr David Richardson, Director, East, West and Regional Africa Section

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

Mr Samuel Lucas, Director, Air Services Negotiations Section

Mr Peter Pearsall, Director, Office of the Inspector of Transport Security

Mr Andrew Wilson, Deputy Secretary

Nigeria High Commission

His Excellency Professor Sunday Agbi, High Commissioner

South African High Commission

His Excellency Mr Lenin Shope, High Commissioner

University of Sydney – Africa Australia Network

Professor John Hearn, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) and Professor of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences

Canberra, 21 April 2010

Australian Federal Police

Ms Mandy Newton, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Operations

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organsiation

Mr Steven McIntosh, Senior Policy Advisor

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)

Dr Jonathan Adams, Principal Veterinary Officer Live Animal Export, Biosecurity Services Group

Dr Kiran Johar, Manager, Middle East and Africa Section, Trade and Market Division

Mr Paul Ross, General Manager, Bilateral Trade, Trade and Market Access Division

Ms Patricia Thornhill, General Manager, Plant Quarantine and Export Operations, Biosecurity Services Group

Ms Louise van Meurs, General Manager, Plant Quarantine and Export Operations, Biosecurity Services Group

Department of Defence

Mr Ben Burdon, Acting First Assistant Secretary, International Policy Division

Ms Elizabeth White, Director, United Nations, Europe, Africa and Peacekeeping Section, International Policy Division

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Mr Scott Evans, Branch Manager, North Asia, Americas and Middle East Branch, International Group

Mr Darren Hooper, Branch Manager, Migration Branch, Economic Strategy Group

Ms Jane Press, Director, Migration Policy and Analysis Section, Migration Branch, Economic Strategy Group

Mr David Yardley, Director, International Labour Policy Section, Workplace Relations Policy Group

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Mr James Fox, First Assistant Secretary, Citizenship, Settlement and Multicultural Affairs

Mr Todd Frew, First Assistant Secretary, Visas and Offshore Services

Mr Kruno Kukoc, First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Ms Mary Finlay, General Manager, International Science Branch and Education Investment Fund

Ms Anne-Marie Lansdown, Head of Division, Science and Infrastructure Branch

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Mr Jeremy Aldred, Assistant Manager, International Strategy Branch

Mr Nick Birch, Acting Manager, Minerals Branch, Resources Division

Ms Tania Constable, Head, Resources Division

Ms Helen Cox, General Manager, Market Competitiveness, Tourism Division

Canberra, 27 April 2010

Australian-Africa Business Council ACT Chapter

Dr David Lucas, Committee member

Mr Charles Milward, President, ACT Chapter

Australian Council for International Development  - Africa Working Group

Ms Avega Bishop, Co-Convenor

Mr Marc Purcell, Executive Director

Ms Robyn Whitney, Co-Convenor

CARE Australia

Mr Peter Leahy, Principal Executive Officer, International Programs

Mr Raymond Mudalige, Coordinator, Africa and Middle East team

Universities Australia

Ms Angela Magarry, Director, Policy and Analysis

Private capacity

Dr David Lucas

Sydney, 28 April 2010

Australian Leadership Program for Africa

The Hon. Sandra Kanck, Chairperson

Dr Enaso Mofe Ogisi, Committee Member

Dr Elsabet Tamrat, Chairperson, The Ethiopian-Australian Advocacy Committee

Ms Niki Vincent, Committee Member

Coffey International Development

Mr Roderick Reeve, Global Manager, Business Development, Service Lines

Private capacity

Associate Professor Geoffrey Hawker

Private capacity

Dr Tanya Lyons

Private capacity

Mr Joel Negin

Private capacity

The Hon. Kerry Sibraa AO, Former High Commissioner to Zimbabwe

Private capacity

Professor Helen Ware

Responsible Investment Consulting Pty Ltd

Mr Gordon Noble, Director

Worley Parsons

Mr John Grill, Chief Executive Officer

Melbourne, 5 May 2010

Australia Conservation Foundation

Mr David Sweeney, Nuclear Free Campaigner


Dr Peter Carberry, Deputy Director, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Agri-Industry and International Partnerships

Dr Brian Keating, Director, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship

Darfur Australia Network

Ms Lucy Cane, Assistant Coordinator, Sydney

Mr Alpha Lisimba, Volunteer

Mr Abdelhadi Matar, Volunteer

Mr Musa Mohamed, Volunteer

Monash University

Professor Simon Adams, Pro Vice Chancellor (International Engagement), Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

Oxfam Australia

Ms Stephanie Cousins, Humanitarian Advocacy Coordinator

Ms Serena Lillywhite, Mining Advocacy Coordinator

Mr Mathew Phillips, Program Officer (South Africa)

Private capacity

Dr Elizabeth Dimock

Private capacity

Dr David Dorward

Private capacity

Mr Haileluel Gebre-Selassie

World Vision Australia

Ms Margy Dowling, Country Program Coordinator, Africa Team

Ms Thurza Sullivan, Country Program Coordinator, Africa Team

Mr Graham Tardif, Head, Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs

Mr Peter Weston, Country Program Coordinator, Africa Team


Melbourne, 6 May 2010

Australia-Africa Business Council

Dr Kwame Asumadu, Secretary, Victorian Chapter

Ms Di Fleming, President, Victorian Chapter

Mr Andrew Hudson, Committee Member, Victorian Chapter

Professor Geoffrey Wilmoth, Committee Member, Victorian Chapter

Asumadu and Associates Pty Ltd

Dr Kwame Asumadu, Director

Paladin Energy Ltd

Mr Gregory Walker, General Manager, International Affairs

Private capacity

Mr Andrew MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Responsible Investment Consulting

Qantas Airways Ltd

Ms Jane McKeon, Head of Government and International Relations

Rio Tinto

Mr Bruce Harvey, Global Practice Leader, Communities

Sydney, 7 December 2010

BHP Billiton

Mr Lyall Howard, Senior Manager Government Relations

Mr Ian Wood, Vice President, Sustainable Development and Community Relations

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC)

Mr Angus Armour, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Roger Donnelly, Chief Economist

Mr Mathew Hocken, Associate Director, Government and Industry Relations

Mr Jan Parsons, Director, Environmental and Technical Review

Jubilee Australia

Ms Madeleine Penman, Research and Policy Officer, Export Credit and Mining

Ms Adele Webb, National Coordinator

Private Capacity

Mr Tapera Kapuya

Refugee Council of Australia

Mr Paul Power, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Bobby Whitfield, Board Member


Canberra, 8 December 2010

Australian Uranium Association

Mr Michael Angwin, Chief Executive Officer, Director and Company Secretary

Daki Budtcha/Australia-Nigeria Business Council

Mr Ade Kukoyi, President, Australia-Nigeria Business Council and Managing Director, Daki Budtcha

International Centre for Eyecare Education - Africa

Professor Kovin Naidoo, Global Programs Director

Kenya High Commission

His Excellency Mr Stephen K. Tarus, High Commissioner

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Ms Cath Elderton, Coordinator, Africa Program

Private Capacity

The Hon. Professor Gareth Evans

Private Capacity

Professor Anne Fitzgerald

Private Capacity

Mr David Wheen

Vision 2020 Australia

Mr Sam Byfield, Global Advocacy Coordinator

Perth, 10 March 2011

Edith Cowan University

Associate Professor Helen Vella Bonavita, Associate Dean, International, Faculty of Education and Arts; and ECU International

Ethiopian Democratic Forum

Associate Professor Gelaye Tadesse, Chairman

Leading Initiatives Worldwide Pty Ltd

Mr Dan Hammond, Managing Consultant

Ms Pia Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Murdoch University

Associate Professor Michael Broderick, Media Analysis and Research Coordinator, School of Media, Communications and Culture

Professor John Howieson, Director, Crop and Plant Research Institute

Professor Craig McGarty, Institute for Sustainable Societies Education and Politics (Social Research Institute)

Private Capacity

Dr Cherry Gertzel AM

Private Capacity

 Professor Sam Makinda

Private Capacity

Professor Martin Mhando

Private Capacity

Mr Peter Mbago Wakholi

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