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Date Title
9 December 2011 (PDF 137KB) Productivity Commission Report on Competitive Neutrality
1 December 2011 (PDF 138KB) Response to NBN $50 billion CapEx claim
24 November 2011 (PDF 126KB) Committee tables second review report 19 October 2011 (PDF 49KB) Committee to scrutinise Telstra at Sydney hearing 13 October 2011 (PDF 105KB) NBN Co to appear at hearing 12 October 2011 (PDF 120KB) NBN Rollout Performance to be discussed at hearing 26 September 2011 (PDF 142KB) NBN Rollout Performance Report Released 21 September 2011 (PDF 138KB) Committee calls for submissions to NBN rollout review 19 September 2011 (PDF 186KB) NBN Co to report on NBN rollout performance 31 August 2011 (PDF 145KB) Committee tables first report on the rollout of the National Broadband Network 29 July 2011 (PDF 93KB) Evidence provided to Committee at Melbourne hearing 29 July 2011 (PDF 25KB) Committee told of looming ICT skills shortage 26 July 2011 (PDF 93KB) Trial of high speed fibre network in Broken Hill 25 July 2011 (PDF 72KB) Committee to take evidence at Melbourne hearing 21 July 2011 (PDF 85KB) Committee to conduct public hearing in Broken Hill on the NBN rollout 4 July 2011 (PDF 148KB) Committee to take evidence from NBN Co. for six month review of NBN rollout and deal with Telstra 15 June 2011 (PDF 129KB) The Productivity Commission to appear before the Committee 13 May 2011 (PDF 182KB) Committee to take evidence from NBN Co. for six month review of NBN rollout 9 May 2011 (PDF 175KB) The Committee held a private meeting in Sydney on 6 May 2011

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