2017 Annual Report of the Australian Taxation Office

February 2019

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ISBN: 978-1-74366-932-7

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  Committee Secretariat


List of Recommendations

Terms of Reference

1. Introduction

2. The Reinvention continues

  Transforming the ATO’s service culture
  Efficiency of the transformation
  Reporting on the digital transformation
  Committee conclusion

3. Taxpayers in dispute

  ATO in dispute, and in the news
  The taxpayer’s experience
  Fairness in auditing
  Right to object
  Committee conclusion

4. Fair practice and review

  Fair practice and the law
  Small business debt—improving accountability
  Building confidence and trust in the ATO

5. The Taxpayers' Charter

  Establishment of the Taxpayers’ Charter
  The Charter and the Reinvention Program
  Adopting a regulatory philosophy—Charter effectiveness
  Reforming the Charter
  Committee conclusion

6. Governance, structures and review

  ATO capability and direction
  Committee conclusion
  Strengthening internal governance and independent review
  Committee conclusion
  Committee conclusion
  Models for an external independent appeal body
  Committee conclusion
  The future role of the IGT in complaints handling
  Committee conclusion

A. Submissions

B. Public hearings

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Phone: +61 2 6277 4821
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