Making every drop count

December 2017

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  Committee Secretariat

Terms of Reference


List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Other water policy reviews
  Scope of this report
  Structure of the report

2. Water use efficiency programs

  Definitions of water use efficiency
  National Water Initiative
  Commonwealth water use efficiency programs
  Committee comment

3. Assessing WUE program effectiveness

  WUE programs and water productivity
  An alternative approach: water buybacks
  Environmental flow-on effects
  Crop production
  Committee comment

4. Reviewing program design, delivery and administration

  Program design and water objectives
  Program administration, delivery and evaluation
  Committee comment

5. Improving environmental flows and irrigation efficiencies

  Improving environmental flows and river health
  Committee comment
  Improving the development and implementation of irrigation efficiencies
  Committee comment
  Impediments to efficiencies
  Committee comment

6. Sustaining communities and infrastructure

  Benefitting regional communities
  Committee comment
  Infrastructure for the future
  Committee comment

A. Submissions and Exhibits


B. Public hearings

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