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Report Name Date Tabled
Surrogacy Matters
Inquiry into the regulatory and legislative aspects of international
and domestic surrogacy arrangements
Parliamentary Paper: 117/2016
Government Response: November 2018
4 May 2016

Roundtable on Constitutional law and Australian citizenship
The Committee does not intend to report on this inquiry

From conflict to cooperation
Inquiry into the Child Support Program
Parliamentary Paper: 202/2015
Government Response: August 2016
20 July 2015

Reviewing Troubled Waters
Consideration of the Government response to the 2012 inquiry into
arrangements surrounding crimes at sea

Parliamentary Paper: 171/2015
Government Response: September 2016

22 June 2015
Roundtable on Surrogacy
Parliamentary Paper: 93/2015
24 March 2015

Revisiting recognition
Report on the roundtable with Australian South Sea Islanders
Parliamentary Paper: 92/2015

24 March 2015
Eyes in the sky
Inquiry into drones and the regulation of air safety and privacy
Parliamentary Paper: 153/2014
Government Response: December 2016
14 July 2014