Terms of Reference

The Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety will inquire into:

(a) the range of online harms that may be faced by Australians on social media and other online platforms, including harmful content or harmful conduct;

(b) evidence of:
(i) the potential impacts of online harms on the mental health and wellbeing of Australians;
(ii) the extent to which algorithms used by social media platforms permit, increase or reduce online harms to Australians;
(iii) existing identity verification and age assurance policies and practices and the extent to which they are being enforced;

(c) the effectiveness, take-up and impact of industry measures, including safety features, controls, protections and settings, to keep Australians, particularly children, safe online;

(d) the effectiveness and impact of industry measures to give parents the tools they need to make meaningful decisions to keep their children safe online;

(e) the transparency and accountability required of social media platforms and online technology companies regarding online harms experienced by their Australians users;

(f) the collection and use of relevant data by industry in a safe, private and secure manner;

(g) actions being pursued by the Government to keep Australians safe online; and

(h) any other related matter.

Committee Secretariat contact:

Committee Secretary
Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety
PO Box 6021
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: 02 6277 4871