Petitions presented during the 44th Parliament

Petitions on issues in the Social Services policy area

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Topics: Aged pension and care | Funding | Privatisation

Subject Presentation details* Signatures Further action
Aged pension and care
Age pension rates and indexation, aged care and health services (PDF 420KB) 12 December 2013
12 December 2013
Response from Minister for Social Services dated 24 February 2014, presented 17 March 2014 (PDF 2071KB) Response from Minister for Health dated 6 March 2014, presented 24 March 2014 (PDF 2947KB)
Extending the period for Australians to receive aged care and disability pensions while overseas (PDF 186KB) 27 March 2014, Ms M. Vamvakinou MP
26 May 2014
Response from Minister for Social Services dated 9 April 2014, presented 26 May 2014 (PDF 1439KB)
Increase in funding for pensions and services for pensioners (PDF 482KB) 23 June 2014, The Hon. K. Thomson MP
Response from Minister for Social Sevices dated 28 July 2014, presented 22 September 2014 (PDF 3171KB)
Funding for the Casey Cardinia Community Legal Service (PDF 362KB) 30 October 2014, The Hon. A. Byrne MP
Response from the Attorney-General dated 4 February 2015, presented 2 March 2015 (PDF 824KB)
Funding for Holroyd Community Aid Inc’s Emergency Relief Grant (PDF 308KB) 25 March 2015, Ms J. Owens MP
Public Hearing: 29 April 2015, proof transcript (PDF 223KB) Response from Minister for Social Services dated 3 August 2015, presented 17 August 2015 (PDF 1975KB)
The privatisation of Centrelink (PDF 1000KB) 9 February 2015

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