Petitions presented during the 44th Parliament

Petitions on issues in the Industry policy area

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Topics: Biofuels | Coal seam gas mining

Subject Presentation details* Signatures Further action
Regarding the use of biofuels (PDF 2265KB) 23 October 2014,  Ms A. E. Burke MP
Response from Minister for Industry dated 1 December 2014, presented 23 February 2015 (PDF 1164KB)
Coal seam gas mining
Opposing coal seam gas mining in Australia (PDF 144KB) 27 March 2014, Dr D. Gillespie MP
Response from Minister for Environment dated 15 April 2014, presented 26 May 2014 (PDF 885KB) Response from Minister for Industry dated 4 June 2014, presented 23 June 2014 (PDF 568KB)

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