Terms of reference

The committee will inquire into how the development of the mining sector can support businesses in regional economies.
The inquiry will consider questions including:
The appropriateness of the payment terms offered to businesses by the mining sector;
Best practices between the mining sector and businesses, especially in regards to how they can support regional communities and economies;
Barriers to the greater use of regional businesses in the procurement of services by the mining sector;
Building the skills and expertise of businesses to leverage opportunities in the mining sector;
Opportunities for businesses to diversify to other markets; including the mining industry in Australia and overseas, and across different industries;
The role of mining equipment, technology and services (METS) organisations in R&D and innovation and how payment terms impact on companies’ ability to invest in these areas;
How the Federal Government can support businesses in regional economies benefit from mining development;
How royalties are shared between landholders on gas fields and State and Territory Governments; and
Any other related matter.
When undertaking this Inquiry the Committee should have regard to:
How relationships between mining and businesses differ between jurisdictions and in overseas countries; and
The policies of State and Territory Governments in regards to mining procurement.

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