Terms of Reference

The Committee will inquire into the social issues relating to land-based driverless vehicles in Australia.
The inquiry will consider different types of transport (such as cars, trucks, buses and trains)-as well as different driverless options (such as directly controlled, remotely controlled and fully autonomous vehicles).
In particular, the Committee will inquire into and report on:
What social issues are relevant-such as:
general social acceptance levels
passenger and non-passenger safety
legal responsibility and insurance
potential impacts on employment and different industry sectors (such as the taxi industry)
access and equity issues (such as increasing individual mobility for the elderly and people with disabilities)
potential public transport applications
How each social issue is being handled- including the opportunities and challenges for each issue
Recommendations to progress action on the social issues identified

When undertaking this Inquiry the Committee should have regard to:
non-social aspects relating to driverless vehicles - such as regulatory status, infrastructure, technological readiness, data management and cyber security issues
the experience of other jurisdictions and nations
how Australia might best position itself to contribute to global driverless vehicle initiatives
the respective roles of the Australian government, the Australian Parliament, other jurisdictions and other stakeholders
how issues identified from this inquiry might inform work on other emerging technologies.

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