Final Report

The power of education: From surviving to thriving Educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students


Tabled 15 December 2017

© Commonwealth of Australia 2017

ISBN 978-1-74366-700-2(Printed version)
ISBN 978-1-74366-699-9 (HTML version)

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Preliminary Pages

Contents, Membership of the Committee, Foreword,
Terms of reference, Executive summary and List of recommendations

(PDF 346 KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 763 KB)
Chapter 2 Barriers to achievement (PDF 383 KB)

Chapter 3

Cultural safety and community engagement

(PDF 216 KB)

Chapter 4 Engagement programs (PDF 283 KB)
Chapter 5 Teaching and pedagogies (PDF 276 KB)
Chapter 6 Boarding (PDF 382 KB)
Chapter 7 Funding  (PDF 638 KB)
Appendix A List of submissions (PDF 96 KB)
Appendix B List of witnesses, hearings and site visits (PDF 123 KB)
Appendix C
List of exhibits (PDF 92 KB)
Appendix D List of abbreviations (PDF 62 KB)

(PDF 92KB)

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Committee Secretary
House of Representatives Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs
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Parliament House
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