Terms of Reference

The Committee is to inquire into and report upon the role of transport connectivity in stimulating development and economic activity both in major urban areas, and in regional Australia, in particular:

  1. Identifying the likely impact on property values and property-related tax revenues as a result of transport connectivity;
  2. examining options for the application of value-capture mechanisms to sustainably fund transport infrastructure;
  3. considering means, including legislative and administrative actions, by which government and the private sector can best utilise value-capture funding mechanisms;
  4. considering the appropriate roles of each of the three levels of government in establishment sustainable value-capture funding mechanisms for planning and infrastructure construction;
  5. examining any international experiences of the delivery of high speed rail projects by value-capture methods and the impact of high speed rail on city and regional development;
  6. examining methods of implementing value-capture in both greenfield and brownfield developments; and
  7. examining ways to capture future value opportunity when reserving transport corridors.

Committee Secretariat contact:

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Phone: +61 2 6277 2352
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