Government Procurement: A sovereign security imperative

March 2022

© Commonwealth of Australia 2022
ISBN: 978-1-76092-406-5

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Terms of Reference

List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry and report structure

2. Infrastructure pipeline

  Challenges and opportunities
  Supply issues
  Skills shortage
  Enhancing planning, coordination and timing
  Committee comments

3. Role of government

  Australian Government infrastructure funding
  Role of National Cabinet
  Government cooperation
  Committee comments

4. Procurement, risk and value

  Overview of government procurement
  Leveraging procurement to drive reform
  Risk management
  Best value over lowest cost
  Government procurers
  Committee comments

5. Collaboration and contracts

  Enhancing collaboration with industry
  Committee comments

6. Australian industry capability

  Australian sovereign industry capability
  International obligations
  Foreign owned companies and investment
  Improving access for small and medium enterprises
  Local content
  Committee comments

7. Technology

  Digital by default
  Digital engineering
  Building Information Modelling and digital delivery
  Digital upskilling
  Committee comments

8. Addressing cultural reform in the construction industry

  Current workplace standards
  Productivity in the construction industry
  Construction Industry Culture Taskforce
  Mental health and wellbeing
  Gender diversity
  Committee comments

A. List of submissions and exhibits


B. Public hearings and witnesses

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