List of Recommendations

Recommendation 1

The Committee recommends that the National Health and Medical Research Council fund an independent and comprehensive review of the evidence relating to the health impacts of electronic cigarettes (Ecigarettes). This review should be updated every two years to take into account the findings of new research into Ecigarettes. Topics covered by the review should include:
The effectiveness of E-cigarettes as an aid to help people quit smoking tobacco cigarettes;
The health effects of ingredients commonly used in E-cigarette liquids. Following the review, any ingredients found to have significant negative impacts on human health should be prohibited from use in E-cigarette liquids;
The likelihood that E-cigarettes will increase the number of young people using nicotine and the number of young people smoking;
The health impacts of long term E-cigarette use;
The relative health impacts of E-cigarettes as compared to tobacco products.

Recommendation 2

The Committee recommends that the Department of Health convenes an international meeting of health experts from similar economic jurisdictions to discuss different policy and legislative approaches to electronic cigarettes.

Recommendation 3

The Committee recommends a national approach be taken to the regulation of non-nicotine electronic cigarettes.

Recommendation 4

The Committee recommends that the Therapeutic Goods Administration continues to oversee the classification of nicotine and relevant exemptions, and the assessment of any electronic cigarette product as a therapeutic good.

Recommendation 5

The Committee recommends that the Australian Government establish a regulatory process for assessing and, if necessary, restricting colourings and flavourings used in electronic cigarettes.

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