C. Public Hearings and witnesses

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 - Canberra
The Treasury (via videoconference)
Mr Trevor Power, First Assistant Secretary
Ms Sam Reinhardt, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate and International Tax Division
Mr Geoffrey Francis, Assistant Secretary, Indirect, Industry and State Tax Branch
Dr John Swieringa, Assistant Secretary, Social Policy Division
Mr Will Devlin, Acting Assistant Secretary, Education, Migration and Housing Branch, Social Policy Division
Mr Patrick D’Arcy, Director, Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy Division
Ms Crystal Ossolinski, Director, Macroeconomic Conditions Branch, Domestic Demand Unit
Reserve Bank of Australia (via videoconference)
Dr Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor, Economic
Dr Bradley Jones, Head of Economic Analysis
Department of Social Services (via teleconference)
Mr Matt Flavel, Deputy Secretary, Social Security
Ms Julia Chandra, Branch Manager, Housing and Homelessness Policy Branch
Mr Rob Stedman, Branch Manager, Housing and Homelessness Program Delivery Branch
Wednesday, 3 November 2021 - Canberra
Mr Harrison Jones, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Ms Sarah Nelson, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Mr David Reiling, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) (via videoconference)
Mr Michael Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer
Insurance Council of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Andrew Hall, Chief Executive Officer
Brida Pty Ltd (via videoconference)
Mr David Walker, Chairperson, Brida Pty Ltd; Chairperson, Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation
Mr Francois Langlois, Chief Executive Officer, Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation
Ms Nellie Connors, Director, Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation; Aboriginal Engagement Manager, Brida Pty Ltd
Mrs Susan Shirtliff, Director, Brida Pty Ltd
Connect Paediatric Therapy Services (via teleconference)
Mrs Caitlin Breheny, Director
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (via videoconference)
Mr Anthony Taylor, Policy and Research Adviser
Common Equity Housing Limited (via videoconference)
Mr Bradley (Brad) Hosking, Acting Managing Director
Ms Joanne Seve, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Mr Stephen Albin, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Narrow Road Capital (via videoconference)
Mr Jonathan Rochford, Managing Director
Thursday, 4 November 2021 - Canberra
Master Builders Association (via videoconference)
Mrs Alexandra Waldren, National Director
Mr Shane Garrett, Chief Economist
Housing Industry Association (via videoconference)
Ms Kristin Brookfield, Chief Executive, Industry Policy
Mr Geordan Murray, Executive Director, Industry Policy
Urban Development Institute of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Simon Basheer, National President
Mr Maxwell Shifman, Vice President
Mr Glenn Byres, National Policy Manager
Urban Taskforce Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Tom Forrest, Chief Executive Officer
Planning Institute of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Darren Crombie, President
Mr David Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Mr John Brockhoff, National Policy Manager
MGS Architects (via videoconference)
Ms Katherine Sundermann, Associate Director
Mr Andy Fergus, Advocacy Lead, Urban Design Forum; Urban Design Director, Andy Fergus Design Strategy (via videoconference)
Domain (via videoconference)
Ms Sarah Macartney, Director of Communications
Dr Nicola Powell, Head of Research and Economics
Real Estate Institute of Australia
Mr Adrian Kelly, President (via teleconference)
Mrs Anna Neelagama, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Real Estate Australia Group (via videoconference)
Mr Umesh Ratnagobal, Head of Government and Industry Affairs
Mr Cameron Kusher, Director of Economic Research
HomeWorld Group (via videoconference)
Mr Mike Scott, Chairman
Property Council of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Ken Morrison, Chief Executive
Mr Mike Zorbas, Group Executive, Policy and Advocacy
Mr Collin Jennings, National Policy Manager, Cities, Housing and Planning
Monday, 8 November 2021 - Canberra
Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (via videoconference)
Mr Christopher Aston, Executive Director, Policy and Statutory, Planning Group
Mr Kerry Doss, State Planner and Deputy Director-General, Planning Group
Queensland Government Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (via videoconference)
Ms Liza Windle, Executive Director, Housing and Homelessness Services
Mr Mark Wall, General Manager, Strategy, Policy and Programs
Karratha & Districts Chamber of Commerce & Industry (via videoconference)
Mrs Tanya Dodd, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Jordan Ralph, Treasurer
Mr Brendon Grylls, Diamond Member
Pilbara for Purpose (via videoconference)
Ms Sylvia Winkler, Treasurer
Australian Local Government Association (via videoconference)
Councillor Linda Scott, President
Regional Australia Institute (via videoconference)
Dr Kim Houghton, Chief Economist
Snowy Monaro Regional Council (via videoconference)
Mr Peter Bascomb, Chief Executive Officer
Townsville City Council (via videoconference)
Mayor Jenny Hill
Isaac Regional Council (via videoconference)
Councillor Anne Baker, Mayor
Regional Development Australia - Barwon South West (via videoconference)
Mr Bruce Anson, Chair
Tatiara District Council (via videoconference)
Ms Anne Champness, Chief Executive Officer
Local Government Association of South Australia (via videoconference)
Dr Thomas Caunce, Acting Director, Policy
Moreton Bay Regional Council (via videoconference)
Mr Greg Chemello, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Peter Flannery, Mayor
Municipal Association of Victoria (via videoconference)
Mr Troy Edwards, Executive Director, Policy and Advocacy
Wednesday, 10 November 2021 - Canberra
Community Housing Industry Association (via videoconference)
Mr Andrew Hannan, Chair
Ms Wendy Hayhurst, Chief Executive Officer
PowerHousing Australia (via videoconference)
Ms Nicola Lemon, Chair
Mr Nicholas Proud, Chief Executive Officer
Community Housing Industry Association NSW (via videoconference)
Mr Mark Degotardi, Chief Executive Officer
Aboriginal Community Housing Industry Association NSW (via videoconference)
Ms Lisa Sampson, Chief Executive Officer
St George Community Housing (via videoconference)
Mr Scott Langford, Group Chief Executive Officer
Community Industry Group (via videoconference)
Ms Nicky Sloan, Chief Executive Officer
Apple Lodge (via videoconference)
Mr John Douglas Byrne, Owner-Operator
ACT Council of Social Service (via videoconference)
Dr Emma Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
National Shelter (via videoconference)
Mr Adrian Pisarski, Executive Officer
Constellation Project (via videoconference)
Mr Keith Bryant, Chair of the Board
Ms Jacqueline Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Amelie Housing (via videoconference)
Mr Brian Murnane, Chief Executive Officer
St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Toby O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer
John Curtin Research Centre (via videoconference)
Dr Nick Dyrenfurth, Executive Director
Police Federation of Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Scott Weber, Chief Executive Officer
Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (via videoconference)
Mr Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary and Treasurer
Housing All Australians Limited (via videoconference)
Mr Robert Pradolin, Founder and Director
Mr Colin Keane, Property Research Expert; Director, Research4 Pty Ltd
Monday, 15 November 2021 - Canberra
National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (via videoconference)
Mr Nathan Dal Bon, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Hugh Hartigan, Senior Adviser
Australian Bureau of Statistics (via videoconference)
Mr David Zago, Program Manager, Household Surveys Branch
Ms Michelle Marquardt, Program Manager, Prices Statistics Branch
Mr Daniel Rossi, Director, Construction Statistics
Mr Neel Tikaram, Director, Prices Branch
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (via videoconference)
Ms Renée Roberts, Executive Director, Policy and Advice
Mr Gideon Holland, General Manager, Policy
Reserve Bank of Australia (via videoconference)
Dr Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor, Economic
Dr Bradley Jones, Head of Economic Analysis
Wednesday, 17 November 2021 - Canberra
CoreLogic (via videoconference)
Ms Eliza Owen, Head of Research
SQM Research (via videoconference)
Mr Louis Christopher, Managing Director
City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales (via videoconference)
Professor Bill Randolph
Mr Hal Pawson, Associate Director
Centre for Independent Studies (via videoconference)
Dr Peter Tulip, Chief Economist
Dr Cameron Murray, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Professor Steven Rowley, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Grattan Institute (via videoconference)
Mr Brendan Coates, Economic Policy Program Director
Mr Saul Eslake, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Professor Nicole Gurran, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Prosper Australia (via videoconference)
Mr Jesse Hermans, Policy Coordinator
Ms Emily Sims, Research and Policy Manager
Dr Shuping Shi, Private capacity (via videoconference)
Friday, 26 November 2021 - Canberra
Jones, Lang LaSalle (JLL) (via videoconference)
Mr Leigh Warner, Senior Director, Research
Mirvac (via videoconference)
Mr Toby Long, General Manager, Residential Development NSW
MJH Group (via videoconference)
Mr Andrew Helmers, Managing Director
Mr Brett Lavaring, Head of Corporate Affairs
Stockland (via videoconference)
Mr Richard Rhydderch, General Manager, NSW

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