Advice for recipients

What is the Parliamentary Paper series?

The Parliamentary Papers series (PPS) is a hard copy, annually numbered and indexed set of the significant documents presented to the Parliament which either House has ordered to be included in the series. The Parliament, through the Joint Committee on Publications and the Presiding Officers, determines which organisations are entitled to receive sets of the PPS gratis. Recipients are generally only entitled to one set annually.

The PPS comprises of loose documents (called pamphlet copies), which are processed as Parliamentary Papers as soon as possible after tabling, and are dispatched in economical parcels and not necessarily in numerical order. All PPS copies of documents have labels at the foot of the back cover as a means of identification. Copies without this label may have been received from the Australian Government's distribution systems (either the Library Deposit Scheme or its 'free issue'). No sets of the PPS are available through the Government's distribution systems.


The PPS is the administrative responsibility of the Department of the House of Representatives. Claims for damaged or missing goods should be made promptly (that is, shortly after delivery) to It may not be possible to replace goods, as the number of sets available is very limited.

Status of annual sets

Series PPS product Status
2012 Pamphlet copies All dispatched
2013 Pamphlet copies Progressively distributed as received
2014 Pamphlet copies Progressively distributed as received
2015 Pamphlet copies Progressively distributed as received
2016 Pamphlet copies Progressively distributed as received

Queries on the PPS may be emailed to